DFRWS 2014 Aug. 3, 2014 to Aug. 6, 2014, denver,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Wietse Venema N/A
Keynote Address Catalin Grigoras N/A
In Lieu of Swap: Analyzing Compressed RAM in Mac OS X and Linux Golden Iii , Andrew Case N/A
Image-Based Kernel Fingerprinting Vassil Roussev , Irfan Ahmed , Thomas Sires N/A
Testing the Forensic Soundness of Forensic Examination Environments on Bootable Media Andrew Marrington , Ibrahim Baggili , Farkhund Iqbal , Ahmed Mohamed N/A
Design Tradeoffs for Developing Fragmented Video Carving Tools Eoghan Casey , Rikkert Zoun N/A
Extracting Hidden Messages in Steganographic Images Tu-thach Quach N/A
The National Software Reference Library Douglas White N/A
These Logs Were Made for Talking Matt Bromiley N/A
Information Assurance in a distributed forensic cluster - FCluster and FClusterfs Mikhaila Burgess , Nick Pringle N/A
Enabling Digital Forensics Practices in Libraries, Archives and Museums: The BitCurator Experience Christopher A. Lee , Kam Woods N/A
Cooperative mode: Comparative storage metadata verification applied to the Xbox 360 Darrell D.e. Long , Alex Nelson , Erik Steggall N/A
Preliminary forensic analysis of the Xbox One Andrew Marrington , Ibrahim Baggili , Jason Moore , Armindo Rodrigues N/A
Digital Investigations for IPv6-Based Wireless Sensor Networks Theo Tryfonas , George Oikonomou , Vijay Kumar , Dan Page , Iain Phillips N/A
Developing a New Digital Forensics Curriculum Roy Campbell , Masooda Bashir , Anthony Lang , Lizanne Destefano N/A
VMI-PL: A Monitoring Language for Virtual Platforms Using Virtual Machine Introspection Stefan Axelsson , Florian Westphal , Christian Neuhaus , Andreas Polze N/A
A Complete Formalized Knowledge Representation Model for Advanced Digital Forensics Timeline Analysis Tahar m. Kechadi , Yoan Chabot , Aurelie Bertaux , Christophe Nicolle N/A
The Regional Computer Forensics Lab System Sean K. O'brien N/A
Memory Forensics with Hyper-V Virtual Machines Wyatt Roersma N/A
The application of reverse engineering techniques against the Arduino microcontroller to acquire uploaded applications Steve Watson N/A
A forensically robust method for acquisition of iCloud data Kurt Oestreicher N/A
Multidimensional Investigation of Source Port 0 Probing Mourad Debbabi , Elias Bou-harb , Nour-eddine Lakhdari , Hamad Binsalleeh N/A