BugCon 2010 Oct. 27, 2010 to Oct. 29, 2010, Mexico

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Full Disclousure About Cisco Vulnerabilities Alejandro Hernández Flores Security Analysis Hardware General
How To Use Novell'S Open Build Service Mauro Parra Miranda Security Application Security Unix
Protecting Network Services Using Kernel Modules And Iptables Mark Schejtman Security Infrastructure Risk Network Penetration
Protecting Yourself In A Public Wireless Network Hugo Gonzalez Security Wireless Web Exploitation
Live Hacking, The Bug To Exploit Alejandro Hernandez Exploitation
Integrating Itil, Cobit And Iso 27000 As Part Of E-Government Hector Acevedo Application Security Compliance
Ameba Framework Carlos A. Lozano Security Infrastructure
Windows 7 Forensics Anonymous Speaker Security Computer Forensics Forensics
Google Hacking Jesus Alvarez Cedillo Security Web Others
Linux System Security Carlos Faruk Security Unix
Hacking Without Being Caught Big Companies Joseph Mccray Others Security
The Role Of Security Expert Cesar Peregrino Security Others
Hacking & Beers Anonymous Speaker Security Others
Discrete Alogrithm Problem On Elliptic Curves Eduardo Ruiz Duarte Security Others
Malware Analysis Armin Garcia Malware
Cipherstorm In The World Armin Garcia Business
Nmap Script Engine Hugo Gonzalez Security Others Automation
Cracking Software Rodolfo Hernandez Exploitation
Following The Trail Of Usb Devices Murena Myrope Martínez Lavin Security Hardware General
Network Authentication Across Closed Ports Mark Schejtman Network Penetration
Electronic Voting System Anonymous Speaker Security Others Legal
Ensuring Cell Microprocessor Code Rolando Cedillo Knight Hardware General
Virtualization Security Araico Sandino Sanchez Security Web Others
Solving Common Mistakes On Wepapps José Carlos Nieto Security Web Others Application Security
Phreaking In Mexico Eduardo Ramirez Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Vulnerabilities In Mexico Modems Pedro "hkm" Joaquin Exploitation Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Loss Of Data, What Bug? Edgar Gómez Security Exploitation Data Exfiltration
Creating A Livecd For Security Porpouses Mauro Parra Security Others
Kiddie No More Ruben Ventura Security
Linux Desktop Testing Project Adlair Cerecedo Unix
Cryptography Vs Steganography Eduardo Ruiz Duarte Cryptography
A Simple Phishing My Friend To One Shot On Hector Leal Morales Phishing
Social Network Security Anonymous Speaker Social Media
The Human, The Weak And Strong Side Of Computer Security Jesus Zabala Social Engineering
Advanced Sql Injection Joseph Mccray Security Network Penetration
Dumping Ram Contents For Fun And Profit Carlos Navarrete Security Buffer Overflows Hardware General
Computer-Related Crime In Mexico, 10 Years Later Ivonne V. Muñoz Legal Law Enforcement
Development On Linux And Freebsd Shellcodes José Carlos Nieto Development Unix
Watching The Watchmen Jesus Alvarez Cedillo Monitoring
The Current Situation Of It In Mexico Eduardo Ruiz Duarte , Rommel Sanchez Security
Bird On The Wire Carlos A. Lozano Vargas Security
Trapper Project Jorge Trujillo Security
Linux Distro On Videoram Rolando Cedillo Knight Security Unix Development
Fuzzing Raul Robledo Fuzzing
Port Knocking Gonzalo Gonzalez Security Network Penetration
Web Application Security Carlos Javier Rivera , José Carlos Nieto Web Application Security
The Importance Of Webservices In Web Application Development Adlair Cerecedo Security Web Application Security
Elf In Focus: Hacking And Defense Alejandro Hernandez Security
Policies And Procedures On Information Security Jesus Zavala Ruiz Security Compliance
Fast Flux Botnet Alexander Salgado Olivo Security Botnets
Tlalok Framework. Desarrollando En Php5 De Forma Rápida Y Segura. Developed In Php5 Quickly And Safely. Basil Briseño Security Infrastructure Development
Linux Gaming Consoles Rolando Cedillo Knight Security Unix
Techniques For Meddling Using Google Hacking Jesus Antonio Alvarez Cedillo Phishing
One Shot Phishing On Local Area Networks Hector Leal Morales Phishing
Your Worst Enemy Araico Sandino Sanchez Security Others
The (True) Culture Hacker Gustavo Barrón Security Others