usenix 2014 Aug. 20, 2014 to Aug. 22, 2014, san diego,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Phone Phreaks: What We Can Learn From the First Network Hackers? Phil Lapsley Before smartphones and iPads, before the Internet or the personal computer, a misfit group of ...
Lightning Talks for the One-Track Mind Kevin Fu Because it is not possible for a Symposium participant to attend every talk, the lightning ...
Privacy Nikita Borisov N/A
Privee: An Architecture for Automatically Analyzing Web Privacy Policies Steven M. Bellovin , Sebastian Zimmeck N/A
Privacy in Pharmacogenetics: An End-to-End Case Study of Personalized Warfarin Dosing Somesh Jha , Thomas Ristenpart , Matthew Fredrikson , Eric Lantz , Simon Lin , David Page N/A
Mimesis Aegis: A Mimicry Privacy Shield–A System’s Approach to Data Privacy on Public Cloud Wenke Lee , Billy Lau , Chengyu Song , Yeongjin Jang , Simon Chung , Alexandra Boldyreva N/A
XRay: Enhancing the Web’s Transparency with Differential Correlation Roxana Geambasu , Mathias Lécuyer , Guillaume Ducoffe , Francis Lan , Andrei Papancea , Theofilos Petsios , Riley Spahn , Augustin Chaintreau N/A
Mass Pwnage Cynthia E. Irvine N/A
An Internet-Wide View of Internet-Wide Scanning J. Alex Halderman , Michael Bailey , Zakir Durumeric N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
On the Feasibility of Large-Scale Infections of iOS Devices Wenke Lee , Billy Lau , Tielei Wang , Yeongjin Jang , Simon Chung , Yizheng Chen N/A
A Large-Scale Analysis of the Security of Embedded Firmwares Andrei Costin , Davide Balzarotti , Jonas Zaddach , Aurélien Francillon N/A
Privacy Enhancing Technology Rachel Greenstadt N/A
Never Been KIST: Tor’s Congestion Management Blossoms with Kernel-Informed Socket Transport Paul Syverson , Micah Sherr , Rob Jansen , John Geddes , Chris Wacek N/A
Effective Attacks and Provable Defenses for Website Fingerprinting Ian Goldberg , Rob Johnson , Tao Wang , Xiang Cai , Rishab Nithyanand N/A
TapDance: End-to-Middle Anticensorship without Flow Blocking J. Alex Halderman , Eric Wustrow , Colleen M. Swanson N/A
A Bayesian Approach to Privacy Enforcement in Smartphones Omer Tripp , Ibm Rubin , Ibm Research Israel N/A
Crime and Pun.../Measure-ment Damon Mccoy N/A
The Long “Taile” of Typosquatting Domain Names Chris Kanich , Mark Felegyhazi , Jonathan m. Spring , Janos Szurdi , Balazs Kocso , Gabor Cseh N/A
Understanding the Dark Side of Domain Parking Xiaofeng Wang , Sumayah Alrwais , Kan Yuan , Eihal Alowaisheq , Zhou Li N/A
Towards Detecting Anomalous User Behavior in Online Social Networks Saikat Guha , Balachander Krishnamurthy , Krishna P. Gummadi , Bimal Viswanath , M. Ahmad Bashir , Mark Crovella , Alan Mislove N/A
Man vs. Machine: Practical Adversarial Detection of Malicious Crowdsourcing Workers Gang Wang , Haitao Zheng , Ben Y. Zhao , Tianyi Wang N/A
Forensics Thorsten Holz N/A
DSCRETE: Automatic Rendering of Forensic Information from Memory Images via Application Logic Reuse Dongyan Xu , Xiangyu Zhang , Brendan Saltaformaggio , Zhongshu Gu N/A
Cardinal Pill Testing of System Virtual Machines Jelena Mirkovic , Hao Shi , Abdulla Alwabel N/A
BareCloud: Bare-metal Analysis-based Evasive Malware Detection Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Dhilung Kirat N/A
Blanket Execution: Dynamic Similarity Testing for Program Binaries and Components David Brumley , Peter Chapman , Manuel Egele , Maverick Woo N/A
Insight into the NSA's Weakening of Crypto Standards Joseph Menn Though most the world has been transfixed by Edward Snowden’s revelations about mass surveillance, nothing ...
On the Practical Exploitability of Dual EC in TLS Implementations Hovav Shacham , Thomas Ristenpart , Matthew Green , Daniel J. Bernstein , Stephen Checkoway , Tanja Lange , Adam Everspaugh , Matthew Fredrikson , Ruben Niederhagen , Jake Maskiewicz N/A
iSeeYou: Disabling the MacBook Webcam Indicator LED Stephen Checkoway , Matthew Brocker N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
From the Aether to the Ethernet—Attacking the Internet using Broadcast Digital Television Angelos D. Keromytis , Yossef Oren N/A
Security Analysis of a Full-Body Scanner Hovav Shacham , J. Alex Halderman , Eric Rescorla , Stephen Checkoway , Keaton Mowery , Eric Wustrow , Tom Wypych , Corey Singleton , Chris Comfort N/A
ROP: Return of the %edi Stephen Mccamant Due to their related subject matter, the first three papers in the session (Carlini, Davi, ...
ROP is Still Dangerous: Breaking Modern Defenses David A. Wagner , Nicholas Carlini N/A
Stitching the Gadgets: On the Ineffectiveness of Coarse-Grained Control-Flow Integrity Protection Fabian Monrose , Daniel Lehmann , Lucas Sadeghi N/A
Size Does Matter: Why Using Gadget-Chain Length to Prevent Code-Reuse Attacks is Hard Herbert Bos , Michalis Polychronakis , Georgios Portokalidis , Elias Athanasopoulos , Enes Göktaş N/A
Oxymoron: Making Fine-Grained Memory Randomization Practical by Allowing Code Sharing Michael Backes , Stefan Nurnberger N/A
Safer Sign-Ons Tadayoshi Kohno N/A
Password Managers: Attacks and Defenses Dan Boneh , Collin Jackson , Eric yawei Chen , Suman Jana , David Silver N/A
The Emperor’s New Password Manager: Security Analysis of Web-based Password Managers Dawn Song , Devdatta Akhawe , Zhiwei Li , Warren He N/A
SpanDex: Secure Password Tracking for Android Landon P. Cox , Peter Gilbert , Geoffrey Lawler , Valentin Pistol , Ali Razeen , Bi Wu , Sai Cheemalapati N/A
SSOScan: Automated Testing of Web Applications for Single Sign-On Vulnerabilities David Evans , Yuchen Zhou N/A
Tracking Targeted Attacks against Civilians and NGOs Stuart E. Schechter N/A
When Governments Hack Opponents: A Look at Actors and Technology Morgan Marquis-boire , Vern Paxson , William R. Marczak , John Scott-railton N/A
Targeted Threat Index: Characterizing and Quantifying Politically-Motivated Targeted Malware Seth Hardy , Phillipa Gill , Masashi Crete-nishihata , Katharine Kleemola , Adam Senft , Byron Sonne , Greg Wiseman , Ronald J. Deibert N/A
A Look at Targeted Attacks Through the Lense of an NGO Engin Kirda , Stevens Le Blond , Prateek Saxena , Adina Uritesc , Cédric Gilbert , Zheng Leong Chua N/A
Panel Discussion Stuart E. Schechter N/A
Passwords David A. Wagner N/A
A Large-Scale Empirical Analysis of Chinese Web Passwords Wenyuan Xu , Zhigong Li , Weili Han N/A
Password Portfolios and the Finite-Effort User: Sustainably Managing Large Numbers of Accounts Paul Oorschot , Cormac Herley , Dinei Florêncio N/A
Telepathwords: Preventing Weak Passwords by Reading Users’ Minds Lorrie Faith Cranor , Stuart E. Schechter , Cormac Herley , Richard Shay , Saranga Komanduri N/A
Towards Reliable Storage of 56-bit Secrets in Human Memory Stuart E. Schechter , Joseph Bonneau N/A
Web Security: The Browser Strikes Back Giovanni Vigna N/A
Automatically Detecting Vulnerable Websites Before They Turn Malicious Nicolas Christin , Kyle Soska N/A
Hulk: Eliciting Malicious Behavior in Browser Extensions Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Vern Paxson , Chris Grier , Alexandros Kapravelos , Neha Chachra N/A
Precise Client-side Protection against DOM-based Cross-Site Scripting Martin Johns , Ben Stock , Sebastian Lekies , Tobias Mueller , Patrick Spiegel N/A
On the Effective Prevention of TLS Man-in-the-Middle Attacks in Web Applications Srdjan Capkun , Nikolaos Karapanos N/A
Side Channels David Brumley N/A
Scheduler-based Defenses against Cross-VM Side-channels Thomas Ristenpart , Venkatanathan Varadarajan , Michael M. Swift N/A
Preventing Cryptographic Key Leakage in Cloud Virtual Machines Zhiqiang Lin , Murat Kantarcioglu , Erman Pattuk , Huseyin Ulusoy N/A
FLUSH+RELOAD: A High Resolution, Low Noise, L3 Cache Side-Channel Attack Yuval Yarom , Katrina Falkner N/A
Revisiting SSL/TLS Implementations: New Bleichenbacher Side Channels and Attacks Erik Tews , Sebastian Schinzel , Juraj Somorovsky , Jörg Schwenk , Christopher Meyer , Eugen Weiss N/A
Battling Human Trafficking with Big Data Rolando R. Lopez Human trafficking organizations continue to expand their knowledge and usage of established channels for other ...
After Coffee Break Crypto Nadia Heninger N/A
Burst ORAM: Minimizing ORAM Response Times for Bursty Access Patterns Elaine Shi , Emil Stefanov , Jonathan Dautrich N/A
Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge for a von Neumann Architecture Alessandro Chiesa , Eran Tromer , Eli Ben-sasson , Madars Virza N/A
Faster Private Set Intersection Based on OT Extension Benny Pinkas , Thomas Schneider , Michael Zohner N/A
Program Analysis: Attack of the Codes William Enck N/A
Dynamic Hooks: Hiding Control Flow Changes within Non-Control Data Thorsten Holz , Claudia Eckert , Behrad Garmany , Sebastian Vogl , Jonas Pfoh , Thomas Kittel , Robert Gawlik N/A
X-Force: Force-Executing Binary Programs for Security Applications Dongyan Xu , Zhiqiang Lin , Zhui Deng , Xiangyu Zhang , Zhendong Su , Fei Peng N/A
BYTEWEIGHT: Learning to Recognize Functions in Binary Code David Brumley , Maverick Woo , Tiffany Bao , Jonathan Burket , Rafael Turner N/A
Optimizing Seed Selection for Fuzzing David Brumley , Thanassis Avgerinos , Alexandre Rebert , Sang Kil Cha , Jonathan Foote , David Warren , Gustavo Grieco N/A
After Lunch Break Crypto Dan Boneh N/A
LibFTE: A Toolkit for Constructing Practical, Format-Abiding Encryption Schemes Somesh Jha , Thomas Ristenpart , Thomas Shrimpton , Daniel Luchaup , Kevin P. Dyer N/A
Ad-Hoc Secure Two-Party Computation on Mobile Devices using Hardware Tokens Thomas Schneider , Michael Zohner , Daniel Demmler N/A
ZØ: An Optimizing Distributing Zero-Knowledge Compiler Benjamin Livshits , Matthew Fredrikson N/A
SDDR: Light-Weight, Secure Mobile Encounters Elaine Shi , Paarijaat Aditya , Peter Druschel , Matthew Lentz , Viktor Erdélyi , Bobby Bhattacharjee N/A
Program Analysis: A New Hope David Evans N/A
ret2dir: Rethinking Kernel Isolation Angelos D. Keromytis , Michalis Polychronakis , Vasileios p. Kemerlis N/A
JIGSAW: Protecting Resource Access by Inferring Programmer Expectations Mathias Payer , Trent Jaeger , Hayawardh Vijayakumar , Xinyang Ge N/A
Static Detection of Second-Order Vulnerabilities in Web Applications Johannes Holz Web applications evolved in the last decades from simple scripts to multi-functional applications. Such complex ... IncludeThinkstScapes
Mobile Apps and Smart Phones Ben Ransford N/A
ASM: A Programmable Interface for Extending Android Security Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , William Enck , Stephan Heuser , Adwait Nadkarni N/A
Brahmastra: Driving Apps to Test the Security of Third-Party Components Rui Wang , Shuo Chen , Jaeyeon Jung , Seungyeop Han , David Wetherall , Suman Nath , Ravi Bhoraskar , Jinseong Jeon , Tanzirul Azim N/A
Peeking into Your App without Actually Seeing It: UI State Inference and Novel Android Attacks Z. Morley Mao , Zhiyun Qian , Qi Alfred Chen N/A