CSIS 2014 June 25, 2014 to June 27, 2014, Bilbao,Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Detecting Stack based Kernel Information leaks S. peiró , M. muñoz , M. masmano , A. crespo N/A
EEG-Based User Authentication Using Artifacts Tien pham , Wanli ma , Dat tran , Phuoc nguyen N/A
Specifying and Verifying Meta-Security by Means of Semantic Web Methods Antonia M. Chavez-gonzalez , Joaquin Borrego-diaz , Jose Luis Pro-martin , Virginia Matos-arana N/A
Trust Prediction in social networks with variable size reputation features J. david nuñez-gonzalez , Manuel grana N/A
Cryptanalytic Results on Knapsack Cryptosystem Using Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Ashish jain , Narendra S.chaudhari N/A
Mobile Agent Security based on Articial Immune System Zaki brahmi , Amine lini , Mohamed mohsen gammoudi N/A
Methodological Security Verification of a Registration Protocol Jesus diaz , David arroyo , Francisco rodriguez. N/A
Supervised Learning Approaches with Majority Voting for DNS Tunneling Detection Maurizio aiello , Maurizio mongelli , Gianluca papaleo. N/A
Highly Space Efficient Blacklisting Ulrike Meyer , Marian kühnel N/A
Optimizing Network Energy Consumption through Intrusion Prevention Systems Alessio merlo , Mauro migliardi , Diego raso , Elena spadacini N/A
Vulnerabilities in a two-factor user authentication in multi-server networks protocol Adela georgescu N/A
Anomalous User Comment Detection in Social News Websites Igor Santos , Xabier Ugarte-pedrero , Jorge peña , Iker pastor-lopez , Pablo garcía bringas N/A
Modelling HTTP Requests with Regular Expressions for Detection of Cyber Attacks Targeted at Web Applications Rafal Kozik , Michal choras N/A
Evolutionary Cost-Sensitive Ensemble for Malware Detection Bartosz krawczyk , Michal ( rysiek ) Wozniak N/A
An Empirical Study on Word Sense Disambiguation for Adult Content Filtering Borja Sanz , Igor Santos , Carlos Laorden , Javier Nieves , Pablo garcía bringas , Patxi Galan-garcia , Jose Maria Gomez N/A
Network Traffic Prediction and Anomaly Detection Based on ARFIMA Model Rafal Kozik , Michal choras , Tomasz andrysiak , Lukasz saganowski N/A
A Chain of Attacks and Countermeasures Applied to a Group Key Transfer Protocol Ruxandra f. olimid N/A
Improving the Period and Linear Span of the Sequences Generated by DLFSRs Alberto peinado , Jorge munilla , Amparo fúster-sabater N/A
Prediction of sequences generated by LFSR using Back Propagation MLP Alberto peinado , Andrés ortiz N/A
An Efficient Heterogeneous Approach to Building Compressed Automata for Malware Signature Matching Ciprian pungila , Viorel Negru N/A
Mining in Dynamically Composed Scripted 3D Scenes for Better Access Control – Computational Evaluation Adam wójtowicz N/A