NinjaCon 2009 Aug. 7, 2009 to Aug. 9, 2009, Vienna, Austria

Event Page

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Biohacking: Dna Lab Day Lisa Thalheim Security Others
Keynote Astera Keynote
Learn To Make Cool Things With Microcontrollers Mitch Altman Workshops
Call-In: House Of The Future: Starting With The Furniture Fabienne Serriere Security Hardware General
Lockpicking Babak Javadi , Deviant Ollam Security Hardware General
Call-In: Scientists Are The New Rockstars Scott Beibin Others Security
Call-In: What Is Old Is New Again, Or Why The Bomb Really Matters In Our Everday Lives Eric Michaud Security Others
Genetic Algorithms & Evolutionary Computing Ben Winstone Hardware General
Circuitbending, And Other Electronic Instruments Jimmie Rodgers Security Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Call-In: A 16 Bit Rootkit And Second Generation Zigbee Chips Travis Goodspeed Security Rootkits Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Security By Candlelight Michael Kafka Security Others
The Church Of Security: Flashmob Hellekin Jaromil Security Others
Hero Hack Zimmer Barnes Security
Freedom Optional: A Philosophical Discussion Of Life, Love, And Hacking Babak Javadi Hardware General
Malware For Soho Routers Naxxatoe Security Malware
The Future Of Biometrics Mark Tuttle Security Hardware General
A View On Hacker Ethics Anonymous Speaker Security
Cyberpunk Hellekin Jaromil Security
Unauthorized Access Anonymous Speaker Security Access
Out Ta Get Me: Hiding Out And Laying Low With Anti-Forensics Morgan Marquis-boire Security
Hacklab.Toilet Seth Hardy Security
Hostilewrt Nico Security Wireless
Snaqx: Distributed Port Scanning Framework Natano Security
Lightning Talks Anonymous Speaker Lightning Talk
G.R.L.'S Recent History & Bling Bling Preview Michael Zeltner Security Analysis
Monochrom: Reach Out And Touch Face Johannes Grenzfurthner Lightning Talk