CD-ARES 2014 Sept. 8, 2014 to Sept. 8, 2014, Fribourg,switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Argumentation-based group decision support for collectivist communities Marijke Coetzee N/A
A Knowledge Integration approach for Safety-Critical Software Development and Operation based on the Method Architecture Shuichiro Yamamoto N/A
Metrics-based incremental determinization of finite automata Sergiu Balan , Gianfranco Lamperti , Michele Scandale N/A
Towards Developing Secure Software using Problem-oriented Security Patterns Maritta Heisel , Azadeh Alebrahim N/A
A review of Security Requirements Engineering methods with respect to Risk Analysis and Model-Driven Engineering Denisse Munante , Vanea Chiprianov , Laurent Gallon , Philippe Aniorte N/A
Adaptive User-Centered Security Sven Wohlgemuth N/A