WiSec 2014 July 23, 2014 to July 25, 2014, Oxford,UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Baton: Certificate Agility for Android's Decentralized Signing Infrastructure Jeremy Clark , David Barrera , Daniel Mccarney , Paul Oorschot. N/A
NativeWrap: Ad Hoc Smartphone Application Creation for End Users Vasant Tendulkar , Adwait Nadkarni , William Enck. N/A
ViewDroid: Towards Obfuscation-Resilient Mobile Application Repackaging Detection Sencun Zhu , Fangfang Zhang , Heqing Huang , Dinghao Wu , Peng Liu. N/A
Violating Location Privacy Through Walls by Passive Monitoring of Radio Windows Arijit Banerjee , Dustin Maas , Maurizio Bocca , Neal Patwari , Sneha Kasera. N/A
Privacy-Preserving Location-Sharing-Based Services Alfredo Rial , Claudia Diaz , Michael Herrmann , Bart Preneel. N/A
Gaining Insight on Friendly Jamming in a Real-World IEEE 802.11 Network Ivan Martinovic , Daniel S. Berger , Francesco Gringoli , Nicolò Facchi , Jens Schmitt. N/A
Power Napping with Loud Neighbors: Optimal Energy-Constrained Jamming and Anti-Jamming Anupam Datta , Bruce Debruhl , Christian Kroer , Tuomas Sandholm , Patrick Tague. N/A
Friendly CryptoJam: A Mechanism for Securing Physical-Layer Attributes Hanif Rahbari , Marwan Krunz. N/A
Duet: Library Integrity Verification for Android Applications Patrick Mcdaniel , Damien Octeau , Peng Liu. , Wenhui Hu N/A
GroupTie: Toward Hidden Collusion Group Discovery in App Stores Zhen Xie , Sencun Zhu. N/A
NativeGuard: Protecting Android Applications from Third-Party Native Libraries Mengtao Sun , Gang Tan. N/A
Single-stroke Language-Agnostic Keylogging using Stereo-Microphones and Domain Specific Machine Learning Amirali Sanatinia , Sashank Narain , Guevara Noubir. N/A
Enabling BYOD through Secure Meta-Market Alessandro Armando , Alessio merlo , Gabriele Costa , Luca Verderame. N/A
SPPEAR: Security & Privacy-Preserving Architecture for Mobile Crowd-Sensing Applications Stylianos Gisdakis , Thanassis Gianetsos , Panos Papadimitratos. N/A
"Here I am, now pay me!'': privacy concerns in incentivised location-sharing systems Luke Hutton , Tristan Henderson , Apu Kapadia. N/A
Detection of GPS Spoofing Attacks in Power Grids Srdjan Capkun , Thomas Locher , Der-yeuan Yu , Aanjhan Ranganathan , David Basin. N/A
Attacking and Defending Lightweight PHY Security Schemes for Wireless Communications Nicholas Kolokotronis , Alexandros Katsiotis , Nicholas Kalouptsidis. N/A
Gathering Tamper-Evidence in Wi-Fi Networks Based on Channel State Information Ibrahim ethem Bagci , Utz Roedig , Matthias Schulz , Matthias Hollick. N/A
Exploiting WPA2-Enterprise Vendor Implementation Weaknesses through Challenge Response Oracles Pieter Robyns , Bram Bonné , Peter Quax , Wim Lamotte. N/A
Extrapolation and Prediction of User Behaviour from Wireless Home Automation Communication Frederik Möllers , Sebastian Seitz , Andreas Hellmann , Christoph Sorge. N/A
CHIPS: Content-based Heuristics for Improving Photo Privacy for Smartphones Jiaqi Tan , Utsav Drolia , Rolando Martins , Rajeev Gandhi , Priya Narasimhan. N/A
WifiLeaks: Underestimated Privacy Implications of the ACCESS_WIFI_STATE Android Permission Mathieu Cunche , Vincent Roca , Aurélien Francillon. , Jagdish Prasad Achara N/A
MVSec: Secure and Easy-to-Use Pairing of Mobile Devices with Vehicles Adrian Perrig , Yue-hsun Lin , Jun Han , Fan Bai. N/A
A dangerous “pyrotechnic composition”: fireworks, embedded wireless and insecurity-by-design Andrei Costin , Aurélien Francillon. N/A
Speaking the Local Dialect: Exploiting differences between IEEE 802.15.4 Receivers with Commodity Radios for fingerprinting, targeted attacks, and WIDS evasion Ryan Speers , Sergey Bratus , Travis Goodspeed , Rebecca bx Shapiro , Ira Ray Jenkins , David Dowd. N/A
DEMO: Practical Tracking, Profiling, and Data Interception Glenn Wilkinson. N/A
POSTER: Towards Secure Execution of Untrusted Code for Mobile Edge-Clouds Jiaqi Tan , Utsav Drolia , Rajeev Gandhi , Priya Narasimhan. N/A
POSTER: Detecting False-Data Injection Attacks on Air Traffic Control Protocols Martin Strohmeier , Ivan Martinovic. N/A
POSTER: Breaking the Android Pattern Lock Screen with Neural Networks and Smudge Attacks Panagiotis Andriotis , Theo Tryfonas , Zhaoqian Yu. N/A
POSTER: CRAWDAD: A Wireless Network Data Archive for WiSec Researchers David Kotz. , Tristan Henderson N/A
POSTER: Secure Path Verification using Mobility-Differentiated ToA Vincent Lenders , Jens Schmitt. , Matthias Schäfer N/A
POSTER: Modeling Cross-Layer Mischief in Wireless Networked Control Systems Bruce Debruhl , Patrick Tague. , Gregory Nazario , Michael Rosen , Lawrence Jackson , Michael Hankowsky N/A
POSTER: Recommending Location Privacy Preferences in Ubiquitous Computing Yuchen Zhao , Juan Ye , Tristan Henderson. N/A
POSTER: Privacy-preserving Indoor Localization Martin Henze , Jan henrik Ziegeldorf , Nicolai Viol , Klaus Wehrle. N/A
POSTER: Firmware.RE: Firmware Unpacking and Analysis as a Service Andrei Costin , Jonas Zaddach. N/A
POSTER: Enhancing Privacy in Location-Based Services using Trustworthy Remote Entities Andrew Paverd. N/A
POSTER: WiFi AP Infection Spread Amirali Sanatinia , Sashank Narain , Guevara Noubir. N/A