IEEE 2014 May 18, 2014 to May 21, 2014, SamJose,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Cloak and Swagger: Understanding Data Sensitivity Through the Lens of User Anonymity Elie Bursztein , Sai Teja Peddinti , Aleksandra Korolova , Geetanjali Sampemane N/A
Stopping a Rapid Tornado with a Puff José Lopes , Nuno Neves N/A
SoK: Security and Privacy in Implantable Medical Devices and Body Area Networks Denis foo Kune , Michael Rushanan , Colleen Swanson , And Rubin N/A
Quantifying Information Flow for Dynamic Secrets Michael Hicks , Piotr Mardziel , Mario Alvim , Michael Clarkson N/A
Not-So-Random Numbers in Virtualized Linux and the Whirlwind RNG Thomas Ristenpart , Michael M. Swift , Adam Everspaugh , Yan Zhai , Robert Jellinek N/A
Out Of Control: Overcoming Control-Flow Integrity Herbert Bos , Georgios Portokalidis , Elias Athanasopoulos , Enes Göktaş N/A
Modeling and Discovering Vulnerabilities with Code Property Graphs Nico Golde , Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi , Konrad Rieck , Daniel Arp N/A
SoK: Introspections on Trust and the Semantic Gap Radu Sion , Bhushan Jain , Donald E. Porter , Mirza Basim Baig , Dongli Zhang N/A
Automating Efficient RAM-Model Secure Computation Jonathan Katz , Elaine Shi , Chang Liu , Michael Hicks , Yan Huang N/A
Dynamic Searchable Encryption via Blind Storage Muhammad Naveed , Manoj Prabhakaran , Carl A Gunter N/A
Wysteria: A Programming Language for Generic, Mixed-mode Multiparty Computations Michael Hicks , Aseem Rastogi , Matthew A. Hammer N/A
An Expressive Model for the Web Infrastructure: Definition and Application to the BrowserID SSO System Ralf Kuesters , Daniel Fett , Guido Schmitz N/A
A Study of Probabilistic Password Models Jerry Ma , Weining Yang , Min Luo , Ninghui Li N/A