HotSDN 2014 Aug. 18, 2014 to Aug. 18, 2014, chicago,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Session Greenberg N/A
ONOS: Towards an Open, Distributed SDN OS Brian O'connor , Bob Lantz , Jonathan Hart , Pankaj Berde , Pavlin Radoslavov , Masayoshi Kobayashi , Toshio Koide , Yuta Higuchi , Matteo Gerola , William Snow , Guru Parulkar N/A
ClosedFlow: OpenFlow-like Control over Proprietary Devices Eric Keller , Ryan Hand N/A
Application-aware Data Plane Processing in SDN Zhi-li Zhang , Hesham Mekky , Fang Hao , Sarit Mukherjee , T V Lakshman N/A
Don't Call Them Middleboxes, Call Them Middlepipes Dan Williams , Hani Jamjoom , Upendra Sharama N/A
OpenVirteX: Make Your Virtual SDNs Programmable Matteo Gerola , Guru Parulkar , Ali Al-shabibi , Marc De Leenheer , Ayaka Koshibe , Elio Salvadori , Bill Snow N/A
Five Nines of Southbound Reliability in Software-Defined Networks Francisco J. Ros , Pedro M. Ruiz N/A
tinyNBI: Distilling an API from essential OpenFlow abstractions C. Jasson Casey , Andrew Sutton , Alex Sprintson N/A
ProCel: Smart Traffic Handling for a Scalable Software EPC Sachin Katti , Kanthi Nagaraj N/A
A Resource Delegation Framework for Software Defined Networks Ilya Baldin , Shu Huang , Rajesh Gopidi N/A
Using SDN To Facilitate Precisely Timed Actions On Real-Time Data Streams Thomas Edwards , Warren Belkin N/A
Flow-level State Transition as a New Switch Primitive for SDN Minlan Yu , Masoud Moshref , Ramesh Govindan , Apoorv Bhargava , Adhip Gupta N/A
Towards Systematic Detection and Resolution of Network Control Conflicts Xin Sun , Dennis Volpano , Geoffrey Xie N/A
ESPRES: Transparent SDN Update Scheduling Marco Canini , Dejan Kostic , Peter Peresini , Maciej Kuzniar N/A
Testing Stateful and Dynamic Data Planes with FlowTest Vyas Sekar , Seyed Kaveh Fayazbakhsh N/A
Distributed and Collaborative Traffic Monitoring in Software Defined Networks Ye Yu , Chen Qian , Xin Li N/A
An Assertion Language for Debugging SDN Applications David Walker , Jennifer Rexford , Ryan Beckett , X. Kelvin Zou , Shuyuan Zhang , Sharad Malik N/A
FlowGuard: Building Robust Firewalls for Software-Defined Networks Gail-joon Ahn , Ziming Zhao , Hongxin Hu , Wonkyu Han N/A
Fleet: Defending SDNs from Malicious Administrators Adrian Perrig , Stephanos Matsumoto , Samuel Hitz N/A
Towards Correct Network Virtualization Brighten Godfrey , Soudeh Ghorbani N/A
Using MAC Addresses as Efficient Routing Labels in Data Centers Arne Schwabe , Holger Karl N/A
Provable Data Plane Connectivity with Local Fast Failover Stefan Schmid , Michael Borokhovich , Liron Schiff N/A
Optimizing Rules Placement in OpenFlow Networks: Trading Routing for Better Efficiency Xuan-nam Nguyen , Damien Saucez , Chadi Barakat , Thierry Turletti N/A
Pratyaastha: An Efficient Elastic Distributed SDN Control Plane Anand Krishnamurthy , Shoban P. Chandrabose , Aaron Gember-jacobson N/A
A Compressive Method for Maintaining Forwarding States in SDN Controller Ying Zhang , Sriram Natarajan , Xin Huang , Neda Beheshti , Ravi Manghirmalani N/A
SDN traceroute: Tracing SDN Forwarding without Changing Network Behavior Colin Dixon , Kanak Agarwal , Eric Rozner , John Carter N/A
Flow Caching for High Entropy Packet Fields Nick Mckeown , Teemu Koponen , Ethan Jackson , Nick Shelly , Jarno Rajahalme N/A
Shadow MACs: Scalable Label-switching for Commodity Ethernet Colin Dixon , Kanak Agarwal , Eric Rozner , John Carter N/A
CAB: A Reactive Wildcard Rule Caching System for Software-Defined Networks Bo Yan , Yang Xu , Hongya Xing , Kang Xi , H. Jonathan Chao N/A
Enabling Layer 2 Pathlet Tracing through Context Encoding in Software-Defined Networking Cristian Lumezanu , Hui Zhang , Junghwan Rhee , Nipun Arora , Qiang Xu , Guofei Jiang N/A
Infinite CacheFlow in Software-Defined Networks David Walker , Jennifer Rexford , Naga Katta , Omid Alipourfard N/A
Compiling Path Queries in Software-Defined Networks David Walker , Jennifer Rexford , Srinivas Narayana N/A
Incremental Update for a Compositional SDN Hypervisor David Walker , Jennifer Rexford , Xin Jin N/A
Compiling Minimum Incremental Update for Modular SDN Languages Yan Chen , Bo Yang , Xitao Wen , Chunxiao Diao , Xun Zhao , Li Erran Li , Kai Bu N/A
Real Time Alpha-fairness Based Traffic Engineering Bill Mccormick , Frank Kelly , Patrice Plante , Paul Gunning , Peter Ashwood-smith N/A
SoftMoW: A Dynamic and Scalable Software Defined Architecture for Cellular WANs Z. Morley Mao , Li Erran Li , Mehrdad Moradi N/A
ReversePTP: A Software Defined Networking Approach to Clock Synchronization Tal Mizrahi , Yoram Moses N/A
Sloth: SDN-enabled Activity-based Virtual Machine Deployment Christof Fetzer , Thomas Knauth , Pradeep Kiruvale , Matti Hiltunen N/A
FlowQoS: QoS for the Rest of Us Nick Feamster , Sean Donovan , Sarthak Grover , M. Said Seddiki , Muhammad Shahbaz , Miseon Park , Ye-qiong Song N/A
A Secure Computation Framework for SDNs Elaine Shi , Minlan Yu , Yan Huang , Nachikethas A. Jagadeesan , Ranjan Pal , Kaushik Nadikuditi N/A
Enforcing RPKI-Based Routing Policy on the Data Plane at an Internet Exchange Josh Bailey , Dean Pemberton , Andy Linton , Cristel Pelsser , Randy Bush N/A
Flow-Based Load Balancing in Multipathed Layer-2 Networks using OpenFlow and Multipath-TCP Michael Bredel , Zdravko Bozakov , Artur Barczyk , Harvey Newman N/A
SDLoad: An Extensible Framework for SDN Workload Generation Marco Canini , Nicolas Laurent , Stefano Vissicchio N/A
Towards a Scalable and Near-Sighted Control Plane Architecture for WiFi SDNs Stefan Schmid , Julius Schulz-zander , Nadi Sarrar N/A
Access Control for SDN Controllers Roberto Bifulco , Ghassan O. Karame , Felix Klaedtke , Heng Cui N/A
Generating Consistent Updates for Software-Defined Network Configurations Cristian Lumezanu , Shuyuan Zhang , Yifei Yuan , Franjo Ivancic , Aarti Gupta N/A
Towards a Novel and Optimal Packet Identifier Design for SDN Xin Sun , Michael O'neill , Andrew Wells N/A
OFf: Bugspray for Openflow Paul Barford , Ramakrishnan Durairajan , Joel Sommers N/A
SOLuTIoN: SDN-based OpticaL TraffIc steering for NFV Ying Zhang , Ming Xia , Meral Shirazipour , Howard Green , Attila Takacs N/A
A Cross-Layer SDN Control Plane for Optical Multicast-Featured Datacenters Yiting Xia , T. Ng N/A
NetRevert: Rollback Recovery in SDN Ying Zhang , Neda Beheshti , Ravi Manghirmalani N/A
Ranges and Cross-Entrance Consistency with OpenFlow Liron Schiff , Yehuda Afek , Anat Bremler-barr N/A
Tolerating SDN Application Failures with LegoSDN Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran , Theophilus Benson N/A
Radio Visor : A Slicing Plane for Radio Access Networks Sachin Katti , Li Erran Li , Aditya Gudipati N/A