OWASP Appsec 2010 June 23, 2010 to June 24, 2010, Stocholm, Sweden

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome To Owasp Appsec Research 2010 Conference John Wilander Security Others
Keynote: Cross-Domain Theft And The Future Of Browser Security Chris Evans , Ian Fette Keynote
Bitflip: Determine A Data'S Signature Coverage From Within The Application Henrich Christopher Poehls Security Computer Forensics Application Security Forensics
Csfire: Browser-Enforced Mitigation Against Csrf Lieven Desmet , Philippe De ryck Security Exploitation Browser
Deconstructing Coldfusion Chris Eng Security Others Deep Knowledge Exploitation Risk
Towards Building Secure Web Mashups Lieven Desmet , Philippe De ryck , M Decat , Frank Piessens , Wouter Joosen Security Web Development
New Insights Into Clickjacking Marco Balduzzi Security Malware Browser
How To Render Ssl Useless Ivan Ristic Security Web DNS Browser
Busting Frame Busting Gustav Rydstedt Security Others
Web Frameworks And How They Kill Traditional Security Scanning Lars Andren , Christian Hang Mobile Security Web
The State Of Ssl In The World Michael Boman Security Analysis Statistics
Object Capabilities And Isolation Of Untrusted Web Applications Sergio Maffeis Security Web Application Security
Beyond The Same-Origin Policy Mike Samuel , Jasvir Nagra Security Compliance
Smashfilefuzzer - A New File Fuzzer Tool Komal Randive Fuzzing Security
Security Toolbox For .Net Development And Testing Dag König , Johan Lindfors Security Development Testing
Cross-Site Location Jacking (Xslj) (Not Really) David Lindsay , Cigital Eduardo Eduardo Vela nava Security Web Browser
Owning Oracle: Sessions And Credentials Steve Ocepek , Wendel G. Henrique Security Web Application Security
Value Objects A La Domain-Driven Security: A Design Mindset To Avoid Sql Injection And Cross-Site Scripting Dan Bergh Johnsson Security Web Browser
Automated Vs. Manual Security: You Can'T Filter The Stupid David Byrne , Charles Henderson Security Automation
Session Fixation - The Forgotten Vulnerability? Martin Johns , Bastian Braun , Michael Schrank Security Web Browser
Keynote: The Security Development Lifecycle - The Creation And Evolution Of A Security Development Process Steve Lipner Keynote
The Anatomy Of Real-World Software Security Programs Pravir Chandra Security Application Security Analysis
Promon Testsuite: Client-Based Penetration Testing Tool Tom Lysemose Hansen , Folker Den braber Security Application Security Network Penetration Auditing Testing
A Taint Mode For Python Via A Library Juan José Conti , Alejandro Russo Development Security
Microsoft'S Security Development Lifecycle For Agile Development Nick Coblentz Security Application Security Development
Detecting And Protecting Your Users From 100% Of All Malware - How? Vadim Pogulievsky , Bradley Anstis Security Intrusion Detection Incident Response Malware
Opa: Language Support For A Sane, Safe And Secure Web François Régis sinot , Davidrajchenbach Teller Security Web
Secure Application Development For The Enterprise: Practical, Real-World Tips Michael Craigue Development
Responsibility For The Harm And Risk Of Software Security Flaws Cassio Goldschmidt Security Application Security Exploitation
Secure The Clones: Static Enforcement Of Policies For Secure Object Copying Thomas Jensen , David Pichardie Compliance Security
Product Security Management In Agile Product Management Antti Vähä Sipilä Mobile Security Security Development
Hacking By Numbers Tom Brennan Security Others Deep Knowledge
Safe Wrappers And Sane Policies For Self Protecting Javascript David Sands , Phu H. Phung , Jonas Magazinius Security Compliance Development
Owasp_Top_10_2010 Dave Wichers Security Others
Application Security Scoreboard In The Sky Chris Eng Security Application Security Cloud
On The Privacy Of File Sharing Services Nikos Nikiforakis , Wouter Joosen , Yves Younan , F Gadaleta Security Privacy