fedcsis 2014 Sept. 7, 2014 to Sept. 10, 2014, warsaw,poland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Performance Analysis of SaaS Ticket Management Systems Pano Gushev , Sasko Ristov , Marjan Gusev N/A
Supporting job-level secure access to GPGPU resources on existing grid infrastructures John Walsh , Jonathan Dukes N/A
Performance Analysis of Distributed Internet System Models using QPN Simulation Tomasz Rak N/A
A self-stabilizing algorithm for locating the center of Cartesian product of K2 and maximal outerplanar graphs Halina Bielak , Michał Pańczyk N/A
SCODIS. Sasko Ristov N/A
Synthesis of Real Time Distributed Applications for Cloud Computing Sławomir Bąk , Stanisław Deniziak N/A
Creating portable TOSCA archive for iKnow University Management System Marjan Gusev , Magdalena Kostoska , Ivan Chorbev N/A
Implementation of a Network Based Cloud Load Balancer Sasko Ristov , Marjan Gusev , Kiril Cvetkov , Goran Velkoski N/A
Identity Providers-as-a-Service built as Cloud-of-Clouds: challenges and opportunities Diego Kreutz , Eduardo Feitosa N/A
Handwritten Signature Verification with 2D Color Barcodes Marco Querini , Marco Gattelli , Valerio M. Gentile , Giuseppe F. Italiano N/A
High quality, low latency in-home streaming of multimedia applications for mobile devices Daniel Pohl , Stefan Nickels , Ram Nalla , Oliver Grau N/A
Gaussian-Based Approach to Subpixel Detection of Blurred and Unsharp Edges Anna Fabijańska N/A
Masking the Effects of Delays in Human-to-Human Remote Interaction Fei Su , John Markus Bjørndalen , Phuong Hoai Ha , Otto J. Anshus N/A
MMAP. Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea N/A
3D model reconstruction and evaluation using a collection of points extracted from the series of photographs Marcin Luckner , Katarzyna Sawicka N/A
Indoor head detection and tracking on RGBD images Urszula Markowska-kaczmar , Katarzyna Niżałowska , Łukasz Burdka N/A
Movement Tracking in Terrain Conditions Accelerated with CUDA Piotr Skłodowski , Witold Żorski N/A
An Optimized Version of the K-Means Clustering Algorithm Cosmin Marian Poteraş , Cristian Mihăescu , Mihai Mocanu N/A
Towards an Understanding Business Intelligence. A Dynamic Capability-Based Framework for Business Intelligence Celina M. Olszak N/A
Using parameter optimization to calibrate a model of user interaction Bernd Pfitzinger , Tommy Baumann , Dragan Maćoš , Thomas Jestädt N/A
Analysis of Aggregated Bot and Human Traffic on E-Commerce Site Grażyna Suchacka N/A
A note on BPMN Analysis. Towards a Taxonomy of Selected Potential Anomalies Anna Mroczek , Antoni Ligęza N/A
Selected Aspects of Temporal Knowledge Engineering Krzysztof Michalik , Maria Mach-król N/A
Hybrid framework for investment project portfolio selection Bogdan Rębiasz , Iwona Skalna , Bartłomiej Gaweł N/A
Enhancement of the ValueSec Risk Management Model Andrzej Bialas N/A
An approach to service-oriented information systems architecture development based on semantic closure measure Viktor Mokerov N/A
Learning History with Timelines: Use Cases, Requirements and Design Evgeny Pyshkin , Nikita Bogdanov N/A
Extracting Semantic Prototypes and Factual Information from a Large Scale Corpus Using Variable Size Window Topic Modelling Michał Korzycki , Wojciech Korczyński N/A
Semantic sentence structure search engine Nikita Gerasimov , Maxim Mozgovoy , Alexey Lagunov N/A
LELA - A natural language processing system for Romanian tourism Bernadette Varga , Alina Dia Trambitas-miron , Andrei Roth , Anca Marginean , Radu Razvan Slavescu , Adrian Groza N/A
Cloud-based Cooperation of Logistics Service Providers in Logistics Cluster Organisations Jan Oberländer , Bogdan Franczyk N/A
Visual enhancement of service maps in logistics clouds Bogdan Franczyk , Michael Glöckner , Björn Schwarzbach , Andreas Barton , André Ludwig N/A
Using UAVs for Remote Study of ice in the Arctic with a View to Laying the Optimal Route Vessel Alexey Lagunov , Dmitriy Fedin , Anatoliy Tyagunin N/A
A hybrid CP/MP approach to supply chain modelling, optimization and analysis Paweł Sitek N/A
Road Vehicles Identification and Positioning System Cemil Sungur , Hacı Bekir Gökgündüz , Adem Alpaslan Altun N/A
IT4L. Beata Gontar N/A
Research Problems Associated with Big Data Utilization in Logistics and Supply Chains Design and Management Bogdan Franczyk , Silva Robak , Marcin Robak N/A
Modeling enablers for sustainable logistics collaboration integrating - Canadian and Polish perspectives Katarzyna Grzybowska , Anjali Awasthi , Mohammad Hussain N/A
Information System Framework Architecture for Organization Agnostic Logistics Utilizing Standardized IoT Technologies Dimitris Karadimas , Elias Polytarchos , Kyriakos Stefanidis , John Gialelis N/A
Adaptive scheduling in dynamic environments Hanno Hildmann , Miquel Martin N/A
Task Assignments in Logistics by Adaptive Multi-Criterion Evolutionary Algorithm with Elitist Selection Jerzy Balicki N/A
Sustainable Supply Chain - Supporting Tools Katarzyna Grzybowska , Gábor Kovács N/A
ICT Security Risk Management: Economic Perspectives Gebhard Geiger N/A
Achieving Software Security for Measuring Instruments under Legal Control Michael Peter , Jean-pierre Seifert , Daniel Peters , Ulrich Grottker , Florian Thiel N/A
Measuring Security: A Challenge for the Generation Janusz Zalewski , Steven Drager , William Mckeever , Andrew J. Kornecki N/A
Security Evaluation of Bistable Ring PUFs on FPGAs using Differential and Linear Analysis Kazuo Sakiyama , Dai Yamamoto , Masahiko Takenaka , Naoya Torii N/A
A New Mode of Operation for Arbiter PUF to Improve Uniqueness on FPGA Kazuo Sakiyama , Mitsugu Iwamoto , Dai Yamamoto , Takanori Machida N/A
EAIS. Andrzej Białas N/A
Enterprise-oriented Cybersecurity Management Piotr Cholda , Tomasz Chmielecki , Piotr Pacyna , Paweł Potrawka , Norbert Rapacz , Rafał Stankiewicz , Piotr Wydrych N/A
Solution for Secure Private Data Storage in a Cloud Kirill Shatilov , Vladislav Boiko , Sergey Krendelev , Diana Anisutina , Artem Sumaneev N/A
A Comparison between Business Process Management and Information Security Management Gaute Wangen , Einar Arthur Snekkenes N/A
Order-preserving encryption schemes based on arithmetic coding and matrices Sergey Krendelev , Maria Usoltseva , Mikhail Yakovlev N/A
Evaluation of highly available and fault-tolerant middleware clustered architectures using RabbitMQ Maciej Rostański , Krzysztof Grochla , Aleksander Seman N/A
20 years of KAM Mieczysław Owoc N/A
Social media and emotions in organisational knowledge creation Harri Jalonen N/A
Danger Theory-based Privacy Protection Model for Social Networks Nai-wei Lo , Alexander Yohan N/A
Music Information Retrieval as a Key Framework to Explore Legal Issues Linked to Personal Data Computation Francis Rousseaux , Pierre Sorel , Marc Danger N/A
KAM&AI4KM. Gulgun Kayakutlu N/A
Knowledge Portal for Exclusion Process Services Mieczysław Owoc , Krzysztof Hauke , Maciej Pondel N/A
CKD: a Cooperative Knowledge Discovery Model for Design Project Xinghang Dai , Nada Matta , Guillaume Ducellier N/A
Knowledge Sharing in Distributed Agile Projects: Techniques, Strategies and Challenges Mohammad Abdur Razzak , Rajib Ahmed N/A
Information Models and Methods of the University's Scientific Knowledge Life Cycle Support Gulnaz Zhomartkyzy , Tatiana Balova , Marek Milosz N/A
Managing Intellectual Capital in Knowledge Economy Eunika Mercier-laurent N/A
Tool dilemmas of innovation Halina Tańska , Jolanta Sala N/A
KAM. Mieczyslaw Owoc N/A
Application of selected classification schemes for fault diagnosis of actuator systems Mateusz Kalisch , Piotr Przystałka , Anna Timofiejczuk N/A
Intelligent Association Rules for Innovative SME Collaboration Gulgun Kayakutlu , Eunika Mercier-laurent , Irem Duzdar N/A
Data Warehouse as a Source of Knowledge Acquisition. An Empirical Study Mieczysław Owoc , Mohammad Alsqour , Abdulrhman Ahmed N/A
Knowledge extraction from professional e-mails Nada Matta , Hassan Atifi , François Rauscher N/A
Information security in IT global sourcing models Małgorzata Sobińska , Kazimierz Perechuda N/A
Attractor Selection mechanism Simulink model Dmitrijs Finaskins , Gunars Lauks N/A
Parallel implementation of linear repetitive processes identification using subspace algorithms Dominik Kujawa N/A
Inexact Newton matrix-free methods for solving complex biotechnological systems Paweł Drąg , Marlena Kwiatkowska N/A
Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations: a Novel End Condition and Root Computation Method Maciej Bartoszuk N/A
Finite Element Numerical Integration on Xeon Phi coprocessor Filip Krużel , Krzysztof Banaś N/A
Performance analysis of scalable algorithms for 3D linear transforms Ivan Lirkov , Marcin Paprzycki , Maria Ganzha , Stanislav Sedukhin , Paweł Gepner N/A
Performance Analysis of Multicore and Multinodal Implementation of SpMV Operation Beata Bylina , Jarosław Bylina , Przemysław Stpiczyński , Dominik Szałkowski N/A
CANA. Dominik Szałkowski N/A
Implementation of a distributed parallel in time scheme using PETSc for a Parabolic Optimal Control Problem Juan Cáceres , Benjamín Barán , Christian Schaerer N/A
Pollutant’s Dispersion in the Atmosphere. Parallel Models and Applications Marcin Majer , Michal Podpora N/A
MuPAD codes which implement limit-computable functions that cannot be bounded by any computable function Apoloniusz Tyszka N/A
Accuracy Evaluation of Classical Integer Order Based and Direct Non-integer Order Numerical Algorithms of Non-integer Order Derivatives and Integrals Computations Dariusz W. Brzeziński , Piotr Ostalczyk N/A
On multivariate cryptosystems based on maps with logarithmically invertible decomposition corresponding to walk on graph Vasyl Ustimenko N/A
An error estimate of Gaussian Recursive Filter in 3Dvar problem Salvatore Cuomo , Ardelio Galletti , Livia Marcellino , Raffaele Farina N/A
Performance analysis of the WZ factorization in MATLAB Beata Bylina , Jarosław Bylina N/A
Small is Beautiful: Embedded Systems Projects in an Undergraduate Software Engineering Program Janusz Zalewski , Fernando P. Gonzalez , Robert Kenny N/A
Design of a Platform for Teaching Embedded Systems Engineering Ivan Kastelan , Nikola Teslic , Miodrag Temerinac N/A
An Approach to Improvement of Students Learning of Computer System Engineering Ivan Kastelan , Milos Nikolic , Dusan Majstorovic , Nebojsa Pjevalica N/A
Universities – A View to Pebbels of Mosaic Ivan Kastelan , Nikola Teslic , Gordana Velikic , Milenko Beric , Mark Bocko N/A
E2LP. Vlado Sruk , Miodrag Temerinac N/A
Design of Remote Laboratory dedicated to E2LP board for e-learning courses Jan Piwiński , Rafał Kłoda , Roman Szewczyk N/A
Computer Engineering Laboratory Course: E2LP Platform Experience Vlado Sruk , Nikolina Frid , H. Mlinaric , M. Kovac N/A
Learner-Centered Evaluation of an Augmented Reality System for Embedded Engineering Education Florent Souvestre , Margarita Anastassova , Enara Artetxe Gonzalez , Aratz Setién Gutiérrez , Jorge Benito , Moshe Barak N/A
Keynote: Big Data for SME Jerzy Korczak , Bogdan Franczyk N/A
On Winners and Losers in Procurement Auctions Grzegorz Kersten , Tomasz Wachowicz N/A
Critical Success Factors for ERP Projects in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – The Perspective of Selected German SMEs Christian Leyh N/A
Multi-criteria Evaluation of the Intelligent Dashboard for SME Managers based on Scorecard Framework Jerzy Korczak , Mirosław Dyczkowski , Helena Dudycz N/A
AITM Witold Chmielarz , Gregory E. Kersten N/A
Service Design and Distributed System Reliability in Intelligence Information System Based on Service-Oriented Architecture Jugoslav Achkoski , Vladimir Trajkovik N/A
Comparison of architectures for service management in IoT and sensor networks by means of OSGi and REST services Daniel Wilusz , Jarogniew Rykowski N/A
Performance evaluation of decision-making agents’ in the multi-agent system Jerzy Korczak , Marcin Hernes , Maciej Bac N/A
Identification of the knowledge conflicts’ sources in the architecture of cognitive agents supporting decisions-making process Marcin Hernes , Jadwiga Sobieska-karpińska N/A
Development of the Organizational Agility Maturity Model Roy Wendler N/A
Implementation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in academic laboratories Pawel Chrobak N/A
Towards Semantic-based Process-oriented Control in Digital Home Tatiana Atanasova N/A
Algorithms for Automating Task Delegation in Project Management Florian Mircea Boian , Bogdan Pop N/A
A Fractal Measure for Comparing the Work Effort of Human and Artificial Agents Performing Management Functions Matthew Gladden N/A
A Framework for Dynamic Analytical Risk Management at the Emergency Scene. From Tribal to Top Down in the Risk Management Maturity Model Adam Krasuski N/A
Virtual Reality for Fire Evacuation Research Max Kinateder , Enrico Ronchi , Daniel Nilsson , Margrethe Kobes , Mathias Müller , Paul Pauli , Andreas Mühlberger N/A
A Granular Evacuation Modeling Framework Wojciech Świeboda , Andrzej Krauze , Hung Son Nguyen N/A
Heuristic to Build RCC8 for Event Locations Majed Ayyad N/A
0CEIM/CEIM-DM. Max Kinateder N/A
Evaluation of a Heat Release Rate based on Massively Generated Simulations and Machine Learning Approach Adam Krasuski , Mateusz Fliszkiewicz , Karol Krenski N/A
Using Fuzzy Logic and Q-Learning for Trust Modeling in Multi-agent Systems Abdullah Aref , Thomas Tran N/A
A Brain Emotional Learning-based Prediction Model A Brain Emotional Learning-based Prediction Model For the Prediction of Geomagnetic Storms Mahboobeh Parsapoor , Urban Bilstrup , Bertil Svensson N/A
Data Cleansing of the Fire & Rescue Text Corpus. The Case Study of Correction of the Misspellings and Segmentation into Sentences Mateusz Fliszkiewicz , Karol Krenski N/A
Key Risk Factors for Polish State Fire Service: a Data Mining Competition at Knowledge Pit Adam Krasuski , Hung Son Nguyen , Andrzej Janusz , Sebastian Stawicki , Mariusz Rosiak , Dominik Ślęzak N/A
CEIM-DM. Andrzej Janusz N/A
Parsimonious Naive Bayes Marc Boullé N/A
Feature selection and allocation to diverse subsets for multi-label learning problems with large datasets Eftim Zdravevski , Petre Lameski , Andrea Kulakov , Dejan Gjorgjevikj N/A
Identification of Key Risk Factors for the Polish State Fire Service with Cascade Step Forward Feature Selection Piotr Płoński N/A
Building an Ensemble from a Single Naive Bayes Classifier in the Analysis of Key Risk Factors for Polish State Fire Service Stefan Nikolić , Marko Knežević , Vladimir Ivančević , Ivan Luković N/A
Robust Method of Sparse Feature Selection for Multi-Label Classification with Naive Bayes Dymitr Ruta N/A
Feature Selection for Naive Bayesian Network Ensemble using Evolutionary Algorithms Adam Zagorecki N/A
Opening Pandora's box: Some Insight into the Inner Workings of an Agent Based Simulation Environment Daniel Dawson , Peer-olaf Siebers , Tuong Manh Vu N/A
Improving the Social Capital of Trust-based Competitive Multi-Agent Systems by Introducing Meritocracy Antonello Comi , Lidia Fotia , Domenico Rosaci N/A
Common and Domain-specific Metamodel Elements for Problem Description in Simulation Problems Valeria Seidita , Patrizia Ribino , Carmelo Lodato , Salvatore Lopes , Massimo Cossentino N/A
Stigmergic MASA: A Stigmergy Based Algorithm for Multi-Target Search Ouarda Zedadra , Nicolas Jouandeau , Hamid Seridi , Giancarlo Fortino N/A
Multi-Agent-based Distributed Optimization for Demand-Side-Management Applications Tim Dethlefs , Thomas Preisler , Wolfgang Renz N/A
Overview of Research Challenges towards Smart Grid Quality by Design David Gešvindr , Barbora Buhnova , Jan Rosecky N/A
JAWS. Christian Derksen N/A
Conjoint Dynamic Aggregation and Scheduling Methods for Dynamic Virtual Power Plants Christian Hinrichs , Astrid Nieße , Sebastian Beer , Jörg Bremer , Ontje Lünsdorf , Michael Sonnenschein N/A
El Farol Bar problem, Potluck problem and electric energy balancing - on the importance of communication Weronika Radziszewska , Ryszard Kowalczyk , Zbigniew Nahorski N/A
Don't step on the Distribution's Tail (Investigating the impact of random fluctuations on efficient resource utilization) Hanno Hildmann , Fabrice Saffre N/A
Synthesised Constraint Models for Distributed Energy Management Wolfgang Reif , Alexander Schiendorfer , Jan-philipp Steghöfer N/A
A New Intrusion Prevention System for Protecting Smart Grids from ICMPv6 Vulnerabilities Nabendu Chaki , Manali Chakraborty , Agostino Cortesi N/A
A new approach to automatic continuous artery diameter measurement Bartosz Zieliński , Adam Roman , Agata Dróżdż , Agata Kowalewska , Marzena Frołow N/A
Topological Prostate Segmentation Method in MRI Done Stojanov , Saso Koceski N/A
EMG Speller with Adaptive Stimulus Rate and Dictionary Support Mindaugas Vasiljevas , Rūtenis Turčinas , Robertas Damaševičius N/A
Construction of Healthcare System Structure for Reliability Analysis Miroslav Kvassay , Elena Zaitseva N/A
An infrastructure for efficient reporting workflow in grid based teleradiology architectures using Relation Based Semantic Matching and Integer Linear Programming Ayhan Ozan Yılmaz , Nazife Baykal N/A
AIMA. Elena Zaitseva N/A
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Prediction Using Support Vector Machine and LIBSVM Marcin Ochab , Wiesław Wajs N/A
Improving the performance of machine learning classifiers for Breast Cancer diagnosis based on feature selection Noel Pérez , Miguel Angel Guevara , Augusto Silva , Isabel Ramos , Joana Loureiro N/A
Feature Selection for Classification Incorporating Less Meaningful Attributes in Medical Diagnostics Agnieszka Wosiak , Danuta Zakrzewska N/A
Fuzzy Vikor Approach: Evaluating Quality of Internet Health Information Eric Afful-dadzie , Stephen Nabareseh , Zuzana Komínková Oplatková N/A
Fuzzy Decision Tree Based Classification of Psychometric Data Elena Zaitseva , Krzysztof Pancerz , Vitaly Levashenko , Jerzy Gomula N/A
Hybrid GA-ACO Algorithm for a Model Parameters Identification Problem Marcin Paprzycki , Stefka Fidanova , Olympia Roeva N/A
Exact and Approximation Algorithms for Linear Arrangement Problems Alain Quiliot , Djamal Rebaine N/A
A Comparison between Different Chess Rating Systems for Ranking Evolutionary Algorithms Marjan Mernik , Niki Veček , Matej Črepinšek , Dejan Hrnčič N/A
Higher-Order Quantum-Inspired Genetic Algorithms Robert Nowotniak , Jacek Kucharski N/A
Data-driven Genetic Algorithm in Bayesian estimation of the abrupt atmospheric contamination Anna Wawrzynczak-szaban , Marcin Jaroszyński , Mieczysław Borysiewicz N/A
A probabilistic traveling salesman problem: a survey Abir Henchiri , Monia Bellalouna , Walid Khaznaji N/A
WCO. Stefka Fidanova , Antonio Mucherino N/A
An adaptive branching scheme for the Branch & Prune algorithm applied to Distance Geometry Antonio Mucherino , Douglas Gonçalves , Carlile Lavor N/A
Change-Point Detection in Binary Markov DNA Sequences by Cross-Entropy Method Tatiana Polushina , Georgy Sofronov N/A
Dispersive Flies Optimisation Mohammad Majid Al-rifaie N/A
A Look-Forward Heuristic for Packing Spheres into a Three-Dimensional Bin Hakim Akeb N/A
Routing on Dynamic Networks: GRASP versus Genetic Alain Quiliot , Benoit Bernay , Deleplanque Samuel N/A
An Application of Developmental Genetic Programming for Automatic Creation of Supervisors of Multi-task Real-Time Object-Oriented Systems Stanisław Deniziak , Krzysztof Sapiecha , Leszek Ciopiński N/A
Meta-optimization method for wavelet-based damage identification in composite structures Andrzej Katunin , Piotr Przystałka N/A
3-D filter SQP method for optimal control of the multistage differential-algebraic systems with inconsistent initial values Paweł Drąg , Krystyn Styczeń N/A
Width Beam and Hill-Climbing Strategies for the Three-Dimensional Sphere Packing Problem Mhand Hifi , Labib Yousef N/A
An efficient algorithm for the density Turán problem of some unicyclic graphs Halina Bielak , Kamil Powroźnik N/A
Optimisation using Natural Language Processing: Personalized Tour Recommendation for Museums Mayeul Mathias , Assema Moussa , Juan-manuel Torres-moreno , Fen Zhou , Marie-sylvie Poli , Didier Josselin , Marc El-bèze , Andréa Carneiro Linhares , Françoise Rigat N/A
Exploratory Equivalence in Graphs: Definition and Algorithms Jurij Mihelič , Luka Fürst , Uroš Čibej N/A
Transdimensional sequential Monte Carlo for hidden Markov models using variational Bayes - SMCVB Clare Mcgrory , Daniel Ahfock N/A
Requirement Engineering for Effective Mobile Learning: Modelling Mobile Device Technologies Integration for Alignment with Strategic Policies in Learning Establishments Remy Olasoji , David Preston , Amin Mousavi N/A
Situational Software Engineering: Complex Adaptive Responses of Software Development Teams Barry Myburgh N/A
Global Unification Model of Studies based on similar subjects Habib M. Fardoun , Daniyal M. Alghazzawi , Lorenzo Carretero González N/A
Benu: Operating System Increments for Embedded Systems Engineer's Education Leonardo Jelenković , Domagoj Jakobović , Stjepan Groš N/A
Proprietary versus Open Source Software in Support of Learning in Computer Science Antoine Melki N/A
Strategies for the Individualization of an Informatics Course Olga Mironova , Irina Amitan , Jelena Vendelin , Merike Saar , Tiia Rüütmann N/A
ISEC. Teaching Methods and Techniques. Daniyal M. Alghazzawi N/A
Flipped Computer Science Classes R. Robert Gajewski , Marcin Jaczewski N/A
New Teaching Techniques of Mathematics Subjects by means of Artificial Genesis Habib M. Fardoun , Daniyal M. Alghazzawi , Antonio Paules Cipres N/A
Experience with Real-Life Students' Projects Jaroslav Král , Michal Žemlička N/A
Assessing the quality of e-government portals – the Polish experience Ewa Ziemba , Tomasz Papaj , Danuta Descours N/A
Towards a Comprehensive Model for E-Government Adoption and Utilisation Analysis: The Case of Saudi Arabia Saleh Alghamdi , Natalia Beloff N/A
Identification of mental barriers in the implementation of cloud computing in the SMEs in Poland Dorota Jelonek , Cezary Stepniak , Tomasz Turek , Leszek Ziora N/A
Reversible Fragile Algorithm for Watermarking relational database Based on Multilevel Histogram Modification Amal Hamdy , Mohamed Hashem , Amal El-shershaby , Sawsan Shouman N/A
Functionality Assessment and Requirements of the IT System in an Education Institution Ljijana Ruzic-dimitrijevic , Milorad Stevic N/A
ISM. Ewa Ziemba N/A
The Application of a Conversion Method in a Confrontational Pattern-Based Design Method Used for the Evaluation of IT Systems Witold Chmielarz , Marek Zborowski N/A
The Urbanized Bid Process Information System Sahbi Zahaf , Faiez Gargouri N/A
Acquiring a Digital Audience for Theaters – Looking Through The Lenses of Customer Equity and Empirical Research Urszula Świerczyńska-kaczor , Paweł Kossecki N/A
Barriers in Creating Regional Business Spatial Community Dorota Jelonek , Cezary Stepniak , Tomasz Turek N/A
Investigation of the COBIT Framework Input/Output Relationships by Using Graph Metrics Mesut Ateşer , Özgür Tanrıöver N/A
Semantic Organization of Information Resources for Supporting the Work of Academic Staff Ilona Pawełoszek N/A
Grammar-Based Model Transformations Galina Besova , Dominik Steenken , Heike Wehrheim N/A
Pragmatic Model-Driven Software Development from the Viewpoint of a Programmer: Teaching Experience Jaroslav Porubän , Michaela Bačíková , Sergej Chodarev , Milan Nosáľ N/A
Extended Entity-Relationship Approach in a Multi-Paradigm Information System Modeling Tool Ivan Luković , Vladimir Dimitrieski , Milan Ćelikovič , Slavica Aleksic , Sonja Ristić N/A
Study of Interoperability between Meta-Modeling Tools Heiko Kern N/A
MDASD. Jaroslav Porubän N/A
MuSCa: A Multiscale Characterization Framework for Complex Distributed Systems Sam Rottenberg , Sébastien Leriche , Chantal Taconet , Claire Lecocq , Thierry Desprats N/A
Efficient Description and Cache Performance in Aspect-Oriented User Interface Design Tomáš Černý , Miroslav Macik , Michael J. Donahoo , Jan Janousek N/A
Stormgen - A Domain specific language to create ad-hoc Storm Topologies K Chandrasekaran , Siddharth Santurkar , Abhishek Arora N/A
Alvis Virtual Machine Piotr Matyasik N/A
Function-oriented Inclusive Design Markus Modzelewski , Michael Lawo N/A