Govsec 2014 May 13, 2014 to May 14, 2014, Washington,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Disaster Experience Bob Mellinger N/A
Leading By Example: Exemplifying the Behavior You Want to See in Others Alan A. Malinchak N/A
Police Survival Strategies for Response to Unusual Incidents Gregory Scott Bennett N/A
Supply Chain Continuity Management Overview Frank Leonetti N/A
Execution Under Pressure: Building a Higher Performance Safety Team Chris Koester N/A
ALICE Active Shooter Response Training: Moving Beyond Lockdown Greg Crane N/A
America’s Foreign, Defense & Cyber Policy: An Insider’s Perspective Thomas Donilon N/A
Boston Marathon Bombing: A Collaborative Approach to Catch A Terrorist Colonel Alben , Richard Deslauriers , Edward F. Davis , Brian Mcgrory N/A
The Crazy Middle East Avi Dichter N/A
Marksmanship Under Stress William Bethards N/A
Combating the Effects of PTSD: Solutions for Rebuilding Tania Glenn N/A
Resiliency & The Bulletproof Mind: What Happens to the Mind and Body in Combat, and How to Survive and Thrive in this Environment Dave Grossman N/A
Keeping Our Schools SAFE from Attacks on Our Children: Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Beslan Dave Grossman N/A
Don’t React - Shift. Transform Your Security Strategy for Speed. Paul Nguyen N/A
WHO'S COMING IN YOUR BACK DOOR? Identify Trusted Resources and Manage Compliance Daniel W. Krantz N/A
Designing A Secure Campus – Security Best Practices David Antar N/A
Leveraging Situational Awareness and Intelligence from Twitter – New Techniques for Analysis and Visualization Scott Sieracki N/A
A Smart Phone/Tablet Based Pocket Gamma Spectral Analyzer J. Stewart Bland N/A
Securing Your Facility From Insecure Cell Phones Scott n. Schober N/A
Beyond the Headlines and Hype: Understanding 3D Printing and Scanning and the Effect on a Community’s Security/Safety Carlton Mcfaden N/A
Worldwide Overview on Terrorism, Espionage, and Cyber Espionage David G. Major N/A
Security Clearance Workshop Robert S. Denegal N/A
Proud to be a Business Continuity Professional: Why Your Role Can Save Money, Lives, Jobs, Families, and Our Country Edward “ted” Brown N/A
Using Google’s Geotechnology, LPR Analytics in the Cloud with Google Glass for a Safer Community Paul Joyal , Irfan Khan , Kris Tufto N/A
Privacy vs National Security: How Snowden Changed the Debate – Patriot or Traitor? Paul Joyal , Nate Cardozo , Beatrice Edwards , Philip J. Crowley N/A
National Guard Roles in Domestic Preparedness Wesley L. Mcclellan N/A
Homeland Security Grants and Law Enforcement Samantha Dorm N/A
Enhancing Emergency Management Capabilities Bruce A. Davis , Anne Hultgren , John Price N/A
Low Probability, High Consequence Events: Lessons Learned from Earthquakes in the U.S. and New Zealand Ann Brower , James Thompson , David Johnston , Thomas Pratt N/A
FINDER: Detecting Heartbeats in Rubble and Rescuing Victims of Disasters John Price N/A
Shaping your company's future with the SAFETY Act Bruce b. Davidson N/A
Public/Private Partnerships and the FBI: Protecting the Nation's Critical Infrastructure Kara Sidener N/A
Estimating Potential Losses from Natural Disasters Eric Berman N/A
Keeping People Safe and Secure in Federal Facilities Bernard Holt N/A
Information Sharing Environment Executive Overview Mike Howell N/A
FedRAMP: Understanding Agency and CSP Requirement Matthew Goodrich N/A
Science and Technology in Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Daniel M. Gerstein N/A
Continuity of Operations Eric Kretz N/A
National Guard Bureau Roles and Functions During Domestic Incidents Wesley L. Mcclellan N/A
Ensuring Resilience Through Effective Continuity Planning David Webb N/A
ATF- A Resource and Partner at the Frontline-Against Violent Crime John F. Oakey N/A
Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Matthew B. Mcdonald N/A
Homeland Security Information Network: The Data You Need...Everyday Ray Ragone , Michael Brody N/A
Simulated Emergency Response Training Activities & Demos Chris Koester N/A
Knife Combat Techniques for Military and Law Enforcement Fred C. Bauer N/A
Active Shooter in the Room Steve Adams N/A
Homeland Protection Certification - CHPP and CHPA Kenneth M. Glantz N/A
Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®)/Associate Emergency Manager (AEMSM) Overview Presentation Thomas “jeff” Hughes N/A
CISSP Exam Prep Clinic Eric Handy N/A
Integrating Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity Randy F. Jouben N/A
COOP 2.0 – How to Move your COOP Program from Functional to Exceptional Jessica B. Seepersad N/A
Active Shooter Threat--Interrupting the Sequence Randy Spivey N/A
Crisis Media Management John D. Voinche' N/A
When Plan B Fails (Part I): Planning & Management Mark Spreitzer , Chris Koester , Randy F. Jouben , Bonnie L. Regan , Patrick Potter N/A
When Plan B Fails (Part II): Response & Recovery Randy F. Jouben , Bonnie L. Regan , Patrick Potter , Russell Koester N/A
How 3 Bullets Changed My Life Kristina Anderson N/A
Mandates, Requirements and Safety, Oh My! Enhancing School Safety with Little or No Additional Funding Shellie Mackenzie , Donna Michaelis N/A
Campus Safety: Assessing and Managing Threats Molly Amman N/A
How Lockdown Failed Sandy Hook Brad Spicer N/A
Critical Infrastructure issues in a Campus Setting Robert Peter Mueck N/A
Managing Events on Campus: The Trials and Tribulations Larry Volz , Laura Dyer N/A
No "I" in Team: Uncovering the Key to Successfully Protecting the Nation's Critical Infrastructure John Gill N/A
Cyber Supply Chain Risk Curtis ks Levinson N/A
The Rise of Critical Infrastructure Attacks: Understanding the Privileged Connection Adam Bosnian N/A
Managing Cyber Risk Factors: Defensive Strategies for Protecting Critical Infrastructure Mark Bristow , Curtis ks Levinson , Monica Maher , Baird Mcnaught N/A
Achieving Critical Infrastructure Resilience...The RIP tool John Contestabile N/A
The Cloud & ROI: Why CSOs are Moving Security Functions to the Cloud Shayne P. Bates N/A
Disaster Medical Systems: The Delivery, Security, and Role of Cloud—Based Electronic Health Records Systems in a Disaster Recovery Environment Barry R. Greene N/A
Eating the Elephant in the Room: How to Combine Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning Approaches Patrick Potter N/A
Case Study: When Recovery Spans Months Scott Ream , Dave Miller N/A
A Role for CERT in Social Media Monitoring Steve Peterson N/A
How to Avoid a Career Crisis: What You Need to Know about Credentials and Career Development Curtis ks Levinson , John D. Voinche' , Carol L. Adams , John J. Brown , Jerry Vevon N/A
Critical Incident Stress Management: Restoring Personal Resilience Tania Glenn N/A
Modern Mapping Apps & Devices for Public Safety Sean Wohltman N/A
Leveraging Social Media to Provide Actionable Intelligence Jamie Roush , Rick Graham N/A
THE FORGOTTEN DOMESTIC TERRORISTS: Radical Left-Wing Gangs in America Dale Yeager , Robert M. Brzenchek N/A
#dpdtweetsbig: Case study on the Dallas Police Social Media Strategy Lauri Stevens N/A
Hit Me With Your Best Hack: Hardening Your Agency from Internal and External Cyber Threats Chuck Georgo N/A
Cyber Crime: Are You Protected? Eddie Reyes , Page W. Moon N/A
The Evolution of LE Ammunition: An In-depth Look at Ammunition Performance Jayden Quinlan N/A
The Terror Threat to the US - What We Really Face and How We Best Defend Against It John S. Hollywood N/A
Will the Real Jack Bauer Please Stand Up! Situational Awareness Using Information Technology David J. Mulholland N/A
Effects of Improvised Explosive Devices on Structures and Humans (Graphic) Victor A. Vella N/A
Antiterrorism for Law Enforcement & Security: News You Can Use J. M. Peterson N/A
Putting Community Back into the Intelligence Community Graham Plaster N/A
Defeating IEDs and Mitigating Their Effects William Stout , Christine Lee N/A
A Holistic Approach to Insider Threats Terry Roberts N/A
Balancing Security and Risk in a Cloud Connected Enterprise Anil Karmel N/A
Computer Security and Integration, Threat Modeling Ari Schwartz N/A
Using Security Convergence to Solve Insider Threat and Close Security Gaps Jasvir Gill N/A
On the Campaign Trail: Ferreting out Persistent Attackers Mischel Kwon , Jamie Gausemel , Justin Monti N/A
Using Technology and Techno-people to Reduce Threats Stephen Cobb N/A
Juggling the Security Ball Mischel Kwon , Vance Edward Hitch N/A
Staying Safe in Cyberspace: Cloud Security on the Horizon Karen Evans , Julie Anderson N/A
The Cyber and Data Security Rules of the Road Eric Crusius N/A
Finding Cybercriminals with the help of Big Data Analytics Sanjay Virmani , Jd Sherry N/A
Cyberwar: A Collaborative Crime-fighting Environment Carol L. Adams , Ron Layton , Dave Pekoske , Patrick J. Morrissey , Eric Strom N/A
Instant Information… Blessing or Curse? Jeffrey Lush N/A
Keeping Cyber Criminals and Nation State Hackers out of Your Networks Robert Bigman N/A