SERE 2014 June 30, 2014 to July 2, 2014, San Francisco,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Speech I :Adversarial Machine Learning Doug Tygar N/A
A Diversity Model Based on Failure Distribution and Its Application in Safety Cases Luping Chen , John May N/A
The Influence of Developer Quality on Software Fault-Proneness Prediction Yansong Wu , Yibiao Yang , Yangyang Zhao , Hongmin Lu , Yuming Xu N/A
A Two-Stage Data Preprocessing Approach for Software Fault Prediction Jiaqiang Chen , Shulong Liu , Wangshu Liu , Xiang Chen , Qing Gu , Daoxu Chen N/A
High Performance Java Card Operating System Mohammad Raafat Eletriby , Mohamed Sobh , Ayman Fahmy N/A
Providing Hardware Redundancy for Highly Available Services in Virtualized Environments Azadeh Jahanbanifar , Ferhat Khendek , Maria Toeroe N/A
Estimating the Accuracy of Dynamic Change-Impact Analysis Using Sensitivity Analysis Haipeng Cai , Raul Santelices , Tianyu Xu N/A
AppMark: A Picture-based Watermark for Android Apps Kai Chen , Yingjun Zhang N/A
ADAutomation: An Activity Diagram Based Automated GUI Testing Framework for Smartphone Applications Ang Li , Zishan Qin , Mingsong Liu N/A
BinClone: Detecting Code Clones in Malware Mourad Debbabi , Mohammad Reza Farhadi , Benjamin C.m. Fung , Philippe Charland N/A
Security Test Generation by Answer Set Programming Philipp Zech , Michael Felderer , Basel Katt , Ruth Breu N/A
Automated Coverage-Driven Test Data Generation Using Dynamic Symbolic Execution Ting Su , Geguang Pu , Bin Fang , Jifeng He , Jun Yan , Siyuan Jiang , Jianjun Zhao N/A
Rule-based Test Input Generation From Bytecode Weifeng Xu , Tao Ding , Dianxiang Xu N/A
Automatic Test Data Generation for Unit Testing to Achieve MC/DC Criterion Jian Zhang , Jun Yan , Tianyong Wu N/A
FRanC: A Ranking Framework for the Prioritization of Software Maintenance Komminist Weldemariam , Mohammad Zulkernine , Dhyanesh Chaudhar N/A
A-R Exploit: An Automatic ROP Exploit Based on Long Sequence Chao Yang , Tao Zheng , Zhitian Lin N/A
The Impact of Static and Dynamic Pairs on Pair Programming Rajendran Swamidurai , David Umphress N/A
Diagnosis-Guided Regression Test Refinement J. Jenny Li , Patricia Morreale , John Palframan N/A
New Gen2v2-based Mutual Authentication Schemes Hungyu Chien N/A
MicroApp: Architecting Web Application for Non-Uniform Trustworthiness in Cloud Computing Environment Yen-chun Hsu , Yu-sung Wu , Tsung-han Tsai , Yi-pin Chi , Chih-hung Lin , Zhi-wei Chen N/A
A Survey on Network Layer Attacks and AODV Defense in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Amna Saeed , Asad Raza , Haider Abbas N/A
Probabilistic Cycle Detection for Schneie's Solitaire Keystream Algorithm Joaquin Garcia-alfaro , Nora Cuppens-boulahia , Benjamin Justus , Frédéric Cuppens , Wiem Tounsi N/A
TaaS (Testing-as-a-Service) Design for Combinatorial Testing Wei-tek Tsai , Guanqiu Qi , Lian Yu , Jerry Gao N/A
Generating Test Cases for Context-aware Applications Using Bigraph Wei-tek Tsai , Lian Yu , Jerry Gao , Yanbing Jiang N/A
SeTGaM: Generalized Technique for Regression Testing Based on UML/OCL Models Elizabeta Fourneret , Jérôme Cantenot , Fabrice Bouquet , Bruno Legeard , Julien Botella N/A
Evaluating Software Safety Standards: A Systematic Review and Comparison W. Eric Wong , Tej Gidvani , Alfonso Lopez , Ruizhi Gao , Matthew Horn N/A
Specification and Analysis of Attribute-Based Access Control Policies: An Overview Dianxiang Xu , Yunpeng Zhang N/A
Software Reliability Virtual Testing for Reliability Assessment Jun Ai , Hanyu Pei , Liang Yan N/A
Seeing Beyond Visibility: A Four Way Fusion of User Authentication for Efficient Usable Security on Mobile Devices Farzana Rahman , Md Osman Gani , Golam Ahsan , Lqbal Ahamed N/A
Classification of Partially Labeled Malicious Web Traffic in the Presence of Concept Drift Goce Anastasovski , Katerina Goseva-popstojanova N/A
CRAXDroid: Automatic Android System Testing by Selective Symbolic Execution Chao-chun Yeh , Han-lin Lu , Chun-yen Chen , Kee-kiat Khor , Shih-kun Huang N/A
Protection Against Code Obfuscation Attacks Based on Control Dependencies in Android Systems Nora Cuppens-boulahia , Frédéric Cuppens , Mariem Graa , Ana Cavalli N/A
“Imagineering” an Internet of Anything Jeffery Voas N/A
Keynote Speech III :Constraint-Based Reasoning in Static Analysis and Testing Jian Zhang N/A
Traceability-Based Formal Specification Inspection Mo Li , Shaoying Liu N/A
Specification of Dynamic Fault Tree Concepts with Stochastic Petri Nets Peter Troger , Lena Herscheid N/A
Game-theoretic Strategy Analysis for Data Reliability Management in Cloud Storage Systems Wen-guey Tzeng , Chung-yi Lin N/A
Security Analysis of MAC Protocol for Mobile Device Identification Based on PARADIS Huaiyu Dai , Niansheng Liu , Donghui Guo N/A
Compiler Assisted Instruction Relocation for Performance Improvement of Cache Hit Rate and System Reliability Donghui Guo , Benbin Chen , Lin Li , Yiyang Li , Hongyin Luo N/A
Analysis of System Reliability for Cache Coherence Scheme in Multi-Processor W. Eric Wong , Donghui Guo , Sizhao Li , Shan Lin , Deming Chen N/A
Multiphysics Modeling and Characterization of MicroCVD Chip for Growing Carbon Nanomaterials Donghui Guo , Long Zheng , Yangbing Wu , Dan Zhang , Liwei Lin N/A
Virtual Machine Migration as a Fault Tolerance Technique for Embedded Real-Time Systems Stefan Groesbrink N/A
Using Software Structure Properties as Predictor of Vulnerability Exploitation Awad Younis , Yashwant K. Malaiya N/A
A Multi-function Error Detection Policy to Enhance Communication Integrity in Critical Embedded Systems Amira Zammali , Agnan De Bonneval , Yves Crouzet N/A
System Call Anomaly Detection Using Multi-HMMs Esra Yolacan , Jennifer Dy , David Kaeli N/A
Fast Discovery of VM-Sensitive Divergence Points with Basic Block Comparison Yen-ju Liu , Chong-kuan Chen , Micheal Cho , Shiuhpyng Shieh N/A
Using Network Tainting to Bound the Scope of Network Ingress Attacks Peter Mell , Richard Harang N/A
Automatic Numerical Analysis Based on Infinite-precision Arithmetic Shuai Wei , Enyi Tang , Tianyu Liu , Norbert Th. Müller , Zhenyu Chen N/A
An Accurate Fake Access Point Detection Method Based on Deviation of Beacon Time Interval Kuo-fong Kao , Wen-ching Chen , Jui-chi Chang , Heng-te Chu N/A
How Accurate Is Dynamic Program Slicing? An Empirical Approach to Compute Accuracy Bounds Haipeng Cai , Raul Santelices , Siyuan Jiang , Mark Grechanik N/A
On Coverage-Based Attack Profiles Laurie Williams , Mladen A. Vouk , Anthony Rivers N/A
A Light-weight Software Environment for Confining Android Malware Heng Yin , Zhenkai Liang , Xiaolei Li , Guangdong Bai , Benjamin Thian N/A
Analysing Requirements to Detect Latent Security Vulnerabilities Indrakshi Ray , Curtis C.r. Busby-earle , Robert B. France N/A
An Anomaly Detection Module for Firefox OS Borting Chen , Ming-wei Shih , Yu-lun Huang N/A
Software Fault Tolerance Professor Kishor Trivedi N/A
A Modal Model of Stuxnet Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems: A Matter of Trust Gerry Howser , Bruce Mcmillin N/A
Reliable Repair Mechanisms with Low Connection Cost for Code Based Distributed Storage Systems Hsiao-ying Lin , Bao-shuh p. Lin , Li-ping Tung N/A
Collision Analysis of Safety Devices to Prevent Hazards in Safety Critical Systems Jang-jin Kwon , Doohwan Kim , Jae-jin Park , Jang Eui Hong N/A
A Hybrid Clock System Related to STeC Language Yixiang Chen , Yuanri Zhang N/A
Post-condition-directed Invariant Inference for Loops over Data Structures Juan Zhai , Hanfei Wang , Jianhua Zhao N/A
A Qualitative Safety Analysis Method for AADL Model Bin Gu , Yunwei Dong , Xiaomin Wei N/A
Defending ROP Attacks Using Basic Block Level Randomization Tao Zheng , Xun Zhan , Shixiang Gao N/A
Detecting DoS Attacks on Notification Services J. Jenny Li , Tony Savor N/A
A Load Scheduling Strategy for Electric Vehicles Charging System Zheng Wang , Wu Xiao , Hongbin Zhao N/A
A Proof System in Process Algebra for Demand and Supply Yixiang Chen , Xinghua Yao N/A
A Parameters Tuning Algorithms in Wireless Networks Donghui Guo , Benbin Chen , Hua-ching Chen , Hsuan-ming Feng N/A