Uncomfortable Truths Require Uncomfortable Response presented at s4x17 2017

by Joshua Corman,

Summary : CyberPolicy is upon us. Ready or not, like it or not, the public policy world is acting with regards to CyberSecurity and CyberSafety issues. Many of you knew this day would come. Many of you were right, but you were early. They say timing is everything, and the time has come. 2016 was an inflection point and a flurry of action (both informed and less so). 2017 promises to be even more turbulent. Together we'll review many of the most substantive government and policy events/actions of 2016 - and talk about taboo topics which we can no longer avoid as we head into 2017.
We will walk through regulation, coordinated disclosure, guidance for connected vehicles (NHTSA) and medical devices (FDA), DHS guidance for IoT, the Presidential Commission Report, and yes... even Nutriotn Labels for SW/IoT and Software Liability. We don't all have to agree. We don't all have to like it. We do need to be ready to engage - and (more importantly) to help shape, sculpt, nudge, influence, drive what we end up with.