ifip 2014 June 2, 2014 to June 4, 2014, Marrakech,Morroco

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Mentor: Positive DNS Reputation to Skim-off Benign Domains in Botnet C&C Blacklists Nizar Kheir , Frédéric Tran , Pierre Caron , Nicolas Deschamps N/A
Game Theory Meets Information Security Management Pasquale Malacaria , Fabrizio Smeraldi , Andrew Fielder , Emmanouil Panaousis , Chris Hankin N/A
Model-based Detection of CSRF Martin Ochoa , Marco Rocchetto , Mohammad Torabi Dashti N/A
Lightweight Resource Management for DDoS Traffic Isolation in a Cloud Environment Heejo Lee , Ibnu Mubarok , Kiryong Lee , Sihyung Lee N/A
Multi-keyword Similarity Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data Indrajit Ray , Mikhail Strizhov N/A
Authenticated dictionary based on frequency Kevin Atighehchi , Traian Muntean , Alexis Bonnecaze N/A
Three New Fingerprint Recognition Methods Based On Vicinity Matching Julien Bringer , David Naccache , Herve Chabanne , Thomas Bourgeat , Robin Champenois , Jeremie Clement , Houda Ferradi , Marc Heinrich , Paul Melotti , Antoine Voizard N/A
Protection Profile for PUF-based Devices Andrea Kolberger , Ingrid Schaumüller-bichl , Verena Brunner , Martin Deutschmann N/A
Text-Based Active Authentication for Mobile Devices Hataichanok Saevanee , Nathan Clarke , Steven Furnell , Valerio Biscione N/A
Styx: Design and Evaluation of a New Privacy Risk Communication Method for Smartphones Kai Rannenberg , Jason Hong , Gökhan Bal N/A
A Trusted UI for the Mobile Web Martin Johns , Joachim Posegga , Bastian Braun , Johannes Koestler N/A
Detecting Code Reuse in Android Applications Using Component-Based Control Flow Graph Yibing Zhongyang , Zhi Xin , Bing Mao , Li Xie , Xin Sun N/A
Hierarchical Authorship Attribution with Topic-sentiment Model Yang Min , K P Chow N/A
Detection and Labeling of Personal Identifiable Information in E-Mails Christoph Bier , Jonas Prior N/A
The Factors Related to User's Decision Making towards Retweet Messages during Emergencies Dai Nishioka , Yuko Murayama , Nor Athiyah Abdullah , Yuko Tanaka N/A
Behavior Analysis of Web Service Attacks Abdallah Ghourabi , Tarek Abbes , Adel Bouhoula N/A
BankSealer: An Online Banking Fraud Analysis and Decision Support System Stefano Zanero , Federico Maggi , Michele Carminati , Roberto Caron , Ilenia Epifani N/A
Security Assessment of Payment Systems Under PCI DSS Incompatibilities Gürkan Gür , Levent Altay , Şerif Bahtiyar N/A
Evaluating the Security of a DNS Query Obfuscation Scheme for Private Web Surfing Dominik Herrmann , Hannes Federrath , Max Maaß N/A
A Novel Metric for the Evaluation of IDSs Effectivenes Khalid Nasr , Anas Kalam N/A
How to assess confidentiality requirements of corporate assets? Stefan Fenz , Gabriela Varona Cervantes N/A
Towards Developing SCADA Systems Security Measures for Critical Infrastructures against Cyber-Terrorist Attacks Elena Sitnikova , Jill Slay , Suhaila Ismail N/A
Compatibility of Safety Properties and Possibilistic Information Flow Security in MAKS Thomas Bauereiss , Dieter Hutter N/A
Ghostrail: Ad Hoc Control-Flow Integrity for Web Applications Joachim Posegga , Bastian Braun , Caspar Gries , Benedikt Petschkuhn N/A
An Information Flow Monitor-Inlining Compiler for Securing a Core of JavaScript Tamara Rezk , José Fragoso Santos N/A
Security of the Multiple-Key Blom's Key Agreement Scheme for Sensor Networks Mee Yang , Adnan Al Anbuky , William Liu N/A
Geant-TrustBroker: Dynamic, scalable management of SAML-based inter-federation authentication and authorization infrastructures Daniela Pöhn , Stefan Metzger , Wolfgang Hommel N/A
Identity-based signature from lattice: Efficient construction and an extension Miaomiao Tian , Liusheng Huang N/A
CONTEXT-AWARE MULTIFACTOR AUTHENTICATION SCHEME BASED ON A DYNAMIC PIN Theo Dimitrakos , Eliane L. Bodanese , Yair H. Diaz-tellez , Michael Turner N/A
Privacy Risks from Public Data Sources Vassilis Prevelakis , Sotiris Ioannidis , Zacharias Tzermias N/A
Security and Privacy in Video Surveillance: Requirements and Challenges Christian damsgaard Jensen , Qasim Mahmood Rajpoot N/A
Playing Hide and Seek with Mobile Dating Applications Constantinos Patsakis , Guojun Qin , Mélanie Bouroche N/A
Benchmarking Criteria for Privacy-ABC Technologies Kai Rannenberg , Neeraj Suri , Ioannis Krontiris , Fatbardh Veseli , Tsvetoslava Vateva-gurova N/A
PriMan: Facilitating the Development of Secure and Privacy-Preserving Applications Bart de Decker , Milica Milutinovic , Andreas Put , Italo Dacosta N/A
Managing Employee Security Behaviour in Organisations: The Role of Cultural Factors and Individual Values Lena Connolly , Michael Lang N/A
Organizational Transformation and Emergent Information Security Culture: a telecom case study Gurpreet Dhillon , Romilla Chowdhuri , Cristiane Pedron N/A
A holistic approach for Cyber Assurance of Critical Infrastructure through Viable System Modelling Theo Tryfonas , Theodoros Spyridopoulos , Ioanna-aikaterini Topa , Maria Karyda N/A
Privacy Design Strategies (extended abstract) Jaap-henk Hoepman N/A
Distance Computation between Two Private Preference Functions Josep Domingo-ferrer , Alberto Blanco , Oriol Farràs , David Sánchez N/A
Privacy-Preserving Implicit Authentication Rei Safavi-naini , Nashad Safa , Siamak Shahandashti N/A