COSAC 2014 Sept. 28, 2014 to Sept. 2, 2014, kildare,ireland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
14th International Roundtable Security Forum John O'leary N/A
Part 1: How the Surveillance State has Changed IT Security Forever Richard Stiennon N/A
Part 2: Is There a Commercial Impact from Snowden? Vince Gallo N/A
Part 3: Take Back the Net: Practical Counter-surveillance Lisa Lorenzin N/A
Part 4: Why Do We Get This Security Stuff So Wrong? Andy Clark N/A
SABSA Master Class: Security Service Catalogue Workshop Pascal De Koning N/A
Weaponising Cybercurrencies G. Mark Hardy N/A
An IAM Journey – Enterprise Management of Identities & Access Lunga Newman N/A
Banking under Tree, Architecting for Mobility Mohammed Omarjee N/A
Information Security Insanities & Albert Einstein Bevan Lane N/A
Next Gen of “Things” … So what next about this complicated password S#@!T Mohammed Omarjee N/A
Take Down John Mark Walker N/A
Using Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability is not Helping Vicente Aceituno N/A
An Introduction to Visual Security John Arnold N/A
Emergent Security Efrain Gonzalez N/A
Guerrillas in our Midst Dave Barnett N/A
Practical Stakeholder Engagement John Sherwood N/A
Evolution of the OWASP Top 10 John Hetherton N/A
Minor Infractions John O'leary N/A
The ESA Roadshow – A Case Study: Selling the Strategic Vision Andrew Hutchinson , Jason Kobes , William Schultz N/A
Triggers, Outcomes & Social Impact – A Framework for Assessing Technological Evolution Sian John N/A
Help! The Senior Executives are Ignoring Risk Glen Bruce N/A
SABSA as a Problem-Solving Framework….for Anything! Become the FIFA World Champion 2018 Maurice Smit N/A
The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same Vince Gallo N/A
Complexity & the Role of Cryptographic Security Roy Follendore N/A
What Can the Data Be Used For? Jason Kobes , Mary Dunphy N/A
Reducing the Unknown Unknowns:Using SABSA to Improve Threat Modelling & Risk Assessment Chris Blunt N/A
Chaos, Cybernetics, Cynefin & SCAN in Enterprise Systems Engineering David Hafele N/A
Getting the Most Out of SIEM Data in Big Data Char Sample N/A
No Risk, No Glory Pascal De Koning N/A
Increasing Resilience & Reliability of Software-Based Systems Andrew Lea N/A
Data Classification & Information Identification in the Age of Big Data & Linked Open Data Andrew S. Townley N/A
Moving Beyond SWIFT Payments: A Whole Bank SABSA Implementation Ross Mackenzie N/A
Slaying the Hydra: Evolution & Mitigation of Denial-of-Service Attacks Lisa Lorenzin N/A
Cloud Assurance: Trust but Verify Ross Spelman N/A
Battle Royal: Functional Comparison of EA Frameworks Jason Kobes , William Schultz N/A
Kaizen for Bank Owned Accounts G. Mark Hardy N/A
Certified Security – Assurance or Trust? Helvi Salminen N/A
Enterprise Data Protection - the lifecycle Ajit Gaddam N/A
Spread Spectrum, Wireless Security & the World’s Most Beautiful Geek John O’leary N/A
COSAC Rump Session Various Facilitated David Lynas N/A
Security, We Have a Situation! John O'leary N/A
Complex Challenges in Security G. Mark Hardy N/A
Part 1: The Theory & Practice of Using SABSA Chris Blunt N/A
Part 2: The Problem Set: Hard-Earned Architectural Lessons Nima Khamooshi N/A