Chaos Communication Congress 24 Dec. 27, 2007 to Dec. 30, 2007, Berlin, Germany

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Notes : 27th Chaos Communication Congress

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Latest Trends In Oracle Security Alexander Kornbrust Oracle databases are the leading databases in companies and organizations. In the last 3 years ... Security
Quantum Cryptography And Possible Attacks Alexander Ling , Antia Lamas , Christian Kurtsiefer , Ilja Gerhardt Quantum cryptography is the oldest and best developed application of the field of quantum information ... Security Cryptography
Rule 34 Contest Andreas Bogk , Nibbler , Tina Rule 34 says: There is porn of it. Security
Eu Policy On Rfid &Amp; Privacy Andreas Krisch Following the public consultation on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) carried out in 2006 the European ... Security Privacy
Tor Andreas Lehner , Julius Mittenzwei Die Vortragenden berichten über den Betrieb und das Abuse-Handling des Anonymisierers. Security
Hacking Icann Andy Müller-maguhn , Annette Muehlberg , Wendy Seltzer The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) needs to include users in its ... Security
What Is Terrorism? Anne Roth Life as the partner of a terrorism suspect means living with police and secret service ... Security Access
What Can We Do To Counter The Spies? Annie Machon A presentation about the role of intelligence agencies in the current era of the unending ... Security
Absurde Mathematik Anoushirvan Dehghani Ein kleiner Streifzug durch die Abgründe der Mathematik. Eigentlich ist der Mensch mit einer recht ... Security
Paparazzi - The Free Autopilot Antoine Drouin , Martin Müller Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming more and more popular as suitable electronics and sensors ... Security
10Ge Monitoring Live! Arien Vijn There are many open source tools available to do packet capturing and analysis. Virtually all ... Security Monitoring
Open Source Lobbying, Tips From The Trenches Arjen Kamphuis On January 1st, 2002 I tried to use the website of the Dutch national railway ... Security
Konzeptionelle Einführung In Erlang Bef , Stefan Strigler A jump-start into the world of concurrent programming Security
≪No≫Ooxml - A 12 Euros Campaign Benjamin Henrion Microsoft is currently trying to buy an ISO stamp for their flawed Office OpenXML (OOXML) ... Security
Smartcard Protocol Sniffing Bernd R. Fix , Marc-andré Beck This talk will introduce you to the theoretical and practical issues involved in cloning/simulating existing ... Security
The Arctic Cold War Bicyclemark Russia, Canada, the United States and Denmark are each pushing for more control and access ... Security Access
Diy Survival Bre The apocalypse could happen any day. You're going to need things to survive and your ... Security
Das Panoptische Prinzip - Filme Über Die Zeit Nach Der Privatsphäre Christine Ketzer , Ralph Kusserow , Stefan Sels , Yvette Krause In den letzten Jahren – nicht zuletzt seit dem 11. September – ist es zu ... Security
Meine Finger Gehören Mir Constanze Kurz , Starbug Zum 1. November 2007 ging der biometrische Reisepass in die nächste Ausbaustufe. Seitdem müssen reisewillige ... Security
Tracker Fahrn Erdgeist , Cristian Yxen , Denis Bittorrent aus der Sicht von Bittorrent-Tracker Betreibern. Security
Lieber Cyborg Als Göttin Cyworg Das Cyborgmanifest verbindet die Analyse der heutigen Gesellschaft als "Informatik der Herrschaft" mit dem Aufruf ... Security
Space Communism Daniel Kulla , Oona Leganovic Following "Chaos und Kritische Theorie" from 23C3, another verbal battle: Oona Leganovic (aka Ijon Tichy) ... Security
Anonaccess Daniel Otte , Sören Heisrath AnonAccess ist ein elektronisches System, welches anonymen Zugang nicht nur zu Hackerspaces ermöglicht. Security
Dns Rebinding And More Packet Tricks Dan Kaminsky DNS Rebinding has proved itself to be an effective mechanism for turning standard web browsers ... Security DNS
Reverse Engineering Of Embedded Devices Dash The event aims on reverse engineering small boxes you can buy at your local Saturn ... Security
Hacking Ideologies, Part 2: Open Source, A Capitalist Movement Dmytri Kleiner , Marcell Mars , Tomislav Medak , Toni Prug The Open Source initiative re-interpreted Free Software to include it into the neo-liberal ideology and ... Security
Programming Dna Drew Endy Biological engineering does not have to be confined to the laboratories of high-end industry laboratories. ... Security
Hacking In The Age Of Declining Everything Emerson Tan It is thought by many that the world may be facing Peaks in fossil fuel ... Security
Data Retention And Pnr Erik Josefsson , Ricardo Cristof Remmert-fontes New EU legislation emphasises and in some cases creates new crimes of consumer infringement of ... Security
Port Scanning Improved Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi , Felix ( FX ) Lindner Port-Scanning large networks can take ages. Asking yourself how much of this time is really ... Security
Why Silicon-Based Security Is Still That Hard: Deconstructing Xbox 360 Security Felix Domke , Michael Steil The Xbox 360 probably is the video game console with the most sophisticated security system ... Security
Der Bundestrojaner Felix von Leitner Der Bundestrojaner wird von politischer, juristischer und technischer Seite beleuchtet. Security
Chaos Communication Camp '07: The Movie Fh , Julia Lüning , Kirian Scheuplein The Chaos Communication Camp 2007 was an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated ... Security
Sex 2.0 Florian Bischof Der lange Schwanz der Dating-Communities sowie die De- und Rekonstruktion von Geschlecht und sexueller Orientierung ... Security
Modelling Infectious Diseases In Virtual Realities Flox World of Warcraft is currently one of the most successful and complex virtual realities. Apart ... Security
Nedap-Wahlcomputer In Deutschland Frank Rieger Wir bringen Euch auf den neuesten Stand, was den Einsatz der NEDAP-Wahlcomputer in Deutschland betrifft. Security
Chaos Jahresrückblick Frank Rosengart Wir stellen die Aktivitäten des und Geschehnisse im Chaos Computer Club im abgelaufenen Jahr vor. ... Security
Openstreetmap, The Free Wiki World Map Frederik Ramm The OpenStreetMap project has achieved remarkable successes in creating a free world map, and is ... Security
Freifunkerei Gregers Petersen The term Freifunk Firmware has found a place on the shelfs in the life of ... Security
Automatic Memory Management Hannes Since Java is widespread, automatic memory management is a commonly used technology. There are several ... Security
Openser Sip Server Henning Westerholt Der Vortrag stellt OpenSER und das Open Source Projekt dahinter vor. OpenSER ist ein flexiber ... Security
Mifare Henryk Plötz , Karsten Nohl Mifare are the most widely deployed brand of secure RFID chips, but their security relies ... Security
A Collection Of Random Things Ilja Sprundel This talk will be similar to my unusual bugs talk last year. I'll present a ... Security
Dining Cryptographers, The Protocol Immanuel Scholz Imi gives an introduction into the idea behind DC networks, how and why they work. ... Security
Steam-Powered Telegraphy Ingo Schwitters , Sebastian Velke , Skytee We have built and modified a steam-powered Telex machine and connected it to the new-fangled ... Security
Introduction In Mems Jens Kaufmann MicroElectroMechanical Systems or MEMS are as part of micro system technology, systems with electrical and ... Security
To Be Or I2P Jens Kubieziel I2P is a message-based anonymizing network. It builds a virtual network between the communication endpoints. ... Security
Hamburger Wahlstift Jens Muecke , Sven Übelacker Am 24. Februar wollte Hamburg als Pilotprojekt mit dem Digitalen Wahlstift wählen. Security
Building A Hacker Space Jens Ohlig , Lars Weiler With the help of Design Patterns we will show you how to set up your ... Security
Ipv6: Everywhere They Don'T Want It Jeroen Massar This talk will discuss a new feature in AICCU which allows one to have IPv6 ... IPv6 Security
All Tomorrow'S Condensation Johannes Grenzfurthner A steampunk theatre play extravaganza. With puppets! Security
Ruby On Rails Security Jonathan Weiss This talk will focus on the security of the Ruby on Rails Web Framework. Some ... Security
Distributed Campaigns For Promoting And Defending Freedom In Digital Societies Joe Zimmerman A presentation of a few successful campaigns in France lead by libre software activists for ... Security
Unusual Web Bugs Kuza55 While many issues in web apps have been documented, and are fairly well known, I ... Security Web
Design Noir Ladyada Design noir is what happens when engineers, artists and hackers get together to design consumer ... Security
Anonymity For 2015 Len Sassaman In recent years, an increasing amount of academic research has been focused on secure anonymous ... Security Anonymity
Inside The Mac Os X Kernel Lucy Many buzzwords are associated with Mac OS X: Mach kernel, microkernel, FreeBSD kernel, C++, 64 ... Security
One Token To Rule Them All Luke Jennings The defense techniques employed by large software manufacturers are getting better. This is particularly true ... Security Access
Crouching Powerpoint, Hidden Trojan Maarten Van Horenbeeck Targeted trojan attacks first attracted attention in early 2005, when the UK NISCC warned of ... Security Exploitation
Wireless Kernel Tweaking Marek , Simon Wunderlich Kernel hacking definitely is the queen of coding but in order to bring mesh routing ... Security Wireless
23 Wege Für Deine Rechte Zu Kämpfen Markus Beckedahl Bürgerrechtsabbau steht auf der Tagesordnung. Bei der Vielzahl an Vorhaben und Gesetzesinitiativen haben viele mittlerweile ... Security
Wahlchaos Markus Schneider Wahlchaos beschäftigt sich mit Wahlverfahren aus mathematischer und politischer Sicht. So wurden die Wahlen von ... Security
Simulating The Universe On Supercomputers Mark Vogelsberger The evolution of structure in the Universe is one of the hottest topics in Cosmology ... Security
Linguistic Hacking Martin ( maha ) Haase It is sometimes necessary to know what a text is about, even if it is ... Security
Hacking Scada Mayhem , Raoul "Nobody" Chiesa SCADA acronym stand for “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”, and it's related to industrial automation ... Security Automation
Digital Sustainability Meike Richter Happy digital world: Everything is information, and it grows by sharing. Scarcity seems to be ... Security
Make Cool Things With Microcontrollers Mitch Altman Learn how to make cool things with microcontrollers by actually making fun projects at the ... Security Workshops
Haxe Nicolas Cannasse haXe is a programming language for developing both server AND client side of a website. ... Security Access
Desperate House-Hackers Nils Magnus Wie funktionieren eigentlich diese Pfandflaschenrücknahmeautomaten? Security
Overtaking Proprietary Software Without Writing Code Olivier Cleynen Free or "Open-Source" software, and in particular Linux, is doing extremely well technically. However, it ... Security Community
A Spotter'S Guide To Aacs Keys Peter Eckersley AACS is the DRM system used on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs. It is one of ... Security
C64-Dtv Hacking Peter Fuhrmann The C64-DTV is a remake of the classic homecomputer sold as a joystick-contained videogame. The ... Security
Just In Time Compilers - Breaking A Vm Peter Molnar , Roland Lezuo We will present state of the art JIT compiler design based on CACAO, a GPL ... Security
Gplv3 - Praktische Auswirkungen Peter Voigt Was der Umstieg auf die GPLv3 an Neuerungen mit sich bringt, welche Fehler beim Wechsel ... Security
Spiel, Freude, Eierkuchen? Rainer Fromm Der Journalist Rainer Fromm berichtet über seine Erfahrungen mit der Gamerszene, mit Filmbeispielen und anschließender ... Security
Current Events In Tor Development Roger Dingledine Come talk with Roger Dingledine, Tor project leader, about some of the challenges in the ... Security Development
Die Wahrheit Und Was Wirklich Passierte Ron Davidson Jede Geschichte hat vier Seiten. Deine Seite, Ihre Seite, die Wahrheit und das, was wirklich ... Security
It Was A Bad Idea Anyway... Rop Gonggrijp 2007 has been yet another a turbulent year in The Netherlands with regard to electronic ... Security
The History Of Guerilla Knitting Rose White "Guerrilla knitting" has a couple of meanings in the knitting community - to some, it ... Security Community
From Ring Zero To Uid Zero Sgrakkyu , Twiz The process of exploiting kernel based vulnerabilities is one of the topics which have received ... Security
Vx Skyout The listeners will be introduced in the world of virus coding. They will understand how ... Security
Elektronische Dokumente Und Die Zukunft Des Lesens Steini E-book devices versuchen seit Ewigkeiten, aus dem Sumpf der Bedeutungslosigkeit den Weg in den Massenmarkt ... Security
Getting Things Done Stephan Schmieder Eine Einführung ins Antiverpeilen mit Tools und Techniken rund um David Allens "Getting Things Done"-Methodik. Security
Relay Attacks On Card Payment: Vulnerabilities And Defences Steven J. Murdoch Relay attacks allow criminals to use credit or debit cards for fraudulent transactions, completely bypassing ... Security
I Know Who You Clicked Last Summer Svenja Schröder This talk introduces some techniques of social network analysis and graph theory. It aims at ... Security Community Analysis
Fem-Streaming Und Encoding Sway Das Streaming-Team der FeM e.V. möchte zum Abschluss des 24C3 einen Überblick über die Streaming-Aktivitäten ... Security
Cybercrime 2.0 Thorsten Holz Not only the Web has reached level 2.0, also attacks against computer systems have advanced ... Security
Opening Event Tim Pritlove Welcome to the Congress! Security
Analysis Of Sputnik Data From 23C3 Tomasz Rybak In December 2006, in BCC 1000 attendees were wearing Sputnik Tags. Data was stored, and ... Security Analysis
Grundlagen Der Sicheren Programmierung Tonnerre Lombard Dieser Vortrag bietet eine Übersicht über einige Dinge, welche man im Kopf behalten sollte, wenn ... Security
Playstation Portable Cracking Tyranid The Sony PSP is over 3 years old yet barely a day has gone by ... Security Business
Aes: Side-Channel Attacks For The Masses Victor Muñoz AES (Rijndael) has been proven very secure and resistant to cryptanalysis, there are not known ... Security
After C: D, Libd And The Slate Project Vladsharp We present libd, a high-level runtime for the D programming language and the Slate project, ... Security
Agenten Des Bösen Wolfgang Wippermann Wolfgang Wippermann hat 2007 unter dem Titel "Agenten des Bösen" ein Buch über "Verschwörungstheorien von ... Security