AtlanticHTCIA 2014 Sept. 18, 2014 to Sept. 19, 2014, halifax,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Training Darren Sabourin , Frank Turbide N/A
Defending Web Applications Security Essentials Michael Douglas N/A
Penetration Testing Apps and Systems James Nesta N/A
Keynote Tom Millar , Tom Grasso N/A
Using stinger and ESAPI to harden your web applications and web services Brent York N/A
Uncovering the Covered Tracks: Finding What’s Left Behind Jamie Mcquaid N/A
The Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre – Partnering for resilience Frank Turbide N/A
Successful Continuous Improvement for an Information Assurance Program David Hayes , Alexandre Cormier N/A
Side-Channel Analysis & Glitching on Real Systems Colin O'flynn N/A
Network Forensics with Bro Darryl Macleod N/A
Enterprise Security Monitoring: Comprehensive Intel-Driven Detection David J. Bianco N/A
Regional Resilience Assessment Program (RRAP) and the Cyber Resiliency Review (CRR) Robert Pitcher , Marie-pierre Parenteau N/A
Hiding in Plain Site Dale O’grady N/A
Digital Supply Chain: The Exposed Flank Dave Lewis N/A
Binary Analysis for Non-Programmers, A Twist On Intrusion Detection Systems Krishna Michael Fine N/A
Security of your Information held by Government : Who Owns verses Who is Responsible Raj Kumar N/A
Security Trends 2014 – Malware Everywhere Joshua Shaul N/A
The Forensics of Pass-the-Hash Peter Morin N/A
Bridging the Silos Sylvain Dumas N/A
Keeping Out of Trouble: How Good Information Security Governance Reduces Risk Gregory Nowak N/A