HealthSec 2010 Aug. 10, 2010 to Aug. 10, 2010, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Medical Device Security And Privacy John F. Murray , Nathanael Paul , Karen Sandler Security Privacy Hardware General
Protecting E-Healthcare Client Devices Against Malware And Physical Theft Daisuke Mashima , Abhinav Srivastava , Jonathon Giffin , Mustaque Ahamad Security Privacy Hardware General
Can I Access Your Data? Privacy Management In Mhealth Aarathi Prasad , David Kotz Security Privacy Business
Using Trusted Sensors To Monitor Patients' Habits Alec Wolman , Stefan Saroiu , Victor Bahl Monitoring
Practical Health Information Exchange Using A Personally Controlled Health Record Ben Adida , Isaac S. Kohane , Kenneth D. Mandl Compliance
Policy Management For E-Health Records Maritza Johnson , Steven M. Bellovin Compliance
Technology Companies Are Best Positioned To Offer Health Record Trusts Shirley Gaw , Umesh Shankar Security Others
Dr. Jekyll Or Mr. Hyde: Information Security In The Ecosystem Of Healthcare Joseph Cooley , W. Smith Business Security
Privacy Challenges In Patient-Centric Health Information Systems John C. Mitchell , Anupam Datta , Nipun Dave , Helen Nissenbaum , Divya Sharma Security Privacy
Security That Is Meant To Be Skin Deep: Using Ultraviolet Micropigmentation To Store Emergency-Access Keys For Implantable Medical Devices Stuart Schechter Security Access Analysis
Privacy Challenges For Wireless Medical Devices Brent Lagesse Security Wireless Privacy
Insulin Pump System Security Nathanael Paul , David C. Klonoff Hardware General
Is Bluetooth The Right Technology For Mhealth? David Kotz , Shrirang Mare Security Wireless Network Penetration
On Usable Authentication For Wireless Body Area Networks David Kotz , Cory Cornelius Security Wireless Network Penetration
A Risk Management Framework For Health Care Data Anonymization Tyrone Grandison , Murat Kantarcioglu Security Anonymity Privacy
Securing Medical Research Data With A Rights Management System Mohammad Jafari , Reihaneh Safavi-naini , Chad Saunders , Nicholas Paul Sheppard Security Infrastructure
Beefing Up A Health-Data Ecosystem: Struggles And Successes From Microsoft Healthvault Jim O'leary Others Security
Using The Wave Protocol To Represent Individuals' Health Records Shirley Gaw , Umesh Shankar Security Others
Ebam: Experience-Based Access Management For Healthcare Carl Gunter , David Liebovitz , Bradley Malin Others Security
Fine-Grained Sharing Of Health Records Using Xspa Profile For Xacml—An Extended Abstract A. Al-fares , B. Yu , K. Moidu , Angelos Stavrou , Duminda Wijesekera , Anoop Singhal Security Access Control Access Privacy
An Anonymous Health Care System Melissa Chase , Kristin Lauter Security Anonymity Business
The Minimum Security Implementation Hector Leal Morales Security