ACNS 2014 June 10, 2014 to June 13, 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
New Modular Compilers for Authenticated Key Exchange Zheng Yang , Jörg Schwenk , Yong Li , Sven Schäge , Christoph Bader N/A
Password-based Authenticated Key Exchange without Centralized Trusted Setup Kazuki Yoneyama N/A
A Linear Algebra Attack to Group-Ring-Based Key Exchange Protocols Martin Kreuzer , Alexei D. Myasnikov , Alexander Ushakov N/A
How not to Generate Random Numbers Nadia Heninger N/A
Improved Constructions of PRFs Secure Against Related-Key Attacks Ananth Raghunathan , Kevin Lewi , Hart Montgomery N/A
Verifiable Multi-Server Private Information Retrieval Reihaneh Safavi-naini , Liang Feng Zhang N/A
Certified Bitcoins Giuseppe Ateniese , Antonio Faonio , Bernardo Magri , Breno De Medeiros N/A
Leakage Resilient Proofs of Ownership in Cloud Storage, Revisited Jia Xu , Jianying Zhou N/A
Private Message Transmission using Disjoint Paths Reihaneh Safavi-naini , Hadi Ahmadi N/A
Partial Key Exposure Attacks on Takagi's Variant of RSA Jun (Jim) Xu , Liqiang Peng , Lei Hu , Zhangjie Huang , Yonghong Xie N/A
New Partial Key Exposure Attacks on CRT-RSA with Large Public Exponents Rui Zhang , Dongdai Lin , Yao Lu N/A
Bit-Flip Faults on Elliptic Curve Base Fields, Revisited Taechan Kim , Mehdi Tibouchi N/A
All-but-One Dual Projective Hashing and Its Applications Yunlei Zhao , Goichiro Hanaoka , Yu Chen , Zongyang Zhang , Zhenfu Cao , Sherman s.m. Chow N/A
Distributed Smooth Projective Hashing and its Application to Two-Server Password Authenticated Key Exchange Mark Manulis , Franziskus Kiefer N/A
Sakura: a Flexible Coding for Tree Hashing Guido Bertoni , Joan Daemen , Michaël Peeters , Gilles Van Assche N/A
Reset Indifferentiability from Weakened Random Oracle Salvages One-pass Hash Functions Kazuki Yoneyama , Kazuo Ohta , Yusuke Naito N/A
Invited talk IIchair Serge Vaudenay N/A
The Emergence of Authenticated Encryption Phillip Rogaway N/A
Memoryless Unbalanced Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks: Impossible Results and Applications Yu Sasaki N/A
On the (In)Equivalence of Impossible Differential and Zero Correlation Distinguishers for Feistel- and Skipjajck-type Ciphers Andrey Bogdanov , Meiqin Wang , Blondeau Céline N/A
Improved Cryptanalysis on Reduced-Round GOST and Whirlpool Hash Function Bingke Ma , Bao Li , Ronglin Hao , Xiaoqian Li N/A
Differential Cryptanalysis and Linear Distinguisher of Full-Round Zorro Wenling Wu , Yanfeng Wang , Zhiyuan Guo , Xiaoli Yu N/A
Detecting Hidden Leakages Amir Moradi , Sylvain Guilley , Annelie Heuser N/A
Improving Intrusion Detection Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks Andriy Stetsko , Vashek Matyas , Tobiáš Smolka , Martin Stehlík N/A
MoTE-ECC: Energy-Scalable Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Wireless Sensor Networks Erich Wenger , Zhe Liu , Johann Großschädl N/A
BackRef: Accountability in Anonymous Communication Networks Michael Backes , Jeremy Clark , Peter Druschel , Aniket Kate , Milivoj Simeonovski N/A
WebTrust - A Comprehensive Authenticity and Integrity Framework for HTTP Michael Backes , Sebastian Gerling , Stefan Nurnberger , Rainer Gerling , Dominique Schröder , Mark Simkin N/A
A Revocable Group Signature Scheme From Identity-Based Revocation Techniques: Achieving Constant-size Revocation List Goichiro Hanaoka , Keita Emura , Nuttapong Attrapadung , Yusuke Sakai N/A
Faster Batch Verification of Standard ECDSA Signatures Using Summation Polynomials Sabyasachi Karati , Abhijit Das N/A
On Updatable Redactable Signatures Kai Samelin , Henrich C. Pöhls N/A
Practical Signatures from the Partial Fourier Recovery Problem Jeff Hoffstein , Jill Pipher , John Schanck , Joseph H. Silverman , William Whyte N/A
Activity Spoofing and Its Defense in Android Smartphones Angelos Stavrou , Haining Wang , Brett Cooley N/A
Polymorphism as a Defense for Automated Attack of Websites Tadayoshi Kohno , Xinran Wang , Bob Blakley N/A
Fragmentation Considered Leaking: Port Inference for DNS Poisoning Haya Shulman , Michael Waidner N/A
Delegating a Pairing can be both secure and efficient Sebastien Canard , Julien Devigne , Olivier Sanders N/A