Balcon 2014 Sept. 5, 2014 to Sept. 7, 2014, vojvodina,serbia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Riding the Overflow - Then and Now Miroslav Stampar N/A
Project Heapbleed Patroklos Argyroudis N/A
Embedded Linux Device Drivers Aleksandar Pejić , Andrija Prčić N/A
SCADA deep inside: protocols and security mechanisms Aleksandr Timorin N/A
An Introduction to Ansible Anand Buddhdev N/A
Challenges of freedom of speech online: technical, legal and ethical aspects Andrej Petrovski N/A
The Linux kernel's attack surface Anil Kurmus N/A
Post-Quantum Crypto Bernd R. Fix N/A
Sleep? Ain't nobody got time for that! Christina Johanna N/A
Overclocking the Humanity: The Science of Cycles Reveals Future Trends Darko Ivkovic N/A
Open, Sesame! On the Security of Electronic Locks David Oswald N/A
Beginnings in 3d printing Djordje Markovic N/A
Parallella - super computer for everyone Dobrica Pavlinušić N/A
Women in Wikipedia Greta Doci N/A
Volunteered geographic information and OpenStreetMap Hrvoje Bogner N/A
Defining an abstract architecture for managing unstructured data using MongoDB - use case of vDrive Ivica Kolenkaš N/A
Closing ceremony Jelena Georgijević N/A
Case Study: interception of torrent traffic and what should we do about it Jelena Jovanovic N/A
Web dev’s common system security mistakes Luka Gerzic N/A
Protecting your car Marian Marinov N/A
50.0 Shades of Multimeters Marjan Urekar N/A
The Oscilloscope Challenge - No buckets, no ice, just signals in 2D Marjan Urekar N/A
Vaccinating Android Milan Gabor , Danijel Grah N/A
Open Source Hardware Mitch Altman N/A
Arduinos for Total Newbies Mitch Altman N/A
Tor Moritz Bartl N/A
Silicon Valley - Fireside chat about Startups, Open Source and Technology Stacks Nebojsa Vislavski , Nikola Novakovic N/A
Home Automation for 50 euros Nikola Rasovic N/A
Fractal Geometry and Programming in Java Predrag Bokšić N/A
BGP Routing Silvan Gebhardt N/A
Force multiplier - Guided password cracking Tonimir Kišasondi N/A
File encryption for untrusted remote file systems Vasil Kolev N/A
Using RIPE Atlas API for measuring IPv6 Reachability Vesna Manojlovic N/A
Exploring treasures of 77FEh Vlatko Kosturjak N/A
Hacking before computers Voja Antonic N/A
Fun with(out) Freedom of Information Fin N/A
Milobit Special After Party Milobit N/A
Docker for fun and profit Čaba Pardovicki N/A
Where is Serbia in Copyright and Patents war? Žarko Ptiček N/A