RMISC 2014 May 14, 2014 to May 15, 2014, colorado,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Cutting Through the Headlines – A Training for IT Auditors (KPMG) Dennis Van Ham , Brian Greenberg , David Kuo N/A
A New Model: Advancing Organizational Security Through Peacebuilding Michele Chubirka , Joe Weston N/A
Secure Development on iOS – Advice for Developers and Penetration Testers (iSec) Justin Engler , Kurtis Miller N/A
Security Leadership Roundtable David Neuman N/A
Opening Keynote - "NIST Cyber Security Framework, What Does My Organization Need To Do?" Cheryl Santor N/A
100: Can AppSec Training Really Make a Smarter Developer? John Dickson N/A
101: Integrating Auditing with SharePoint Chad Stowe N/A
IR Strategy Blueprinting Matt Nelson N/A
103: Misuse Cases - Putting Security Requirements Into Context Greg Sternberg N/A
104: Target Lessons Learned: Hacker Tools Provide Breach Insights Gary Warner N/A
105: The Illusion of Security – Why What We’re Doing Isn’t Working Brady Bloxham N/A
106: Paranoid Android – Addressing the Risks of Mobile Grayson Milbourne N/A
200: Go Hybrid! Mixed Skills for Modern Pentests – or Hacking Like an APT Kevin Dunn N/A
201: How to Achieve Success with Cyber Risk Assessment and Analysis Ben Tomhave N/A
202: Malware Preparedness and Incident Response - A Cryptolocker Case Study Stephen E Coury , James Stoner , Todd Deering , Alena Gouveia N/A
203: Risk Intelligence: Harness and Exploit Risk for Competitive Advantage Matt Alderman N/A
204: Security at Scale: Agile Security & Rugged DevOps David Campbell , Gerrit Padgham N/A
205: Sniping the Airwaves Jennifer Mcknight , Sean Satterlee N/A
206: Digital Overload...How to Uncover Actionable Intelligence for Enterprise Security Speaker:sterling Jones N/A
300: Architecting Effective Defense in Depth Robb Reck N/A
301: Hacking Lessons Learned Panel Discussion Grayson Milbourne , Robert Eggebrecht , Jeramy Cooper-levitt , Charles Schwab N/A
302: Putting Enterprises (Back) In Control Of Their Identities Mike Gile N/A
303: Successful Mitigation Techniques for 4 Common Web App Vulnerabilities Steve Kosten N/A
304: The Dark Side of A Payment Card Breach David Navetta N/A
305: Your Metrics Suck So Why Should You Get More Funds? Steve Winterfeld N/A
306: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys: Using Big Data and Security Analytics to Counteract Advanced Threats Kelly Feagans , Dave Herrald N/A
400: 50 Shades of RED: Stories from the "Playroom" Chris Nickerson N/A
401: Successful Deployment and Utilization of Security Tools Merlin Namuth N/A
402: A Diamond Model for Intrusion Analysis Andy Pendergast N/A
403: Oracle Database Security Ron Reidy N/A
404: Porcupines in Hyperspace: Nailing Machine Learning for Mobile Theodora Titonis N/A
405: The Joys of an Empty Server Room Layne Bro N/A
406: Why It's Time for a Security Reboot - Don't Be The Next Target Aaron Shelly , Joe Bonnell N/A