CyberSec 2010 Sept. 22, 2010 to Sept. 23, 2010, Brussels, Belgium

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Chairman’S Welcome And Opening Speech Geoff Harris Security Others
International Cooperation In Cyber Security: Actors, Levels And Challenges Heli Tiirmaa-klaar * Existing mechanisms of international cooperation between governments, organisations and among professionals of information security ... Security Law Enforcement Cyberwar
Implementing An International Cyber Security Strategy John Bumgarner * Identifying critical infrastructure weak spots in a nation’s digital armour * The intended and ... Cyberwar
Building An Architecture Of Trust: The Network’S Role In Securing Cyberspace Don Proctor * Today there are tectonic forces that are shaping a new cybersecurity landscape. * In ... Security Network Penetration Cyberwar Development
Global Cybersecurity Agenda (Gca) With A Focus On The Deployment Of Solutions Through Impact (Global Response Centre) Alexander Ntoko * ITU and its role in coordinating a global response to building confidence and security ... Security Infrastructure Incident Response Cyberwar Development
The European Commissions Strategy For Dealing With The Cyber Threat Andrea Servida * The critical information infrastructure protection initiative * Preventative and resilience measures to cope with ... Security Risk Intrusion Prevention Cyberwar
How The Uk’S Office Of Cyber Security (Ocs) Is Ensuring A Coherent Response To Cyber Security Graham Wright * How the UK is structuring its response to the cyber threats. * Delivering UK ... Security Web Others Cyberwar
The Strategy And Action Plan For Information Assurance And Cyber Security In Sweden Per Oscarson * The Swedish national strategy for information assurance * The Swedish national action plan for ... Security Web Intrusion Detection Risk Intrusion Prevention Cyberwar
Hardening Government Cyber Defence Erik Larsson * The challenges of government cyber defence * The limitations of COTS solutions * Adding ... Security Web Cyberwar Development
The Danish Perspective: Connecting The Dots Thomas Kristmar * The Role of Danish GovCERT in Addressing The cyber threat * Cooperation model between ... Security Others Cyberwar
Purpose Built Tools For Cyber Security Monitoring Stuart Wilson Security Others Monitoring
Cert Polska – Working As A National Level Computer Security Incident Response Team (Csirt) Piotr Kijewski * Overview of CERT Polska operations and coordination initiatives in Poland * Large scale incident ... Security Others Deep Knowledge Incident Response Computer Forensics
Connecting The Prime Minister To Routers Hillar Aarelaid Security Computer Forensics Routing Intrusion Detection Incident Response Forensics
United Against Cybercrime: The Cybercrime Information Exchange Annemarie Zielstra * The importance of both prevention and tracking down and prosecuting cyber crime * National ... Security Others Community
How Public-Private Partnerships Can Stop Cyber Threats From Becoming Reality: Sharing & Layering And Unified Analytic Policies And Practices. Anonymous Speaker * Attacks on information infrastructure pose the most serious economic and national security threat of ... Security Others Community
Cyber Attacks: The Insider Threat Geoff Harris Security Others Deep Knowledge
Can Cyber Criminals Move Freely? Righard J. Zwienenberg Security Legal Cyberwar
The Impact On Threats On A Global Bank Tim Hind * How banks can work collaboratively to share intelligence on common threats. * The need ... Security Community
How The Communications Sector Supports Cyber Security Gareth Niblett * Why the communications sector is key to critical national infrastructure * How cyber defence ... Security Others
Role And Challenge Of Attribution In Protecting Critical Infrastructure Bob Hutchinson * Public-private partnerships * International law enforcement cooperation * Balancing the need for attribution with ... Others Security
Resilience And Contingency Planning Peter Sommer * Endemic uncertainty about who precisely is attacking you forces the emphasis on to resilience ... Security Computer Forensics Intrusion Detection Incident Response Cyberwar
Determining State Responsibility For Cyber Attacks Russell Buchan * International legal rules governing state responsibility for internationally wrongful acts * The distinction between ... Security Legal Cyberwar