PST 2014 July 23, 2014 to July 24, 2014, Toronto,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Talk I:Title: Get Smart: Embed Privacy, by Design to Avoid the Risk of Unintended Consequences Ann Cavoukian N/A
Zarathustra: Extracting WebInject Signatures from Banking Trojans Stefano Zanero , Claudio Criscione , Federico Maggi , Fabio Bosatelli N/A
Quantifying the Financial Impact of IT Security Breaches on Business Processes: A CPN-based approach Clemens Martin , Amina Kadry , Ghada Abu-shady N/A
Semi-Synthetic Data Set Generation for Security Software Evaluation Florian Skopik , Giuseppe Settanni , Roman Fiedler , Ivo Friedberg N/A
Towards Efficient Evaluation of XACML Policies Azzam Mourad , Hussein Jebbaoui N/A
An Integrated Memory Forensic Approach for Recovering Encryption Keys and BB10 Backup Decryption Halima Al Shehhi , Dua'a Abu Hamdi , Izzeddin Asaad , Farkhund Iqbal N/A
A TRUst based Information Sharing Model (TRUISM) in MANET in the Presence of Uncertainty Ragib Hasan , Khalid Bijon , Munirul Haque N/A
Validating trust models against realworld data sets Noel Sardana , Robin Cohen N/A
Demonstrating the value of credibility modeling for trust-based approaches to online message recommendation Noel Sardana , Robin Cohen N/A
TRAAC: Trust and Risk Aware Access Control Chris Burnett , Liang Chen , Peter Edwards , Timothy J. Norman N/A
A typed natural deduction calculus to reason about secure trust (Short Paper) Giuseppe Primiero , Franco Raimondi N/A
Continuous Authentication using Micro-Messages Marcelo Luiz Brocardo , Issa Traore N/A
Improving Usability of Passphrase Authentication Glen Nielsen , Michael Vedel , Christian D. Jensen N/A
Secure VANET Applications with a refined Group Signature Mohammad Mamun , Atsuko Miyaji N/A
A Study of Mnemonic Image Passwords Soumyadeb Chowdhury , Ron Poet , Lewis Mackenzie N/A
Data-Centric Phishing Detection based on Transparent Virtualization Technologies Stefan Katzenbeisser , Sebastian Biedermann , Tobias Ruppenthal N/A
Clickjuggler: Checking for Incomplete Defenses against Clickjacking Kenji Kono , Yusuke Takamatsu N/A
Identifying Users with Application-Specific Command Streamss Brent ByungHoon Kang , Alaa El Masri , Harry Wechsler , Peter Likarish N/A
Granularity Based Flow Control Omar Abahmane , Luigi Logrippo N/A
Can Apps Play by the COPPA rules? Ilaria Liccardi , Monica Bulger , Hal Abelson , Daniel J. Weitzner , Wendy Mackay N/A
Privacy-Preserving Mobility-Casting in Opportunistic Networks Fabio Martinelli , Gianpiero Costantino , Paolo Santi N/A
Undetectable Communication: The Online Social Networks Case Emiliano de Cristofaro , Filipe Beato , Kasper B. Rasmussen N/A
Building Privacy-preserving Location-based Apps (Short Paper) Alex Pentland , Sharon Paradesi , Ilaria Liccardi , Lalana Kagal , Brian Sweatt N/A
Two Trust Networks in One: Using Bipolar Structures to Fuse Trust and Distrust Stefano Bistarelli , Francesco Santini N/A
Communicating and Visualising Multicriterial Trustworthiness under Uncertainty Florian Volk , Sascha Hauke , Daniel Dieth , Max Mühlhäuser N/A
What can the hashtag #trust tell us about how users conceptualise trust? (Short Paper) Natasha Dwyer , Stephen Marsh N/A
Analyzing trustworthiness of Virtual Machines in Data-Intensive Cloud Computing (Short Paper) Dipen Contractor , Dhiren Patel N/A
Keynote Talk II:Title: Private Communication without Computational Assumptions Rei Safavi-naini N/A
You are what you play: Breaching privacy and identifying users in online gaming Michael Perklin , Dragana Martinovic , Victor Ralevich , Joshua Mcdougall N/A
Inferring Social Relationships from Technology-Level Device Connections Jason Nurse , Jess Pumphrey , Thomas Gibson-robinson , Michael Goldsmith , Sadie Creese N/A
MindYourPrivacy: Design and Implementation of a Visualization System for Third-Party Web Tracking Takeshi Takahashi , Ruo Ando , Yuuki Takano , Satoshi Ohta , Tomoya Inoue N/A
A Secure Two-Party Bartering Protocol Using Privacy-Preserving Interval Operations Stefan Wüller , Ulrike Meyer , Daniel A. Mayer , Susanne Wetzel , Fabian Förg N/A
Direct Anonymous Attestation in Practice: Implementation and Efficient Revocation Dengguo Feng , Bo Yang , Li Xi , Yu Qin , Feng Wei , Jianxiong Shao N/A
Using Biometric Key Commitments to Prevent Unauthorized Lending of Cryptographic Credentials Carlisle Adams , David Bissessar , Dong Liu N/A
Mining YouTube Metadata for Detecting Privacy Invading Harassment and Misdemeanor Videos Nisha Aggarwal , Swati Agarwal , Ashish Sureka N/A
Who Uses Bitcoin? An exploration of the Bitcoin community Masooda Bashir , Jeremiah Bohr N/A
Desperately Seeking Assurances: Segmenting Users by their Information-Seeking Preferences Angela Sasse , Anthony Morton N/A
Private Intersection of Regular Languages Peeter Laud , Roberto Guanciale , Dilian Gurov N/A
Enabling Privacy Through Transparency Lalana Kagal , Oshani Seneviratne N/A
Privacy-Respecting Digital Investigation Katrin Franke , Ali Dehghantanha N/A
Automated Generation of Models for Fast and Precise Detection of HTTP-Based Malware Thorsten Holz , Antonis Papadogiannakis , Apostolis Zarras , Robert Gawlik N/A
P–SPADE: GPU accelerated malware packer detection Vijay Laxmi , Neha Gupta , Smita Naval , Manoj Rajarajan N/A
Detection and Mitigation Of Malicious JavaScript Using Information Flow Control Issa Traore , Bassam Sayed , Amany Abdelhalim N/A
Secure Exams despite Malicious Management Giampaolo Bella , Rosario Lenzini N/A
Another Free App: Does It Have the Right Intentions Mohamed Fazeen , Ram Dantu N/A
Specifying and Enforcing Constraints in Dynamic Access Control Policies Nora Cuppens-boulahia , Frédéric Cuppens , Anas Kalam , Nada Essaouini N/A
Design Requirements to Counter Parallel Session Attacks in Security Protocols Anca Jurcut , Tom Coffey , Reiner Dojen N/A
Automata-Based Approach to Design and Analyze Security Policies Wadie Krombi , Mohammed Erradi , Ahmed Khoumsi N/A
Efficient Verification of Data Encryption on Cloud Servers Wensheng Zhang , Keji Hu N/A
Assessing cryptographic signature schemes from a legal perspective Lucas c.k. Hui , S.m. Yiu , Dan T.f. Chan N/A
Distributed Searchable Symmetric Encryption Pieter Hartel , Willem Jonker , Andreas Peter , Hoon wei Lim , Huaxiong Wang , Qiang Tang , Christoph Bösch , Bram Leenders N/A
Generalization of Socio-Rational Secret Sharing with a New Utility Function (Short Paper) Mehrdad Nojoumian N/A
Crypto-Assistant: Towards Facilitating Developer’s Encryption of Sensitive Data (Short Paper) Julie Thorpe , Ricardo Rodriguez Garcia , Miguel Vargas Martin N/A
i/k-Contact: a context-aware user authentication using physical social trust Shiori Arimura , Masahiro Fujita , Shinya Kobayashi , Junya Kani , Masakatsu Nishigaki , Akira Shiba N/A
Weighting Peer Reviewers Arnaldo Spalvieri , Silvio Mandelli , Maurizio Magarini , Giuseppe Bianchi N/A