asiaccs 2014 June 4, 2014 to June 6, 2014, kyoto,japan

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome speech Shiho Moriai , Trent Jaeger N/A
Keynote: Fighting Malicious Code - An Eternal Struggle Trent Jaeger , Christopher Kruegel N/A
Letting the Puss in Boots Sweat: Detecting Fake Access Points using Dependency of Clock Skews on Temperature Thomas Engel , Fabian Lanze , Andriy Panchenko , Benjamin Braatz N/A
Covert Ephemeral Communication in Named Data Networking Gene Tsudik , Paolo Gasti , Moreno Ambrosin , Mauro Conti N/A
Scanner Hunter:Understanding HTTP Scanning Traffic Michalis Faloutsos , Guowu Xie , Huy Hang N/A
Detection of Stealthy Malware Activities with Traffic Causality and Scalable Triggering Relation Discovery Danfeng Yao , Naren Ramakrishnan , Hao Zhang N/A
Towards Automated Protocol Reverse Engineering Using Semantic Information Georges Bossert , Frederic Guihery , Guillaume Hiet N/A
Re3: Relay Reliability Reputation for Anonymity Systems Prateek Mittal , Matthew Caesar , Nikita Borisov , Anupam Das N/A
Persea: A Sybil-Resistant Social DHT Mahdi Nasrullah Al-ameen , Matthew Wright N/A
OTIT: Towards Secure Provenance Modeling for Location Proofs Shams Zawoad , Ragib Hasan , Rasib Khan , Md Haque N/A
Privacy-Preserving Distance Computation and Proximity Testing on Earth, Done Right Paolo Gasti , Jaroslav Šedĕnka N/A
Maple: Scalable Multi-Dimensional Range Search over Encrypted Cloud Data with Tree-based Index Boyang Wang , Hui Li , Ming Li , Yantian Hou , Haitao Wang N/A
Privacy of Outsourced k-Means Clustering Xun Yi , Elisa Bertino , Dongxi Liu N/A
PIDGIN: Privacy Preserving Interest and Content Sharing in Opportunistic Networks Giovanni Russello , Muhammad Rizwan Asghar , Bruno Crispo , Ashish Gehani N/A
S-ORAM: A Segmentation-based Oblivious RAM Wensheng Zhang , Jinsheng Zhang , Daji Qiao N/A
Differential Privacy with delta-Neighbourhood for Spatial and Dynamic Datasets Chengfang Fang , Ee-chien Chang N/A
On The Effectiveness of Risk Prediction Based on Users Browsing Behavior Davide Balzarotti , Davide Canali , Leyla Bilge N/A
Protecting Users Against XSS-based Password Manager Abuse Martin Johns , Ben Stock N/A
A Three-Way Investigation of a Game-CAPTCHA: Automated Attacks, Relay Attacks and Usability Paul Oorschot , Nitesh Saxena , Michael Georgescu , Manar Mohamed , Niharika Sachdeva , Song Gao , Chengcui Zhang , Ponnurangam Kumaraguru , Wei-bang Chen N/A
Modelling After-the-fact Leakage for Key Exchange Douglas Stebila , Colin Boyd , Janaka Alawatugoda N/A
Practical Secret Key Agreement for Full-Duplex Near Field Communications Rong Jin , Xianru Du , Zi Deng , Kai Zeng , Jing Xu N/A
Multi-recipient Encryption, Revisited Jacob Schuldt , Bertram Poettering , Alexandre Pinto N/A
Fully Secure Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Constant-Size Ciphertexts and Fast Decryption Robert h. Deng , Junzuo Lai , Yingjiu Li , Jian Weng N/A
Improved Anonymous Proxy Re-encryption with CCA Security Qingji Zheng , Xinwen Zhang , Wei Zhu , Jiafeng Zhu N/A
Efficient; Context-Aware Privacy Leakage Confinement for Android Applications without Firmware Modding Mu Zhang , Heng Yin N/A
Malware Detection with Quantitative Data Flow Graphs Alexander Pretschner , Tobias Wuchner , Martin Ochoa N/A
Abstract Model Counting: A Novel Approach for Quantification of Information Leaks Pasquale Malacaria , Quoc-sang Phan N/A
ConXsense - Automated Context Classification for Context-Aware Access Control Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Markus Miettinen , N.asokan , Stephan Heuser , Wiebke Kronz N/A
On the Feasibility of Software Attacks on Commodity Virtual Machine Monitors via Direct Device Assignment Davide Balzarotti , Abhinav Srivastava , Gábor Pék , Christoph Neumann , Aurélien Francillon , Andrea Lanzi N/A
After We Knew It: Empirical Study and Modeling of Cost-effectiveness of Exploiting Prevalent Known Vulnerabilities Across IaaS Cloud Xinming Ou , Su Zhang , Xinwen Zhang N/A
PROSPECT - Peripheral Proxying Supported Embedded Code Testing Markus Kammerstetter , Christian Platzer , Wolfgang Kastner N/A
Scanning of Real-world Web Applications for Parameter Tampering Vulnerabilities Tielei Wang , Adonis P.h. Fung , K.w. Cheung , T.y. Wong N/A
The Harvester, the Botmaster, and the Spammer: On the Relations Between the Different Actors in the Spam Landscape Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Gianluca Stringhini , Oliver Hohlfeld N/A
pTwitterRec: A Privacy-Preserving Personalized Tweet Recommendation Framework Urs Hengartner , Bisheng Liu N/A
Shades of Grey: A Closer Look at Emails in the Gray Area Jelena Isacenkova , Davide Balzarotti N/A
Practical User Authentication Leveraging Channel State Information (CSI) Jian Liu , Hongbo Liu , Yingying Chen , Jie Yang , Yan Wang N/A
Outsourceable Two-Party Privacy-Preserving Biometric Authentication Wei Jiang , Feng Li , Chun Hu , Yousef Elmehdwi , Prabir Bhattacharya N/A
Understanding OSN-Based Facial Disclosure against Face Authentication Systems Robert h. Deng , Yingjiu Li , Qiang Yan , Yan Li , Ke Xu N/A
Tracing and Revoking Leaked Credentials: Accountability in Leaking Sensitive Outsourced Data Sherman Chow , Josep Domingo-ferrer , Hua Deng , Qianhong Wu , Bo Qin , Wenchang Shi N/A
Sufficient Conditions for Vertical Composition of Security Protocols Luca Vigano , Sebastian A. Mödersheim N/A
Evading Android Runtime Analysis via Sandbox Detection Nicolas Christin , Timothy Vidas N/A
VirtualSwindle: An Automated Attack Against In-App Billing on Android Collin Mulliner , William Robertson , Engin Kirda N/A
DroidRay: A Security Evaluation System for Customized Android Firmwares Min Zheng , Mingshen Sun , John C.s. Lui N/A
APKLancet: Tumor Payload Diagnosis and Purification for Android Applications Dawu Gu , Yong Li , Wenbo Yang , Juanru Li , Yuanyuan Zhang , Junliang Shu N/A
How Many Down? Toward Understanding Systematic Risk in Networks Jens Grossklags , Benjamin Johnson , Aron Laszka N/A
Prover Anonymous and Deniable Distance-Bounding Authentication Cristina Onete , Jean-marc Robert , Sebastien Gambs N/A
Why Eve and Mallory (Also) Love Webmasters - A Study on the Root Causes of SSL Misconfigurations Henning Perl , Matthew Smith , Sascha Fahl , Yasemin Acar N/A
YourPassword: Applying Feedback Loops to Improve Security Behavior of Managing Multiple Passwords Tiffany Hyun-Jin Kim , Hsu-chun Hsiao , Colleen Stuart , Yue-hsun Lin , Leon Zheng , Laura Dabbish , Sara Kiesler N/A
Cyber Defenses for Physical Attacks and Insider Threats in Cloud Computing Jakub Szefer , Ruby b. Lee , Diego Perez-botero , Pramod Jamkhedkar N/A
Monkey-in-the-browser: Malware and Vulnerabilities in Augmented Browsing Script Markets Lieven Desmet , Frank Piessens , Wouter Joosen , Steven van Acker , Nick Nikiforakis N/A
IntentFuzzer: Detecting Capability Leaks of Android Applications Haixin Duan , Kun Yang , Lujue Zhou , Yongke Wang , Jianwei Zhuge N/A
Remotely Wiping Sensitive Data on Stolen Smartphones Jiwu Jing , Neng Gao , Kun Sun , Zhan Wang , Xingjie Yu , Wen Tao Zhu N/A
Closing Kouichi Sakurai N/A
Analysis of Slow Read DoS attack Junhan Park , Keisuke Iwai , Hidema Tanaka , Takakazu Kurokawa N/A
A study of IDS using Discrete Fourier Transform Keisuke Iwai , Hidema Tanaka , Takakazu Kurokawa , Enkhbold Chimedtseren N/A
Toward Practical Solution to Unsuccessful Write Operation on Non-Volatile Memory of Passive RFID Tags Kazuo Sakiyama , Yang Li N/A
Vehicle ECU Hacking Dennis Kengo Oka , Camille Vuillaume , Takahiro Furue N/A
Confirmer Signatures from McEliece Assumptions Tsuyoshi Takagi , Rui Zhang , Rong Hu , Kirill Morozov N/A
Partial Key Exposure Attacks on RSA When Most Significant Bits of d Known Noboru Kunihiro , Atsushi Takayasu N/A
Virtual Jail Storage System which prevents information leakage from client and server Kuniyasu Suzaki , Toshiki Yagi , Kazukuni Kobara , Nobuko Inoue , Tomoyuki Kawade N/A
Revocable Group Signature with Constant-size Revocation List Goichiro Hanaoka , Keita Emura , Nuttapong Attrapadung , Yusuke Sakai N/A
A Scalable Group Signature Scheme with Revocation in the Random Oracle Model Goichiro Hanaoka , Keita Emura , Kazuma Ohara , Yusuke Sakai , Kazuo Ohta , Ai Ishida N/A
Exploring Cross-Site Scripting Attacks and Possible Defense Methods Nakamura Yasuhiro , Chan Sambathratanak N/A
A Study of stepping stone detection method on observations of darknet Yoichi Goto , Heejeong Lee , Yasuhiro Nakamura N/A
SSL/TLS servers status survey about enabling forward secrecy (+ rapid survey after the Heartbleed Bug) Yuji Suga N/A
Understanding consistency between words and actions for Android apps Takuya Watanabe , Tatsuya Mori N/A
NAT client detection using the key features of the packet header Yoichi Goto , Yasuhiro Nakamura , Hee Jeong Lee N/A
Mitigating Attacks Based on Process Identification by Disguising Process Information Masaya Sato , Toshihiro Yamauchi N/A
Traffic Anomaly Detection supporting M2M devices Yoshiaki Hori , Yaokai Feng , Akira Nagata , Kohei Kotera , Katsuichi Nakamura N/A