eCrimeResearchSymposium 2014 Sept. 23, 2014 to Sept. 25, 2014, birmingham,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome and Opening Remarks Peter Cassidy , Foy Shiver N/A
The Enemy Within:App Phishing and Riskware Menacing the Mobile Frontier Dave Jevans N/A
Wireless/Mobile Attack Trends Panel Moderator: Dave Jevans , Shawn Loveland , Jack Johnson , Paul Burbage N/A
OpSec Fail: PHP Code Reuse Leads to Vulnerabilities in Phish Kits Paul Burbage N/A
Extending the AMDoS Use Case:Adding Registrars to the Suspension Cycle Dave Piscitello N/A
Throwing STIX at the TAXII:Practical Use Cases for STIX/TAXII as a Cybercrime Reporting Format Pat Cain N/A
STOP. THINK. CONNECT. in N America, E. Asia & Latin AmericaSteps to a Global Footprint Shinichi Tankyo , Aimee Larsen-kirkpatrick , Jordi Aguila Vila N/A
Internet Crime Scenes: Favorite Phishing Spawning Grounds April Lorenzen N/A
Internet-Scale DNS Change Detection Henry Stern N/A
Old Dog. New Tricks Przemek Jaroszewski N/A
Evaluating Phishing Attacks: DMARC and non-DMARC Intelligence Gary Warner , Robert Holmes N/A
The Check is in the Mail: Monetization of Craigslist Buyer Scams Damon Mccoy , Jackie Jones N/A
Analyzing Social and Stylometric Features to Identify Spear phishing Emails Ponnurangam Kumaraguru , Prateek Dewan , Anand Kashyap N/A Deep Dive into Short URL based e-Crime Detection Ponnurangam Kumaraguru , Neha Gupta , Anupama Aggarwal N/A
Industry and Law Enforcement:Mapping the Collaborative Nexus for Managing Cybercrime in the 21st Century Dyann Bradbury N/A
Public Safety Registrar:A SECOPS Community Perspective Dave Piscitello N/A
Emerging Phishing Trends and Effectiveness of the Anti-Phishing Landing Page Srishti Gupta , Ponnurangam Kumaraguru N/A
Orchestrated Crime: The High Yield Investment Fraud Ecosystem Richard Clayton , Jens Neisius N/A
Electronic Document Counterfeiting and the NextGen Control Fraud Peter Cassidy , Dan Clemens N/A
APWG Member Data Resources and Utilities Mike D'ambrogia N/A
Assessing the Gap:Measure the Impact of Phishing on Your Organization Brad Wardman N/A
Phorecasting Phishing Attacks Dan Clemens N/A
BISANS: Doing to Botz What We Did for Phishing URLs Pat Cain N/A
APWG Accredited Reporter Program Peter Cassidy N/A
Global Phishing Survey: Trends and Cybergang Domain Name Abuse in 1H2014 Rod Rasmussen N/A