FutureSec 2014 Sept. 16, 2014 to Sept. 18, 2014, berlin,germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome and Opening Klaus Thoma , Beate Wieland , Thomas Rachel N/A
Keynote I Resilience – Success Through Partnerships Richard A. Serino N/A
Panel I:Industry Perspective on Security Research Michael Lauster , G. Schlechtriem , R. Reinema , P. Francis , H. Geiser , K. Thoma , I. Haisma N/A
Keynote II:Critical Infrastructure Resilience: A 21st Century Imperative Caitlin A. Durkovich N/A
Panel II U.S. Perspectives on Resilience Lauren Alexander Augustine , R. A. Serino , C. A. Durkovich , E. Eide N/A
Panel III :From Research to Products: The 5 Demonstration Programs of FP7 Tijen-khoen Liem , M. Martínez-garcía , A. Gonzalez Gorostiza , C. Goodchild , G. Zomer , I. Perreal , M. Missoweit N/A
Panel IV :Future Security & Defence Research in Europe Tijen-khoen Liem , G. W. Adamowitsch , T.-k. Liem , H. Linnenkamp , H. Mey , S. Kainz-huber N/A
Closing Remarks Klaus Thoma N/A
The Drive for Holistic Urban Resilience Stephen M. Purcell N/A
Quantifying Urban Risk and Vulnerability – A Toolsuite of New Methods for Planners Werner Riedel N/A
A Web Application for Urban Security Enhancement Ivo Häring N/A
Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructure in Urban Environment Maik Fröchtenicht N/A
Food Crisis Scenario Simulations Improving Food Safety and Security Alexander Falenski N/A
Resilience of the German Food Chain Jan Seitz N/A
Disruptions of Food Supply Chains: A Spatial Vulnerability Assessment Approach for Disaster Management Thomas Münzberg N/A
Checklist for the Identification of Vulnerabilities for the Intentional Contamination of the Food Chain Anja Buschulte N/A
A Holistic Protection Portfolio for Urban Infrastructure Christoph Roller N/A
Modeling and Simulation of a Resilient Dynamic Protection System to Protect Critical Infrastructures Rüdiger Klein N/A
STEUERUNG: Advanced Information Security for Critical Infrastructures Christian Horn N/A
Integration of Resilience Engineering in the Transdisciplinary Building Design Process Markus Nöldgen N/A
An Innovative Approach for Tool-Based Field Exercise-Support to Gain Improved Preparedness in Emergency Response Holger Bracker N/A
From Human Factors to HSI and Beyond: Design of Operational Centers and Control Rooms Adelbert Bronkhorst N/A
Architecture for and Evaluation of Situational Analysis in the Real World David Münch N/A
Ergonomics and Human Systems Integration for a Dynamic Balance of Security with Other System Qualities: Sketch of the Challenge and Solution Space Frank Flemisch N/A
How to Implement Resilience – Some Recommendations Benjamin Scharte N/A
The COBACORE Project – a Community-Based Approach to Disaster Recovery Martijn Neef N/A
Resilience – Doing Well Despite of Adversity Christine Adler N/A
Assessing Societal Impacts of Security Research: Tools and Methodologies for European Security Research Matthias Mueth N/A
3D-Forensics – Mobile High-Resolution 3D-Scanner and 3D Data Analysis for Forensic Evidence Stephen Crabbe N/A
Progress Towards Detection of Explosive Vapors by Mass Spectrometry Gonzalo Mora N/A
Few-View X-Ray 3D Tomography for Security Applications with the Example of Sea Freight Containers Victoria Heusinger N/A
Trace Detection of Explosive Substances in Hyperspectral Imagery Jan Jarvis N/A
Crisis and Disaster Management as a Network-Activity – Do we have to Extend the Term “vernetzte Sicherheit“ in German Speaking Countries? Christian Flachberger N/A
Crisis Management in the U.S.: Examples of Policies, Practices, and the Role of Disaster Resilience Elizabeth Eide N/A
More Safety for Football Events: Improving the Communication of Stakeholders and the Dialogue with Fans Jürgen Moßgraber , Thomas Kubera N/A
Interoperability as a Daily Challenge: Enhancing Operational Data Exchange between Rescue Organisations Stefano Marsella , Marcello Marzoli N/A
Ethical Concerns Regarding Advanced Screening Systems Marc Andree Weber N/A
An Active Personal Screening Method at 360 GHz, Based on an FMCW-MIMO Approach – a TeraSCREEN Subsystem Sandra Nowok N/A
Automatic Standoff Detection of Threats in Crowded Areas Andrey Kuznetsov N/A
Stand-off Detection of Chemical and Biological Substances using Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Technique Thomas Fischbach N/A
Recent Improvements within the Testing and Certification Process of Explosive Detection Systems as Basis of a Harmonized European Test Regime Dirk Roeseling N/A
Big Data in Aviation Supply Chain Security Carsten Böhle N/A
Vessel Route Prediction for Maritime Surveillance Giulia Battistello N/A
A Guide to Preparing and Executing an Effective Port Security Exercise Anastasia Wagner N/A
Results of European Research Projects Increasing Public Security Thomas Streil N/A
Training in Maritime Security – a Game Based Learning Approach Rainer Müller N/A
Development of a Microscopic Pedestrian Evacuation Simulation Taking into Account Behaviour and Perception Aspects Georg Mayer N/A
A Holistic, Scenario-Independent, Situation-Awareness and Guidance System for Sustaining the Active Evacuation Route for Large Crowds Pedro Garibi Pérez N/A
Toolbox Concept for Improvement of European Preparedness and Resilience against CBRN Attacks Svenja Stöven N/A
System Requirements for DESTRIERO: A Decision Support Tool for Reconstruction and Recovery in Case of Complex Crises Situations Krzysztof Samp N/A
Comparative Analysis of Methods for Strategic Security Research Planning Joachim Burbiel N/A
Working with Security Systems-of-Systems: Experience from FP7 and Thoughts for Horizon 2020 E. Anders Eriksson N/A
ESENET: An Outlook for the Future of Emergency Services in Europe Uberto Delprato N/A
The Evolving Concept of Security: a Critical Evaluation Across Four Dimensions Milos Jovanovic N/A
Future Technology Landscapes: Insights, Analysis and Implications for Defence Giacomo Persi Paoli N/A
Future Threat Scenarios for Identifying Societal Security Needs Timo Leimbach N/A
DNS Security: Past, Present and Future Amir Herzberg , Haya Shulman N/A
Safety and IT-Security: Transfer of Methods, Knowledge and Lessons-Learned? Thomas Alexander N/A
An Approach for Systematically Analyzing and Identifying Security Requirements for the Converged Web-Mobile Applications Devotha Nyambo N/A
Protecting Critical Infrastructure: A Comprehensive Approach for Energy Transport Rene Golembewski N/A
An Intelligent and Adaptive Live Simulator: A New Concept for Cybersecurity Training Jorge lopez Hernandez-ardieta N/A