Chaos Communication Congress 25 Dec. 27, 2008 to Dec. 30, 2008, Berlin, Germany

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Notes : 27th Chaos Communication Congress

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Zehn Big Brother Awards In .At Adrian ( atrox ) Dabrowski Als erster Big-Brother-Awards-Veranstalter schaffte es Österreich, dieses Jahr die Preise bereits zum zehnten mal zu ... Security
Mining Social Contacts With Active Rfid Aestetix We describe the implementation of a distributed proximity detection firmware for the OpenBeacon RFID platform. ... Security
Md5 Considered Harmful Today Alexander Sotirov None Security
Dect Andreas Schuler Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is a synonym for cordless phones today. Although DECT can ... Security
Jahresrückblick Andy Müller-maguhn Es war mal wieder ein bewegtes Jahr für den CCC. Was alles passiert ist, werden ... Security
Terrorist All-Stars Anne Roth After more than a year of mostly dealing with the terrorism investigation against my partner ... Security
Swf And The Malware Tragedy Bef This talk rounds up possible web-based attacks using Flash with a particular focus on obfuscation, ... Security Malware
Short Attention Span Security Ben Kurtz Working as a security consultant means that you get to see everyone's dirty laundry. However, ... Security Analysis
Onioncat – A Tor-Based Anonymous Vpn Bernhard Fischer OnionCat manages to build a complete IP transparent VPN based on Tor's hidden services, provides ... Security
Not Soy Fast: Genetically Modified, Resource Greedy, And Coming To A Supermarket Near You Bicyclemark Soy is the magic ingredient that we often look to for our alternative, healthier, and ... Security
Rf Fingerprinting Of Rfid Boris Danev In the lecture portion of this workshop we will present an overview of existing and ... Security
Rapid Prototype Your Life Bre The tools are at hand to free you from the bonds of consumer slavery. No ... Security
Methods For Understanding Targeted Attacks With Office Documents Bruce Dang As more security features and anti-exploitation mechanisms are added to modern operating systems, attackers are ... Security Exploitation
Console Hacking 2008: Wii Fail Bushing The Nintendo Wii game console has been one of the most popular of all time, ... Security
Embracing Post-Privacy Christian Plomlompom The breaking away of privacy in the digital world is often understood as something dangerous, ... Security Privacy
The Privacy Workshop Project Christoph Brüning The lecture intends to give an overview of the Privacy Workshop project started in Siegen ... Security Privacy
Life Is A Holodeck! Claus "HoloClaus" Cohnen This talk will give you an overview of the different techniques for spacial representation and ... Security Development
Exploiting Symbian Collin Mulliner SymbianOS is one of the major smart phone operating system and has been around for ... Security Exploitation
Security Of Mica*-Based Wireless Sensor Networks Dan Cvrcek Firstly, we mention an initial qualitative risk assessment, carried out by interviewing the operating manager ... Security Wireless
Why Were We So Vulnerable To The Dns Vulnerability? Dan Kaminsky SSL wasn't enough. Encryption is nonexistent. Autoupdaters are horribly broken. Why is all this the ... Security DNS
Running Your Own Gsm Network Dieter Spaar This presentation will mark the first public release of a new GPL licensed Free Software ... Security
Building An International Movement: Hackerspaces.Org Enki We live in interesting times to build hacker spaces: physical spaces where hackers make things, ... Security Panel
Tcp Denial Of Service Vulnerabilities Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is one of the fundamental protocols used in today's communication ... Security
U23 Fd0 Organize and operate a workshop for young people. Show them how your hackerspace works. Gain ... Security
Stormfucker: Owning The Storm Botnet Felix Leder In the talk we will demonstrate how to own the storm botnet (live demo included). Security
Fnord News Show (English Interpretation) Felix von Leitner English Interpretation and video transmission of the event in Saal 1This year's apocalyptic Fnord-review will ... Security Web
Faifa: A First Open Source Plc Tool Florian Echtler PLC (PowerLineCommunications) had been widely used currently for the in-home LANs and for Internet access ... Security Access
Tricks: Makes You Smile Francesco `ascii` Ongaro A collection of engaging techniques, some unreleased and some perhaps forgotten, to make pentesting fun ... Security Web Exploitation
Beyond Asimov - Laws For Robots Frank Rieger Robotic systems become more and more autonomous, and telepresence develops very rapidly. But what happens ... Security
Cisco Ios Attack And Defense Felix ( FX ) Lindner The talk will cover the past, present and future of Cisco IOS hacking, defense and ... Security
Just Estonia And Georgia? Gadi Evron Estonia and Georgia are just two examples of where global scale cooperation is required for ... Security
Collapsing The European Security Architecture Gipfelsoli At the latest since 9/11, the EU took severe changes in their home affairs policy. ... Security
Anatomy Of Smartphone Hardware Harald Welte Do you know the architecture of contemporary mobile phone hardware? This presentation will explain about ... Security
Analyzing Rfid Security Henryk Plötz Many RFID tags have weaknesses, but the security level of different tags varies widely. Using ... Security Analysis
Kurt Gödel – I Do Not Fit Into This Century Ina Kwasniewski Manche bezeichnen ihn als größten Logiker seit Aristoteles: Der 1906 geborene Wiener Mathematiker Kurt Gödel ... Security
Der Hackerparagraph 202C Stgb Jan Münther Es wird Zeit, dass wir mal über die Dinge sprechen, die wir seit dem Inkrafttreten ... Security
Privacy In The Social Semantic Web Jan Torben [[ Thank you all for your feedback. I currently register some hacking space on ... Security Web Privacy
Scalable Swarm Robotics Jeff Gough The topic of swarm robotics will be introduced, including the current state of the art ... Security
La Quadrature Du Net - Campaigning On Telecoms Package Jérémie Zimmermann La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net) is a citizen group informing about legislative projects ... Security Infrastructure Development
Erich Mühsams Tagebücher In Der Festungshaft Johannes Ullmaier Während seiner Festungshaft (1920-1924) wurden dem Dichter und Anarchisten Erich Mühsam mehrfach die Tagebücher konfisziert, ... Security
Opening And Keynote Nothing To Hide John Gilmore None Security Keynote
Full-Disk-Encryption Crash-Course Jürgen Pabel This is not a hacking presentation, no vulnerabilities are presented. It's a crash-course in full-disk-encryption ... Security
About Cyborgs And Gargoyles Kai Kunze In this talk I present the current state of wearable computing, computing as common and ... Security
Chip Reverse Engineering Karsten Nohl Cryptographic algorithms are often kept secret in the false belief that this provides security. To ... Security
Crafting And Hacking: Separated At Birth Kellbot What do hackers have in common with crafters? Lots. While crafting is more often about ... Security
Attacking Rich Internet Applications Kuza55 This presentation will examine the largely underresearched topic of rich internet applications (RIAs) security in ... Security
Predictable Rng In The Vulnerable Debian Openssl Package Luciano Bello Recently, the Debian project announced an OpenSSL package vulnerability which they had been distributing for ... Security
All Your Base(S) Are Belong To Us Magnus Manske New DNA genotyping and sequencing technologies have recently advanced the possibilities for both mass and ... Security Analysis
Neusprech Im Überwachungsstaat Martin ( maha ) Haase Politiker wollen ihre Überwachungspläne schmackhaft machen. Neben der inhaltlichen Verharmlosung von Vorratsdatenspeicherung, Onlinedurchsuchung, Videoüberwachung usw. ... Security
Vertex Hacking Markus Dahms Es geht um die Methoden beim Umgang mit unbekannten Dateiformaten, speziell im Bereich der 3D-Modelle. ... Security
Squeezing Attack Traces Markus Kötter This talk will give an overview about how modern attack analysis tools (dynamic honeypots, an ... Security Analysis
Flying For Free Martin Ling Birds, glider pilots, and recently UAVs can exploit a variety of weather effects in order ... Security
The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk Michael Steil Retrocomputing is cool as never before. People play C64 games in emulators and listen to ... Security
Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Monochrom Join a glorious gala presentation with his Excellency and a battalion of members of the ... Security
Hacking The Iphone Musclenerd Apple's iPhone has made a tremendous impact on the smartphone market and the public consciousness, ... Security
Lightning Talks Day3 - Morning Oliver Pritzkow 4 minutes for every speaker. Learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly - ... Security
Datenpannen Patrick Breyer Wer nichts zu verbergen hat, hat nichts zu befürchten? Die zuständigen Mitarbeiter halten sich strikt ... Security
Pflanzenhacken Paul Asmuth Ob Tomaten, Zitronen oder Cannabis: Nutzpflanzen werden längst nicht mehr konventionell in Erde gezüchtet. Von ... Security
Weizenbaum Peter Haas Gezeigt wird ein Dokumentarfilm von Silvia Holzinger und Peter Haas über den Deutsch-Amerikaner Joseph Weizenbaum ... Security
Coreboot: Beyond The Final Frontier Peter Stuge The BIOS and it's successor EFI are considered by many to be the final frontier ... Security
Climate Change - State Of The Science Rahmstorf We are in the midst of a major global warming, as witnessed not just by ... Security
Hacker Jeopardy (English Interpretation) Ray Davidson English Interpretation and video transmission of the event in Saal 1The famous quiz – of ... Security
Security And Anonymity Vulnerabilities In Tor Roger Dingledine There have been a number of exciting bugs and design flaws in Tor over the ... Security Anonymity
Security Nightmares 2009 (English Interpretation) Ron Davidson English Interpretation and video transmission of the event in Saal 1Security Nightmares – the yearly ... Security
The Infinite Library Rose White Decades ago, Jorge Luis Borges wrote about infinite libraries and perfect memory with the slightly ... Security Media
Closing Ceremony Sandro Gaycken None Security
Solar-Powering Your Geek Gear Script This talk will show you how to solar-power your laptop, PDA, cell phone, portable fridge ... Security
Vulnerability Discovery In Encrypted Closed Source Php Applications Stefan Esser Security audits of PHP applications are usually performed on a source code basis. However sometimes ... Security Analysis
Security Failures In Smart Card Payment Systems Steven J. Murdoch PIN entry devices (PED) are used in the Chip & PIN (EMV) system to process ... Security
Lightning Talks Day4 Sven Guckes 4 minutes for every speaker. Learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly - ... Security
Messing Around With Garage Doors Thomas Eisenbarth We demonstrate a complete break of the KeeLoq crypto-system. Thanks to Power Analysis, even non-specialists ... Security Access
Banking Malware 101 Thorsten Holz In the recent years, we observed a growing sophistication how credentials are stolen from compromised ... Security Malware
Blinkenlights Stereoscope Tim Pritlove Blinkenlights Stereoscope is the new light installation of Project Blinkenlights, a group that originated form ... Security
Locating Mobile Phones Using Ss7 Tobias Engel You are used to your mobile phone number following you around the globe. But the ... Security
An Introduction To New Stream Cipher Designs Tor E. Bjørstad Even with "nothing to hide", we want to protect the privacy of our bits and ... Security Privacy
Cracking The Msp430 Bsl Travis Goodspeed The Texas Instruments MSP430 low-power microcontroller is used in many medical, industrial, and consumer devices. ... Security Analysis
Das Grundrecht Auf Digitale Intimsphäre Ulf Buermeyer Das Bundesverfassungsgericht hat uns anläßlich der Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen das nordrhein-westfälische Verfassungsschutzgesetz ein neues Grundrecht auf ... Security
Evoting After Nedap And Digital Pen Ulrich Wiesner Cryptographic methods have been suggested as a solution of the transparency and auditability issues in ... Security
Why Technology Sucks Walter van Host More and more technology is seen as the ultimate solution for many problems. Lack of ... Security
Algorithmic Music In A Box Wesen Small devices like microcontrollers, coupled to a few buttons, knobs, encoders and LEDs, allow for ... Security
Wikileaks Wikileaks Wikileaks is developing an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. In the ... Security
Objects As Software: The Coming Revolution Zach Hoeken How physical compilers (CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D printers, etc) are changing the way we ... Security