CyCon 2014 June 3, 2014 to June 6, 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Artur Suzik N/A
Opening Keynote Toomas hendrik Ilves N/A
Keynote Stuart Peach N/A
Administrative Remarks Jan Stinissen , Markus Maybaum N/A
NATO’s Future Challenges in Cyber Defence Jamie Shea N/A
Cyberspace 2025: Defending Tomorrow's Terrain Kevin Sullivan N/A
Credible Defence Requires Strong Cyber Capabilities Jarno Limnéll N/A
Policy and Strategy Aspects of Active Cyber Defence Irving Lachow N/A
Active Cyber Defense at the Tactical Edge: A Cognitive Situation Management Based Approach Gabriel Jakobson N/A
The “Triptych of Cyber Security”: A Classification of Active Cyber Defence Robert Dewar N/A
Dynamic Cyber-Incident Response Kevin Mepham N/A
Protecting Property in Cyberspace using “Force”: Legal and Ethical Justifications David Dittrich , Katherine Carpenter N/A
The Spiral Dance: Detection, Evasion and Investigation Israel Aloni N/A
The Deployment of Attribution Agnostic Cyberdefense Constructs and Internally Based Cyberthreat Countermeasures Jason Rivera N/A
Beyond Technical Data - a More Comprehensive Situational Awareness Fed by Available Intelligence Information Andreas Kornmeier N/A
Artificial (Intelligent) Agents and Active Cyber Defence: Policy Implications Caitríona Heinl N/A
Situational Awareness and Information Collection from Critical Infrastructure Jussi Timonen N/A
The Use of Active Cyber Defence: Concepts, Policy and Strategy Aspects David Dittrich , Irving Lachow , Robert Dewar , Jason Rivera , Caitríona Heinl N/A
Changing the Asymmetry of the Fight in Cyberspace Dmitri Alperovitch N/A
Active Cyber Defence in Exercises Rain Ottis Tallinn N/A
Intelligent Cyber Security for the Real World Tom ( Decius ) Cross , Philippe Roggeband N/A
Active Cyber Self-Defence and International Law Terry D. Gill N/A
It's Not Just the NSA: Don't Underestimate Cybercrime! Peter Martini N/A
The Drawbacks and Dangers of Active Defense Oona A. Hathaway N/A
Detecting and Defeating Advanced Man-In-The-Middle Attacks Against TLS Enrique Hoz N/A
Reaction vs Prevention: The International Law Requirement to Police State “Cyber Territory” Liis Vihul N/A
Towards Multi-layered Intrusion Detection in High-Speed Backbone Networks Mario Golling N/A
Operational Data Classes for Establishing Situational Awareness in Cyberspace Judson Dressler , William Clay N/A
Impact of IPV6 on Cloud Computing and Cyber Security Latif Ladid N/A
Key Terrain in Cyberspace: Seeking the High Ground Tom ( Decius ) Cross , David Raymond N/A
Inter-AS Routing Anomalies: Improved Detection and Classification Matthias Wübbeling N/A
Fighting Power, Targeting and Cyber Operations Paul Ducheine , Jelle Van Haaster N/A
Changing the Game: The Art of Deceiving Sophisticated Attackers Oscar serrano Serrano N/A
Active Cyber Defence Case Studies Michael n. Schmitt N/A
Elastic Deep Packet Inspection Bruce Watson N/A
Responsive Cyber Defence Study & Workshop Presentations Pascal Brangetto N/A
Operational and Legal Aspects of Active Cyber Defence David Raymond , Terry D. Gill , Oona A. Hathaway , Paul Ducheine , William Clay Moody N/A
Cyber Defence and International Relations Keir Giles , Frédérick Douzet , Rving Lachow , Jonatan Vseviov N/A
Smart Attacks: New Challenges for Intrusion Detection Gabi Dreo N/A
Malware is Called Malicious for a Reason: The Risks of Weaponizing Code Stephen Cobb N/A
Botnet Over Tor: The Illusion of Hiding Matteo Casenove N/A
Cyber Fratricide Samuel Liles N/A
An Automated Bot Detection System through Honeypots for Large-Scale Fatih Haltas N/A
Low-Cost Active Cyber Defence Karlis Podins N/A
Cyber Warriors and Ethics Hanne Eggen Røislien N/A
Biohacking: How Technology Can Upgrade Human Performance Teemu Arina N/A