IHMMSEC 2014 June 11, 2014 to June 13, 2014, Salzburg,Austria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Invited talk: Peter Schelkens N/A
Image Security Tools for JPEG Standards, Roland Kwitt N/A
Special Session on HEVC, H.264, and JPEG Security, Jan De Cock , Thomas Stütz N/A
Detection of JSteg Algorithm Using Hypothesis Testing Theory and a Statistical Model with Nuisance Parameters, Remi Cogranne , Tong Qiao , Zitzmann Cathel , Retraint Florent N/A
Slice Groups for Post-Compression Region of Interest Encryption in SVC, Andreas Uhl , Andreas Unterweger N/A
Software Security, Stefan Katzenbeisser N/A
What’s the PointISA?, Jack Davidson , Jason Hiser , Sudeep Ghosh N/A
Watermarking, Gwenaël Doërr N/A
Gradient Based Prediction for Reversible Watermarking by Difference Expansion, Dinu Coltuc , Catalin Dragoi , Ion Caciula N/A
On the Combination of Randomized Thresholds and Non-Parametric Boundaries to Protect Digital Watermarks against Sensitivity Attacks, Erwin Quiring , Pascal Schoettle N/A
Application of Grubbs’ test for outliers to the detection of watermarks, Matthieu Urvoy , Florent Autrusseau N/A
Invited talk Markus Clabian N/A
FastPass - Automated Border Control as Challenging Combination of Various Security Technologies, Andreas Uhl N/A
Special Session on Forensic and Biometric Challenges in Information Hiding and Media Security, Claus Vielhauer , Chang-tsun Li , Klimis Ntalianis , Nicolas Tspatsoulis N/A
Biometrics based Observer Free Transferable E-cash, Kamlesh Tiwari , Phalguni Gupta N/A
From StirMark to StirTrace: Benchmarking Pattern Recognition Based Printed Fingerprint Detection, Jana Dittmann , Mario Hildebrandt N/A
Digital Crime Scene Analysis: Automatic Matching of Firing Pin Impressions on Cartridge Bottoms using 2D and 3D Spatial Features, Jana Dittmann , Claus Vielhauer , Robert Fischer N/A
Video Steganalysis Based on Subtractive Probability of Optimal Matching Feature, Ren Yanzhen , Zhai Liming , Wang Lina , Zhu Tingting N/A
Steganography, Marc Chaumont N/A
Adaptive Steganalysis against WOW Embedding Algorithm, Weiqi Luo , Jiwu Huang , Weixuan Tang , Haodong Li N/A
Video Steganography with Perturbed Macroblock Partition, Hong Zhang , Yun Cao , Xianfeng Zhao , Weiming Zhang , Nenghai Yu N/A
Predictable Rain? Steganalysis of Public-Key Steganography using Wet Paper Codes, Rainer Böhme , Matthias Carnein , Pascal Schöttle N/A
Steganographic Key Leakage Through Payload Metadata, Andrew Ker , Tomas Pevny N/A
Fingerprinting, Alessandro Piva N/A
Capacities and Capacity-Achieving Decoders for Various Fingerprinting Games Thijs Laarhoven N/A
Notes on Non-Interactive Secure Comparison in "Image Feature Extraction in the Encrypted Domain with Privacy-Preserving SIFT", Thomas Schneider , Matthias Schneider N/A
Special Session on Security and Privacy Technologies for Intelligent Energy Networks, Zekeriya Erkin , Dominik Engel N/A
Distributional Differential Privacy for Large-Scale Smart Metering, Mark Jelasity , Kenneth P. Birman N/A
Influence of Data Granularity on Nonintrusive Appliance Load Monitoring, Günther Eibl , Ominik Engel N/A
Architecture-Driven Smart Grid Security Management, Markus Kammerstetter , Wolfgang Kastner , Lucie Langer , Florian Skopik N/A
Digital Forensics, Rainer Böhme N/A
Audio Source Authentication and Splicing Detection Using Acoustic Environmental Signature, Rui Wang , Hafiz Malik , Hong Zhao , Yifan Chen N/A
A Universal Image Forensic Strategy Based on Steganalytic Model, Weiqi Luo , Jiwu Huang , Haodong Li , Xiaoqing Qiu N/A
Automatic Location of Frame Deletion Point for Digital Video Forensics, Chunhui Feng , Zhengquan Xu , Wenting Zhang , Yanyan Xu N/A
Special Session on Security and Robustness in Biometrics, Christian Rathgeb , Peter Wild N/A
Robust palmprint verification using sparse representation of binarized statistical features: A comprehensive study, Christoph Busch , R. Raghavendra N/A