CISSE 2014 June 16, 2014 to June 18, 2014, San Diego,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Factors of Success - The Potential Relationship Between CLI Commands and Cybersecurity Competitions Jason M. Pittman N/A
Cyber Threats to the Supply Chain: How Cyber Intelligence Informs Operational Security at the Point of Origin Cherine Shaaban Abdalla N/A
CySGS: Cyberlearning Environment about Smart Grid Security Summer Prince , Ambareen Siraj N/A
The Growing Need for Cybersecurity Education: The Emergence of a new Academic Discipline? Charles E. Wilson N/A
Review on Building Security in as a Secure Software Development Model Ken Sigler N/A
Analysis of Management VS. Technical Personnel Perceptions of the Effectiveness of DOD 8570M Mandated IA Certification Peter J. Starland N/A
Are Cybersecurity Laboratory Exercises Constructivist in Use? Helen Barker , Jason M. Pittman N/A
Strategic Planning for a CISO: Strength in Weak Ties Ginger Armbruster , Barbara Endicott-popovsky , Jan Whittington N/A
A Perceptual Taxonomy of Contextual Cues for Cyber Trust John Hale , Jason Staggs , Richard Beyer , Matt Mol , Michael Fisher , Bradley Brummel N/A
Cyber Security Training: ANN as an Evaluator and Informant Caroline Lindemuth , Liang Kong N/A
Passwords in Public: Dictionary Attacks, Password Selection and Password Meters Daryl Johnson , Yin Pan , Tarun Madiraju , Bill Stackpole N/A
The Use of NFC to Transfer Files onto Android Mobile Phones Austin Barnes , Theresa Cameron , Michael Chiaramonte , Troy Weingart N/A
A Set of Labs and a Simple Environment for a Course in Hands-on Offensive Security Max Timchenko , Yuguang Li , David Starobinski N/A
Building a Vulnerability Testing Lab in an Educational Environment Austin Whipple N/A
Cloud Computing Security: Requirements, Architecture, and Risk Management Bel Gacem Raggad , Abdur Rahim Choudhary N/A
Multi-Diagram Navigation for Information Assurance Education Charles P. Wright , Hisham Benotman , Lois Delcambre N/A
Cybersecurity Issues within Small Businesses – Challenges and Opportunities Debasis Bhattacharya N/A
Virtual Machine-Based Laboratory Projects for Information Security Education Ahmad Ghafarian N/A
Using Faculty Security Research in Undergraduate Teaching: A Case Study William David Young N/A
SPLASH @ Towson - Secure Programming Logic Aimed at Seniors in High School Blair Taylor N/A
Implementing Flipped Classroom Model in Mobile Device Security and Vulnerability Exploitation Course Tae Oh , Rick Mislan N/A
The Case for an ABET Accredited Computer and Network Security Program Michael Chiaramonte , David Caswell , Gregory Schechtman N/A
Want More Women in Cybersecurity? Some Suggestions Cynthia E. Irvine N/A
Managing Information Security Curriculum when Facing Course Scheduling Challenges: A Case Study Barbara Endicott-popovsky , Marc Dupuis N/A
Implementation of Puzzle-based learning to Cyber Security Education Dipankar Dasgupta , Sanjib Kumar Saha N/A
Interactive Online Learning on Information Privacy with Google's Oppia Chi Zhang , Svetlana Peltsverger N/A
Towards a Science of Cyber Security: A Security Self-Security Generator Bel Gacem Raggad N/A
Penetration Testing, Uncovering Security Vulnerabilities in IT Systems Tobi West N/A
The Enhanced Virtual Laboratory: Extending Cyber Security Awareness through a Web-based Laboratory Michael Black , Angela Clark N/A
An Analysis of Academic Background Factors and Performance in Cyber Defense Competitions Michael Black , Angela Clark N/A
A Layered Development Model for Zero-Day Cyber-Conflict Behavior Erik Moore N/A
Collaborating for success in cybersecurity education across institutions James Jones , Casey O'Brien , Dan Manson , Costis Toregas , Eric Spengler N/A
"Trends and Future Visions for the Discipline and Profession: An Innovative Education/Foundation Partnership Designed to Creatively Prepare Entry-Level Cyber Technology Workers" (Work in Progress) Gayatri Agnew , Marcelle Lee N/A
An Integrated Instructional and Experimental Infrastructure for Security Education in Mission Critical Operations (MCO) Weichao Wang , Wesley Williams , Deborah Sharer , Aidan Browne N/A
"WiCyS - Efforts Towards Broadening Participation of Women in Cybersecurity" (Work in Progress) Weichao Wang , Wesley Williams , Deborah Sharer , Aidan Browne N/A
Using Unrestricted Mobile Sensors to Infer Tapped and Traced User Inputs Weichao Wang , Wesley Williams , Deborah Sharer , Aidan Browne N/A