44Con 2014 Sept. 9, 2014 to Sept. 12, 2014, london,UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Incident Handling with CyberCPR Steve Armstrong , Mike Antcliffe , Ed Tredgett N/A
Darshak: how to turn your phone into a low cost IMSI catcher device Ravishankar Borgaonkar , Swapnil Udar N/A
Side Channel attacks in the cloud Gorka Irazoqui Apecechea N/A
Manna from Heaven; Improving the state of wireless rogue AP attacks Dominic White N/A
On Her Majesty's Secret Service: GRX and a Spy Agency Rob Kuiters , Stephen Kho N/A
No More Neck Beards : An introduction to abusing the Android Kernel Josh m0nk Thomas N/A
Hacking an Internet Enabled Lagomorph Alex Chapman N/A
Meterpreter Internals Oj Reeves N/A
10GBP simple hardware side channel attacks Joe Fitzpatrick N/A
When Documents Bite Vlad Ovtchinikov N/A
Creating a Security Awareness Programme Valerie Thomas N/A
NCC Breakfast Meeting: Pandas, Bears & Golden Hamsters: Automating malware triage & recent campaign analysis David Cannings N/A
STOP! Don't make that NOOB Incident Handling mistake Steve Armstrong N/A
I Hunt TR-069 Admins: Pwning ISPs Like a Boss Shahar Tal N/A
Why TV news gets tech security wrong - and why it matters Geoff White Tech security has become such a hot topic that even the most Luddite of TV ...
Flushing Away Preconceptions of Risk Thom Langford N/A
Advanced Excel Hacking Didier Stevens N/A
Hot or not, the hacker way Dan Tentler N/A
GreedyBTS: Hacking Adventures in GSM Hacker Fantastic N/A
Panel Discussion: The true value of penetration testing. Should this include education? Jerry Gamblin , Andrew Blyth , Conan Dooley N/A
What Did You Just Say To Me? Jerry Gamblin N/A
Breaking AV Software Joxean Koret Antivirus software is a common component of today's computer systems ranging from home users to ...
Switches get Stitches Matt Erasmus , Eireann Leverett N/A
Chopping Down Mountains Don a. Bailey N/A
Pentesting NoSQL DB's Using NoSQL Exploitation Framework Francis Alexander N/A
Top 5 Media Fails Dan Raywood N/A
Using Hadoop for Malware, Network, Forensics and Log analysis Michael Boman N/A
Security Analytics Beyond Cyber Phil Huggins N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Black Hat's Infrastructure: The Tweets Must Flow Conan Dooley N/A
Binary Protocol Analysis with CANAPE James Forshaw N/A
Researching Android Device Security with the Help of a Droid Army Joshua j. Drake N/A
A Year in Recap: I Am The Cavalry Beau Woods N/A
The Infosec Pub Quiz! Steve Lord , Jerry Gamblin N/A
44CON 2014 Welcome Adrian N/A
I gave a talk about robots and hardware! Josh m0nk Thomas N/A
Social Engineering Your Own - Developing An Awareness Training Program That Actually Works Valerie Thomas N/A
Payment applications handle lots of money. No, really: lots of it. Alberto Revelli , Mark Swift A medium-sized bank will funnel hundreds of billions through payment gateways every year. A larger ...