ShmooCon 2005 Feb. 4, 2005 to Feb. 6, 2005, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Riley "Caezar" Eller Keynote Keynote
The Secret Lives Of Photons Abaddon From rfid's, to street lights and mobile data terminals, the radio spectrum is filled with ... Wireless
0Wn The C0N! Bof Beetle Whether you've noticed it or not, there's a trendy opinion emerging, amongst the folks around ... Community
Avoiding The Mis-Management Of Patch Management Bof Tina Bird Patch-management: it is one of our latest and greatest challenges and could quite possibly be ... Business Security
Trike'S Automatic Threat Generation Brenda If you have ever tried to completely & accurately describe the insecurities (at every level ... Security
Design And Implementation Of A Wireless Ids Franck Veysset , Laurent Butti Wireless intrusions like rogue access points, injection and mac spoofing attack are a common way ... Wireless
If Yore Not Part Of The Solution, Yore Part Of The Precipitate Bof Jon Callas Human beings are the core of all security issues, as part of the problem and ... Security Analysis
Ids Gone Bad Brian Caswell We've all done Snort. Woopeee. Snort with perl plugins. Its been done. But what happens ... Intrusion Detection
Evidence-Based Security Assessment Bof Crispin Cowan , Adam Shostack , Al Potter , Ed Reed How to decide "Is this thing secure?" is a tough problem. It is a lot ... Forensics
Intrusion Prevention And Application Security: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Crispin Cowan Richard Clarke said that "The reason why you have people breaking into your software is ... Intrusion Detection
Low Latency Anonymizing Networks Bof Roger Dingledine Come talk with Roger Dingledine, Tor project leader, about all the hard issues in the ... Security Anonymity
Reverse Engineering For Fun And Bof It! Bof Chris Eagle Reverse engineering skills can come in handy in any number of situations. Determining the behavior ... Reverse Engineering
/Applied Cryptography/? Oh, I Skimmed Through That Book Once. Seth Hardy this talk is inspired by the title quote, part of a response to the question ... Cryptography
High-Speed Computing & Co-Processing With Fpgas David Hulton FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are slowly becoming more and more advanced and practical as ... Security Others
Ph0Wned: Phreaking In The 21St Century Lance James The days of nefarious phone phreaks "were" over, but with the new age of Voice-Over-IP ... Security Hardware Reverse Engineering
Black Ops Of Dns, Part Deux Dan Kaminsky DNS is a routing, caching, globally deployed overlay network on top of the Internet. Last ... DNS
Quantitative Risk Assessments - Possible Or Crack Dream? Bof Toby Kohlenberg With the increasing need to think carefully about where security dollars should be spent, companies ... Security Risk
Google Hacking Johnny Long This presentation explores the explosive growth of a technique known as "Google Hacking". When the ... Web Security
Cutlass - Encrypted, Peer-To-Peer Communications For Everyone Kathy Wang , Todd Macdermid , Jack Lloyd , Nash Foster Users on the Internet are rapidly shifting to more advanced and diverse forms of communication. ... Privacy
Old Skewl Hacking: Infra Red - Mmirda (Major Malfunction'S Infra Red Discovery Application) Major Malfunction Major Malfunction spends a lot of time travelling. Consequently he spends a lot of time ... Wireless
Automated Blind Sql Exploitation Cameron Hotchkies Because of improper software design and implementation practices, the number of web-based applications vulnerable to ... Security SQL
Lockpicking 101 Deviant Ollam Physical security isn't just a concern of the IT world. Besides securing server rooms, locks ... Hardware Reverse Engineering
Opening Remarks, Yet-Another-Rant, And Your Pre-Con Pep-Talk Bruce Potter Community
Closing Remarks, And Your Last Chance To Throw Shmooballs Bruce Potter Community
Frustrating Automated Static Analysis Of Binaries Pusscat As industries evolve and mature, the natural progression is to turn toward the automation of ... Analysis
The Evils Of Xss: Its Not Just For Cookies Anymore Anton Rager Many security professionals, security administrators and developers are aware of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities, but ... Web Security
The Warpack: Perverting Wearable Computing On A Budget Renderman Defcon 12 had an interesting and amusing sight wandering around the con for the Wardriving ... Hardware General
Building Target-Based Ids: Snort On The Move Martin Roesch Martin Roesch founded Sourcefire in 2001 and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. A respected ... Intrusion Detection
Practical Privacy And Anonymity For Hackers Simple Nomad Everyone talks about privacy and anonymity in terms of usage of technology, but rarely talk ... Anonymity Privacy
Binary Difference Analysis Via Phase Cancellation Joe Stewart , Mike Wisener Binary difference analysis is becoming more popular due to a rise in the number of ... Security Analysis
Linksys Wrt54G / Wrt54Gs “Magical Transformation Into A Useful Piece Of Equipment Or A Brick” Sysmin , Quigon The Linksys WRT54G and WRT54GS series of access points can be purchased at many major ... Hardware General
The Clue Enforcers Rodney Thayer An interactive presentation based on a talk show format, The Clue Enforcers offers a sometimes ... Community
Zen And The Relevance Of Perception To Cyber Security, Or, When Is A Network Not A Network? Richard Theime Drawing on the wisdom of some of the best minds in security and intelligence, this ... Security
Automated Warspying Frank Thornton My project is an automated WarSpying program. Using commercial off the shelf hardware linked to ... Wireless
Reconstructing Root Fu; A Post-Mortem Peter ( Divide ) Zdebski Reverse Engineering