Secure360 2014 May 12, 2014 to May 14, 2014, Saint Paul,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
2013/2014 Threat Review and Strategy Planning James Robinson N/A
Assessing Resiliency of Critical Vendors Valerie Donovan N/A
Defending the Future: Cryptographic Security in the Age of Big Data, Bitcoins and Breaches Terence Spies N/A
GPU Cracking on the Cheap Karl Fosaaen , Eric Gruber N/A
Let’s get Practical – Real world BCP and Exercising Fred Klapetzky N/A
Managing Risk in an Open World Joy Marie Forsythe N/A
Pen Testing Security Vendors (Vendor Assessment) Josh More N/A
Resiliency Through The Power of Story Dean Hyers N/A
Stuff My Industry Says Kellman Meghu N/A
Think you can hack SharePoint? Liam Cleary N/A
Threat Intelligence Sharing using STIX and TAXII Charles Schmidt N/A
Uncover the Mysteries of Software Asset Management Kyle Nesgood , Jason Riddle N/A
Cyber Incident Response Leighton Johnson N/A
FUFW: 5 Steps to Re-architecting Your Perimeter Defenses Michael Rothman N/A
How I.T. can “translate” complex information for non-I.T. folks Lillian Mcdonald N/A
Improve your security by removing controls Matt Hynes , Steve Currie N/A
Keeping the Lights On Leonard Jacobs N/A
Mobile AppSec Gunnar Peterson N/A
Scale to Fail: Common and Uncommon Weaknesses in Physical Security Babak Javadi N/A
Securing International Credit Card Transactions David Hayes N/A
Security Transformation in the Information Economy Justin Somaini N/A
The CISO Guide – How Do You Spell CISO? Barry Caplin N/A
Watch Out for the Rabbits Mat Wilcek N/A
Lock Picking Demo Babak Javadi N/A
Attack all the Layers! Again! Karl Fosaaen , Scott Sutherland N/A
Before the Shot is Fired, Delivering Predictive Security Intelligence Dana Wolf N/A
Cyber War! Yes, It’s Happening Now! Ronald Woerner N/A
DDOS – The ever evolving threat! Mike Thompson N/A
FBI: The New Norm Special Lehrkamp N/A
Generation Next: new paradigms for BC/DR Ryan Falcone , Josh Verhelst N/A
Managing Security Awareness Effectiveness Christophe Veltsos N/A
Melted expression of secure coding Nilay Sangani N/A
Mobile Application and BYOD Security Dmitry Dessiatnikov N/A
Talking Us Off the Ledge: Build credibility and avoid burnout in your Infosec career Chris Rowland N/A
The Frankenstein Effect Ron Kuriscak N/A
Your Security Posture is Showing Patrick Tatro , Jacob Bernier N/A
Advanced Threat Detection outside the Firewall Jeff M. Spivey N/A
COBIT 5 Foundation Awareness and Review John Jasinski N/A
Defensive Programming to Minimize Denial of Service Exposure Kevin A Nassery N/A
Directions in system log analysis Marcus J. Ranum N/A
Extracting Credentials from Windows Antti Rantasaari , Scott Sutherland N/A
Hack back or active defense? Sean Harrington N/A
How We Broke Into Your Datacenter Harry Regan , Valerie Thomas N/A
Making the ITSecurity Grade: Benchmark Data & Advice Sara Gates N/A
Performing the PCI Scope Disappearing Act Yan Kravchenko N/A
Rethinking the Information Security Service Delivery Model for Government Christopher Buse N/A
The Rise of Compliance-Driven Security Andy Blair N/A
When A Drip Becomes a Flood – Lessons Learned From Target’s First Large-Scale Business Continuity Activation Kimberly Hirsch N/A
Building Your Personal Brand Nancy Wilker N/A
Keynote: Land Use and Climate Change Increasing Potential for “Black Swan” Weather Events Paul Douglas N/A
A Behavior Based Approach to Web ApplicationSecurity Aaron Bedra N/A
Detecting and preventing 0-day and targeted attacks Christopher Newman N/A
Embracing Change: How High-Performing Achievers Adapt – Part I David Mann N/A
Integrate Part One: Critical Incident Response Jeff Gorter N/A
Mitigating APT with Human Sensors Rohyt Belani N/A
New World Disorder: Attackers are virtual, global and mobile. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Michael Sutton N/A
Rapid Risk Assessment Andrew Plato N/A
Securing K-12: An Educational Experience Patrick Tatro N/A
Tools for Protecting Critical Infrastructure Amy Kircher N/A
Users: your first line of defense Ari Elias-bachrach N/A
Viruses, Malware and Threats Trey Ford N/A
Data Protection Starts With Physical Security Kenneth G. Hartman N/A
Detecting and Responding to Log Trails from Advanced Threats and Fraud David Pack N/A
Embracing Change: How High-Performing Achievers Adapt-Part II David Mann N/A
From Shadow IT to Cloud Visibility and Enablement Kamal Shah N/A
How to build an effective Vulnerability Management Program Matt Clancy N/A
Integrate Part Two: The Resiliency Room Elizabeth Stevens N/A
Oh The PaaSabilities: Is PaaS Secureable? David Mortman N/A
Security Data Science: Detection & Defense Bob Rudis , Jay Jacobs N/A
Simulating Cyber Operations Bryan k. Fite N/A
The transition of Audit in a disruptive world! John Jasinski N/A
Third Party Risk Management: Information Security Jesse Masloski N/A
Active Defense and Hacking Back: Who is doing it, and who is doing it right – Part I John Strand N/A
Bigger Data, Less Security? David Mortman , Adrian Lane N/A
Establishing Metrics to Manage the Human Layer Mark Chapman (cfe , Cissp , Cism , Crisc) N/A
Holistic View of Industrial Control Cybersecurity Leonard Jacobs N/A
Hunting Attackers with Network Audit Trails Charles Herring N/A
Inside the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report Jay Jacobs N/A
ISO22301: Not as Boring as It Sounds! Kimberly Hirsch N/A
M-Trends® 2014: Beyond the Breach Grady Summers N/A
Risk Intelligence: What your C-Suite expects Ryan Falcone , Josh Verhelst N/A
Servant Leadership for Security Andrew Plato N/A
The Accidental Insider Barry Caplin N/A
Active Defense and Hacking Back: Who is doing it, and who is doing it right – Part II John Strand N/A
Blocking Malware with EMET Chris Covington N/A
Current trends in BCP .. and what we are looking for in the future Fred Klapetzky N/A
Evolutionary Security: Embrace Failure, Survive Josh More N/A
FBI: NCIJTF, The Cyber Landscape Douglas Dvorak N/A
Physical Access Controls Mitigate SE Risks Laura Faulkner , Peter Storm N/A
Public Data for Risk Management Kevin Thompson N/A
Restoring Trust After a Breach Tim Erlin N/A
The Convergence of Security and Compliance Christopher Strand , Pcip N/A
Top 10 SAP Audit/Security Risks Lucas Leaon , Adam Harpool N/A
You’ve Been Hacked–Now What? Jeff Olejnik N/A
Rethinking Mass Shooting Events Jarret Demarce N/A
Emergency Management Mock Exercise (Half Day) Mike Glass N/A
Introduction to Penetration Testing (Full Day) – SESSION FULL Scott Fosaaen N/A