BSidesLosAngeles 2014 Sept. 11, 2014 to Sept. 12, 2014, los Angeles,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Machine Learning in Security Aaron Guzman N/A
Pulling back the covers on credit card fraud: A detailed look atfinancial fraudware Chester Wisniewski N/A
Opening Acts: How Attackers Get Their Big Breaks Willis , Pena N/A
Top 10 Web Hacking Techniques of 2013" Jon Hart "Legislative Realities Matt Johansen N/A
Managing Content Security Policy" Christopher Scott "Practical Pass the Hash Mitigations Neil Mattatall N/A
ROP" Cyber-Warfare 3.0" Brian Knopf "Threat Modeling My Wife Stephen Crane N/A
Keynote Joesph Esposito N/A
"Next Generation Security Professional Development and Mentorship Jessica Archer N/A
Dumping AD Hashes Without Process Injection Russ Swift N/A
The Hidden Risks of Mobile Applications to your Organization Jim Stickley N/A
Come on Grab Your Friends" Wortell "shellcode Time N/A
Mobile Application Analysis Kausar , Quba N/A
Next Generation Red Teaming Robert Wood N/A
Password Panel Richard Greenberg N/A
Malware in Javascript? A Look at Proslikefan Fred Gutierrez N/A
Making WAF "Ffles! (...or How to get more out of your WAF ) John Stauffacher N/A
Abusing Malware Privacy Brian Wallace N/A
How Not to Get “Snowdended” Jason Hicks N/A
All Your Macs Belong to Us Christopher Elisan N/A
Securing Sensitive Data a Stange Game Jeff Elliot N/A