CollSec 2010 Aug. 11, 2010 to Aug. 13, 2010, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Yuval Elovici Security Others
Collaborative Monitoring Scheme For Mobile Phones Applications Yaniv Altshuler Mobile Security Android Security Hardware General
Anonymity And Integrity Oriented Collaboration Yuval Elovici Security Anonymity Privacy
Collaborative Intrusion Detection Framework: Characteristics, Adversarial Opportunities And Countermeasures Sahin Albayrak , Seyit Ahmet Camtepe , Rainer Bye Security Infrastructure Intrusion Detection Incident Response Intrusion Prevention
Integrity Of The Web Content: The Case Of Online Advertising Jean-pierre Hubaux , Julien Freudiger , Nevena Vratonjic , , and Security Web Others
Efficiency-Oriented Collaboration Yaniv Altshuler Security Infrastructure Business
Homogeneity As An Advantage: It Takes A Community To Protect An Application Linda Briesemeister , Steven Dawson , Patrick Lincoln , Hassen Saidi , Jim Thornton , Glenn Durfee , Peter Kwan , Elizabeth Stinson , Adam J. Oliner , John C. Mitchell Security Application Security Community
Collaborative Algorithm For Reducing False Acceptance Error Rate Of Face Recognition Based Admission Control System Sagi Ben Moshe Security Others Community
Analyzing Group Communication For Preventing Accidental Data Leakage Via Email Polina Zilberman , Asaf Shabtai , Lior Rokach Security Data Exfiltration
Using Recursive Incentives To Win The Darpa Network Challenge Galen Pickard Security Computer Forensics Infrastructure Computer Forensics Network Penetration
Evolutionary Synthesis Of Collective Behavior David Kriesel Security Others Deep Knowledge
Socialfilter: Introducing Social Trust To Collaborative Spam Mitigation Michael Sirivianos , Kyungbaek Kim , Xiaowei Yang Community Social Engineering
The Conundrum Of Declarative Security Http Response Headers: Lessons Learned Richard Enbody , Aditya K Sood Security Web Exploitation Browser