passwordscon 2014 Aug. 5, 2014 to Aug. 6, 2014, las vegas,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Bsides Breaking Ground: Opening Keynote Adam Shostack N/A
Welcome & Announcements Jeremi Gosney , Per Thorsheim N/A
Opening Keynote Julia Angwin N/A
“How we deciphered millions of users’ encrypted passwords without the decryption keys.” Josh Dustin N/A
“Secure your email – Secure your password” Per Thorsheim N/A
“Is Pavlovian Password Management The Answer?” Lance James N/A
“Highlights of CMU’s Recent Work in Preventing Bad Passwords” Blase Ur , Sean Segreti N/A
“DoCatsLikeLemon? – Advanced phrase attacks and analysis” Marco Preuß N/A
“Password Hashing Competition: the Candidates” Jean-Philippe Aumasson N/A
“Tradeoff cryptanalysis of password hashing schemes” Alex Biryukov , Dmitry Khovratovich , Johann Großschädl N/A
“What Microsoft would like from the Password Hashing Competition” Marsh Ray , Greg Zaverucha N/A
“Using cryptanalysis to speed-up password cracking” Christian Rechberger N/A
“Password Security in the PCI DSS” Jarred White N/A
“How Forced Password Expiration Affects Password Choice” Bruce K. Marshall N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
“Defense with 2FA” Steve Thomas N/A
“Security for the People: End-User Authentication Security on the Internet” Mark Stanislav N/A
“I have the #cat so I make the rules” Yiannis Chrysanthou N/A
“Authentication in the Cloud – Building Service” Dan Cvrcek N/A
“Penetrate your OWA” Nate Power N/A
“How EFF is Making STARTTLS Resistant to Active Attacks” Yan Zhu , Jacob Hoffman-andrews N/A
“Surprise talk + advisory release” Dominique Bongard N/A
“Proof of work as an additional factor of authentication” Phillippe Paquet , Jason Nehrboss N/A
“Target specific automated dictionary generation” Matt Marx N/A
“The future of mobile authentication is here” Sam Crowther N/A
“Bitslice DES with LOP3.LUT” Steve Thomas N/A
“Password hashing delegation: how to get clients work for you” Thomas Pornin N/A
“Net hashes: a review of many network protocols” Robert Graham N/A
“Throw the User ID Down the Well” Daniel Reich N/A
“Energy-efficient bcrypt cracking” Katja Malvoni N/A
“Password Generators & Extended Character Set Passwords” William Gray , Stephen Lombardo N/A
“The problem with the real world” Michal Špaček N/A
“Encryption and Authentication: Passwords for all reasons.” Jeffrey Goldberg N/A
“Password Topology Histogram Wear-Leveling, a.k.a. PathWell” Rick Redman N/A
“Enhancing Password Based Key Derivation Techniques” Stephen Lombardo , Nick Parker N/A
“Beam Me Up Scotty! – Passwords in the Enterprise” Dimitri Fousekis N/A
“Capturing Passwords into the Secure Desktop” Bruno Oliveira , Marcio Almeida Macedo N/A