wahckcon 2014 May 3, 2014 to May 4, 2014, Perth,Austrailia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Database Breach Investigations David Litchfield N/A
Analysing Pager Messages for Fun and Profit Ed Faz N/A
Detecting TOR Traffic Through Handshake Analysis Will Campbell N/A
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (On the Difficulty of Validating your Legitimacy as a Browser Extension and other Browser Break-dancing) Christian "xntrik" Frichot N/A
Bending the Light, Optical Trickery in the 21st Century Trogs N/A
Microsoft Kinect - From Hax to Official Encouragement Mensly N/A
Playing around with Raspberry Pi Projects Parkview N/A
How I owned Microsoft and why they claim the vulnerability is a feature, not a flaw Cripple N/A
Human Interfaces for Geeks Pjf N/A
Where it all went wrong Fergal Connor N/A
Silver Bullets Gordan Erasmos N/A
Side Channel Attacks in Automated Retaliation Systems Felix Kieran Eliseo N/A
Syntactic Failures in Computing Ashley Wilfredo N/A
Day One Outro Wahckon Crew N/A
Day 2 Intro Wahckon Crew N/A
Shooting Clay Pidgins Matt Jones N/A
Bitcoin: Or how I almost starved to death Hugh Davenport N/A
Exploiting the User Vulnerability Hawk N/A
Naked Forensics Chris Courtis N/A
Sorry about my sexist robot, and how to get frisked at the airport (image recognition and biometrics) Lexy N/A
Threat Landscape Review 2014 Brett Callaughan N/A
What do we do about a problem like Certificate Authorities? David Cake N/A
Discovering your network Sheldon Gill N/A
Manipulating Human Minds: The Psychological side of Social Engineering Christina Camilleri N/A