ARES 2014 Sept. 8, 2014 to Sept. 11, 2014, Fribourg,switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A New Access Control Scheme for Facebook-style Social Networks Jun Pang , Yang Zhang N/A
No Smurfs: Revealing Fraud Chains in Mobile Money Transfers Maria Zhdanova , Jürgen Repp , Roland Rieke , Chrystel Gaber , Baptiste Hemery N/A
BitTorrent Sync: Network Investigation Methodology Jason Farina , Mark Scanlon , M-tahar Kechadi N/A
Divide-and-Conquer: Why Android Malware cannot be stopped Tilo Muller , Dominik Maier , Mykola Protsenko N/A
DroidForce: Enforcing Complex, Data-Centric, System-Wide Policies in Android Eric Bodden , Steven Arzt , Siegfried Rasthofer , Enrico Lovat N/A
Lobotomy: An Architecture for JIT Spraying Mitigation Matthias Neugschwandtner , Christian Platzer , Martin Jauernig , Paolo Milani-comparetti N/A
Keynote Bart Preneel , Volkmar Lotz N/A
EM Leakage of RFID Devices - Comparison of Two Measurement Approaches Thomas Plos , Thomas Korak N/A
Supporting Security Automation for Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Groups via the Interconnected-asset Ontology Henk Birkholz , Ingo Sieverdingbeck N/A
Concurrent Queries in Location Based Services Emad Elabd , Mohand-said Hacid N/A
A Formal Model and Analysis of the MQ Telemetry Transport Protocol Benjamin Aziz N/A
Practical Attack on Bilinear Pairings to Disclose the Secrets of Embedded Devices Erich Wenger , Thomas Unterluggauer N/A
A Model-based Security Toolkit for the Internet of Things Igor nai Fovino , Ricardo Neisse , Gianmarco Baldini , Vera Stavroulaki , Panagiotis Vlacheas , Raffaele Giaffreda N/A
Rethread: A Low-cost Transient Fault Recovery Scheme for Multithreaded Processors Jian Fu , Qiang Yang , Raphael Poss , Chris Jesshope , Chunyuan Zhang N/A
Visualizing Transaction Context in Trust and Reputation Systems Johannes Sänger , Günther Pernul N/A
Enhanced Configuration Generation Approach for Highly Available COTS Based Systems Ferhat Khendek , Maria Toeroe , Parsa Pourali N/A
Phishdentity: Leverage Website Favicon to Offset Polymorphic Phishing Website Jeffrey Choo , Kang Leng Chiew , San Nah Sze N/A
What does the Fox Say? On the Security Architecture of Firefox OS. Ravishankar Borgaonkar , Bhargava Shastry , Marta Piekarska N/A
Palpable Privacy through Declarative Information Flows Tracking for Smart Buildings François Lesueur , Sabina Surdu , Romuald Thion , Yann Gripay , Meriam Ben Ghorbel-talbi N/A
Privacy Dashboards: Reconciling data-driven business models and privacy Christian Zimmermann , Rafael Accorsi , Günter Müller N/A
Healthcare Services in the Cloud - Obstacles to Adoption, and a Way Forward Karin Bernsmed , Martin gilje Jaatun , Erlend Andreas Gjære , Daniela Soares Cruzes , Børge Haugset N/A
Continuous and Non-Intrusive Reauthentication of Web Sessions based on Mouse Dynamics Eric Medvet , Alberto Bartoli , Francesca Boem , Fabiano Tarlao N/A
Verification of Implementing Security Design Patterns Using a Test Template Haruhiko Kaiya , Masatoshi Yoshizawa , Takanori Kobashi , Nobukazu Yoshioka , Takao Okubo , Hironori Washizaki , Yoshiaki Fukazawa N/A
An Incident Management Ontology David Mundie , Samuel Perl , Ruefle Robin N/A
AES-SEC: Improving software obfuscation through hardware-assistance Stefan Katzenbeisser , Edgar Weippl , Sebastian Schrittwieser , Peter Kieseberg , Georg Merzdovnik N/A