ICCC 2014 Sept. 9, 2014 to Sept. 11, 2014, new delhi,india

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Remarks N E Prasad N/A
Special Address Kiran Karnik N/A
Keynote Address Duncan Harris , Dag Stroman N/A
Address by theGuest of Honour Arvind Gupta N/A
Inaugural Address by the Chief Guest R S Sharma N/A
Vote of Thanks Mitali Chatterjee N/A
“CCRA progress and status” Report from the CC Management Committee Stroman Dag N/A
“CCRA progress and status” Report from the CC David Martin N/A
Panel discussion: Using CPPs to meet User Needs David Martin , Mike Grimm , Ducan Harris , Narendra Nath , Aditya Bajachi , Kamakoti N/A
Scheme update of Japan Matsutoshi N/A
A high assurance smart card operating system evaluation in an Agile/Scrum development environment -challenges and solutions Tyrone Stodart N/A
Protection Profile for embedded UICC Jean Tetu N/A
Turkish Scheme Update 2014 Mariye umay Akkaya , Zumrut N/A
Vetting of Mobile Apps: An Opportunity for Common Criteria Jeffrey Blank N/A
Agile Evaluation - A New Approach for time and cost effective evaluations Michael Scheibel N/A
CC-Case as an Integrated Method of Security Analysis and Assurance based on Common Criteria Tomoko Kaneko N/A
The CUMULUS approach to Cloud Service Security Certification Massimiliano Orazi , Vittorio Bagini , Fondazione Ugo Bordoni N/A
Updating the Security IC Platform PP Wolfgang Killmann N/A
UK Scheme report David Martin N/A
Developing a Protection Profile for Smart TV Minsu Park N/A
Trust in the mobile app store - A solution by the way of Common Criteria Ashit Vora N/A
Update Janine S Pedersen N/A
Let's give back meaning to CEM work units Christophe Blad N/A
National Scheme Update for the BSI German Scheme Joachim Weber N/A
How the TOE and its EAL level influences the site security requirements Leo Kool N/A
The Network International Technical Community -Progress and Status Tony Boswell N/A
Protection Profiles for "Smart Grid Eco-System:One of the most challenging Imperatives for CC Narang N Kishor N/A
Keynote Speech David Brewer N/A
Panel discussion: Common Criteria – An Industry Perspective Alicia Squires , Joshua Brickman , Kamlesh Bajaj , Amol Mitra , Balaji Venketeshwar , Rajesh Uppal N/A
Korean Domestic Certification Scheme Junho Ahn N/A
Lessons learned from RNG evaluations according German AIS20/AIS31 Wolfgang Killmann , Fritz Bollmann N/A
the key to using international expertise efficiently and effectively David Martin , Brian Smithson , Ricoh Americas N/A
Russian IT Security Certification Scheme: Steps Toward Common Criteria Approach Alexander Barabanov N/A
Role of Entropy inFIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Shashi Karanam N/A
Common Criteria Users Forum (CCUF) Update Matthew l. Keller N/A
Security certification in the cloud and possible use of Common Criteria Massimiliano Orazi , Vittorio Bagini , Fondazione Ugo Bordoni N/A
ISO version of FIPS 140 Nithya Rachamadugu N/A
WG1 a successful collaboration on the ETR for Composition methodology update Leo Kool , Monique Bakker N/A
Common Criteria as Part of the Software Development Lifecycle Shawn Pinet , Greg Mclearn N/A
Strategies for efficient evaluation and certification of product families Wei Yuan-mao N/A
Editing modular and structured cPPs Miguel Banon , Epoche Espri N/A
Security Composition with Software Platform: Integration of Hardware Nathalie Feyt , Igor Furgel N/A
Vulnerability Assessment in Common Criteria Evaluation- A Practical Approach Malabika Ghosh N/A
Full Drive Encryption cPP -Status & Lessons Learned James Donndelinger N/A
Testing of a Mobile Device Management System: The Case of Korean Government Keunwoo Rhee N/A
Test Vehicle for Payment Terminals Toru Hashimoto N/A
A Dilemma for Innovators: Product Differentiation and Evaluation Michael Grimm N/A
Clarification of Security Targets: ASE Change Proposals Luis Fernández , Miguel Morillo N/A
The Functional Package – An Idea whose Time Has Come Amit Sharma , Leidos N/A
The new CCRA - how are the ITCs and cPPs going? David Martin N/A
Evaluating Windows: A Journey from Vista to the Threshold of Blue Michael Grimm N/A
The BIOS Perfect Storm Tom Brostrom N/A
Evolution of the New Protection Profile Approach Edward Morris N/A
Secure delivery - Common Criteria approach and real threats Jens Oberender N/A
Mutual recognition of ALC report using JIL-minimum site security requirement Kenji Yamaya N/A
Tackling the gap of time to market and new TOE versions Wei Yuan-mao N/A
Payment Terminals -lessons learned from a quasi-technical community Simon Milford N/A
Structured and Guided Mobile Device Penetration Testing Mark Gauvreau N/A
Towards A Scalable International Cryptographic Evaluation Process Sonu Shankar , Clint Winebrenner N/A
Establishing Authorised CB for CC Certification A K Sharma N/A
Towards Repeatable and Reproducible Assurance for Modern Protection Profiles Edward Morris N/A
Outline of a certification methodology for diversified codes Said Gharout , Guillaume Tetu N/A
Evaluations at Internet Speed, a Vendor Perspective Brian Wood N/A
Way Forward -Developments in Entropy Testing Ashit Vora , Chris Brych N/A
Evaluation of security functions and security architecture Wolfgang Killmann N/A
Panel discussion: CC in meeting the Security Challenges of eGovernance N S Kalsi , Vijay Devnath , Hemanth Pandey , Patrick Kishore , Rajendra Kumar , Vakul Sharma N/A