ShmooCon 2011 Jan. 28, 2011 to Jan. 30, 2011, Washington DC, USA

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Team Joch Vs. Android: The Ultimate Showdown Zach Lanier , Jon Oberheide Jon and Zach (known as TEAM JOCH) will deconstruct Google's Android mobile platform and its ... Mobile Security Android
Analytic Framework For Cyber Security Peiter ( Mudge ) Zatko DARPA, the Defense Advance Research Project Agency, directs billions of dollars towards research. One of ... Security Community
The Past, Present, And Future Of Something You Know Rick Redman , Martin Bos , Robert Imhoff , David Schuetz Passwords are great authentication credentials. They're portable, they're well structured, and they're nearly universally available ... Security Panel
Defeating Mtans For Profit Axelle Apvrille , Kyle Yang Nowadays, many banks try to secure their online transactions by sending an additional one-time password ... Security Analysis
The Getaway: Methods And Defenses For Data Exfiltration Sean Coyne There are several stages to a successful cyber attack. The most crucial of which is ... Security Infrastructure
Malicious Usb Devices:Is That An Attack Vector In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? Adrian Crenshaw While a fair amount of research has gone into blocking malicious software (viruses, worms, trojans, ... Security
Url Enlargement: Is It For You? Daniel Crowley URL shorteners are ubiquitous in today's Internet culture and have a variety of uses for ... Security Statistics
Shmoocon Labs Goes To College Ray Davidson One of the required classes in the Information Technology department at Purdue University Calumet is ... Security Wireless
Reverse Engineering Using The Android Emulator Scott Dunlop Google provides Android developers a nice shrink-wrapped package of tools for writing and testing Android ... Android
Inside The App: All Your Data Are Belong To Me Sarah Edwards Everyone knows their life is stored in their iPhones and iPads, but to what extent? ... Security Analysis
Half Baked: Hardware Hacking Mixed With Sweet Software Reverse Engineering Marc Eisenbarth Advances in binary analysis and forensics over the past two years have been astonishing. A ... Security Analysis Forensics
Fun With Flow Richard Friedberg While many people use netflow for network monitoring or billing, it is also quite useful ... Security Monitoring Analysis
Gone In 60 Minutes: Stealing Sensitive Data From Thousands Of Systems Simultaneously With Opendlp Andrew Gavin Got domain admin to a couple of thousand Windows systems? Got an hour to spare? ... Security Web
Unlocking The Toolkit: Attacking Google Web Toolkit Applications Ron Gutierrez The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) provides developers with a framework to easily create Rich Internet ... Security Web
Printer To Pwnd: Leveraging Multifunction Printers During Penetration Testing Deral Heiland , Pete Arzamendi Deral Heiland “PercX” and Pete Arzamendi “Bokojan” In this presentation we go beyond the common ... Security Testing
Computer Search And Seizure Marcia Hofmann What do the police need to do to seize your laptop? Can the government force ... Security Legal
3D Modeling And Visualization Of Real Time Security Events Dan Klinedinst This talk will introduce Gibson, a tool for modeling real time security events and information ... Security Monitoring Analysis
Yet Another Heapspray Detector Daniel Kovach Many attempts have been made to determine the existence of a heap spray attack, but ... Security
Usb Autorun Attacks Against Linux Jon Larimer Many people think that Linux is immune to the type of Autorun attacks that have ... Security Access Exploitation Malware
An Evite From Surbo? Probably An Invitation For Trouble. Trent Lo This presentation will explore the multiple security issues within Evite and exploit them using Social ... Security
Hackers For Charity Johnny Long Johnny hacked. Johnny spoke. Johnny wrote. Johnny fell. Johnny bailed. (To Africa). He was lost. ... Security
Hacking Smartwater Wireless Water Networks John Mcnabb This talk is a “work in progress” which follows up on my DEF CON 18 ... Security Wireless
Hard Drive Paperweight: Recovery From A Seized Motor! Scott Moulton New hard drives cannot be fixed using old methods or tools. The introduction of Acoustic ... Security
Visual Malware Reversing: How To Stop Reading Assembly And Love The Code Danny Quist Reverse engineering is a complicated process that has a lot of room for improvement. This ... Security Malware
Exploiting The Hard-Working Dwarf James Oakley , Sergey Bratus All binaries compiled by recent versions of GCC from C++ programs include complex data and ... Security
Project Ubertooth: Building A Better Bluetooth Adapter Michael Ossmann The off-the-shelf Bluetooth adapters didn't do what I wanted, so I built my own. This ... Security Wireless Development
Intersect: Combining Commercial/Foss Tools With Custom Code To Root Out Malware Matthew Pawloski , Fotios Lindiakos All enterprise networks implement malware detection capabilities, yet attackers are still breaking in, maintaining their ... Security Malware
A Paranoid Schizophrenia-Based Model Of Data Security Marsh Ray Keith sat on the park bench and played guitar for coins. Sometimes I would take ... Security
Attacking 3G And 4G Mobile Telecommunications Networks Daniel Mende , Enno Rey In 2010 a number of practical high-profile attacks against GSM has been discussed and demonstrated. ... Security Testing
Defending Against Targeted Attacks Using Duck Tape, Popsicle Sticks And Legos Richard Rushing Targeted attacks are now focus at all levels of organization, industry, people, technology, or third ... Security
Hacking The Business Capability Stack: Make Corporate Bureaucracy Work For You Javier Sanchez A business capability is a functional unit within a business that is comprised of four ... Security Business
Printers Gone Wild! Ben Smith A printer, who cares...HP's Printer Job Language(PJL)... sounds innocent enough. While researching into how to ... Security Panel Exploitation Browser
Zigbee Security: Find, Fix, Finish Ryan Speers , Ricky Melgares ZigBee is a low-power, low-data rate wireless protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4. It connects lightweight ... Security Wireless Automation
Tracking Flaws – Stream Reassembly Issues In Snort Ips Ashley Thomas TCP Stream reassembly is a core function that is required for robust IPS and IDS ... Security Analysis
Transparent Botnet Control For Smartphones Over Sms Georgia Weidman Your mom's cellphone has as much power and functionality as all the PCs at my ... Security
Are You Receiving Me? Recent Issues In Wifi Privacy Tara Whalen Over the past year, a number of significant wireless privacy issues arose that influenced public ... Security Privacy
Information Disclosure Via P2P Networks Larry Pesce , Mick Douglas Larry Pesce and Mick Douglas presented, “Information disclosure via P2P networks: Why stealing an identity ...
Windows File Pseudonyms Daniel Crowley In his presentations, “Windows File Pseudonyms,” Dan Crowley discussed some interesting quirks in path and ...
Keynote – Closing The Tls Authentication Gap Marsh Ray , Steve Dispensa Keynote – Closing the TLS Authentication Gap, by Steve Dispensa and Marsh Ray. When discovered ...
Jsunpack-Network Edition Release: Javascript Decoding And Intrusion Detection Blake Hartstein As stated in Hartstein’s presentation overview, “Attackers using web exploits are always improving their attacks ...
Wlccp – Analysis Of A Potentially Flawed Protocol Enno Rey , Oliver Roeschke Enno Rey and Oliver Roeschke discussed good and bad protocol design as they described in ...
Build Your Own Predator Uav @ 99.95% Discount Michael Weigand Michael Weigand’s presentation, “Build your own Predator UAV @ 99.95% Discount,” showed the audience how ...
Diy Hard Drive Diagnostics: Understanding A Broken Drive Scott Moulton DIY Hard Drive Diagnostics: Understanding a Broken Drive, was presented by Scott Moulton. Moulton taught ...
Blackberry Mobile Spyware Tyler ( Txs ) Shields In his presentation, “Blackberry Mobile Spyware – The Monkey Steals the Berries,” Tyler Shields focused ...
The Friendly Traitor: Our Software Wants To Kill Us Kevin Johnson , Mike Poor During this presentation, Kevin Johnson and Mike Poor, focused on examples using features of client ...
Back To The Glass House Jim Manley Jim Manley, discussed advanced USB malware during his presentation, “Back to the Glass House.” The ...
Cracking The Foundation: Attacking Wcf Web Services Brian Holyfield Brian Holyfield made hacking WCF Web Services look easy. During his talk about HTTP/S proxies ...
Pulling The Plug: Security Risks In The Next Generation Of Offline Web Applications Michael Sutton Michael Sutton discussed, “Security Risks in the Next Generation of Offline Web Applications.” Two main ...
Better Approaches To Physical Tamper Detection Roger Johnston , Jon Warner The last presentation of the day and ShmooCon 2010, was “Better Approaches to Physical Tamper ...