Raid 2014 Sept. 17, 2014 to Sept. 19, 2014, gottenburg,sweden

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome by the chairs Herbert Bos , Angelos Stavrou N/A
A Safe Browsing view on the Evolution from Malware to Unwanted Software Niels Provos N/A
Count Me In: Viable Distributed Summary Statistics for Securing High-Speed Networks Robin Sommer , Seth Hall , Johanna Amann N/A
Formal Analysis of Security Procedures in LTE - A Feasibility Study Noomene Ben Henda , Karl Norrman N/A
Run Away If You Can: Persistent Jamming Attacks against Channel Hopping Wi-Fi Devices in Dense Networks Yongdae Kim , Il-gu Lee , Hyunwoo Choi , Seungwon Shin , Myungchul Kim N/A
A Comparative Evaluation of Implicit Authentication Schemes Urs Hengartner , Hassan Khan , Aaron Atwater N/A
Protecting Web-based Single Sign-on Protocols against Relying Party Impersonation Attacks through a Dedicated Bi-directional Authenticated Secure Channel Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Yan Chen , Yan Shoshitaishvili , Yinzhi Cao , Kevin Borgolte N/A
Wait a minute! A fast, Cross-VM attack on AES Thomas Eisenbarth , Berk Sunar , Gorka Irazoqui , Mehmet Sinan Inci N/A
Poster Abstract: Forensically extracting encrypted contents from Stego-files using NTFS artefacts Niall Mcgrath N/A
Poster Abstract: Economic Denial of Sustainability (EDoS) Attack in the Cloud Using Web-Bugs Natalija Slopek N/A
Poster Abstract: CITRIN: Extracting Adversaries Strategies Hidden in a Large-Scale Event Log Masahiko Takenaka , Satomi Honda , Yuki Unno , Koji Maruhashi , And Satoru Torii N/A
Poster Abstract: On Security Monitoring of Mobile Networks – Future threats and leveraging of network information Michael Liljenstam , Prajwol Kumar Nakarmi , Oscar Ohlsson , And John Mattsson N/A
Poster Abstract: Data Leakage Detection Algorithm including Sequences of Activities César Guevara , Matilde Santos , And Victoria López N/A
Poster abstract: BPIDS - Using business model specification in intrusion detection João Pedro Lima , Nelson Escravana , And Carlos Ribeiro N/A
Poster Abstract: Highlighting Easily How Malicious Applications Corrupt Android Devices Radoniaina Tông N/A
Poster Abstract: Improving intrusion detection on SSL/TLS channels by classifying certificates Zi-gang Cao , Gang Xiong , Zhen Li , And Li Guo N/A
Poster Abstract: Using Financial Synthetic Data Sets for Fraud Detection Research Edgar Axelsson N/A
Poster Abstract: Automatic Discovery for Common Protocol Mimicry Gang Xiong , Quan Bai , Yong Zhao , And Zhenzhen Li N/A
Exploitation of vulnerabilities - if, when and how often (paper poster) Tudor Dumitras , Petros Efstathopoulos , Kartik Nayak , Daniel Marino N/A
The Internet of Things and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Timothy Grance N/A
On Emulation-Based Network Intrusion Detection Systems Emmanuele Zambon , Sandro Etalle , Ali Abbasi , Jos Wetzels , Wouter Bokslag N/A
Quantitative Evaluation of Dynamic Platform Techniques as a Defensive Mechanism James Riordan , Kevin Carter , Hamed Okhravi N/A
Some Vulnerabilities Are Different Than Others: Studying Vulnerabilities and Attack Surfaces in the Wild Tudor Dumitras , Petros Efstathopoulos , Kartik Nayak , Daniel Marino N/A
Towards a Masquerade Detection System based on User's Tasks J. Benito Camiña , Raúl Monroy , Jorge Rodríguez N/A
Unsupervised Anomaly-based Malware Detection using Hardware Features Salvatore Stolfo , Adrian Tang , Simha Sethumadhavan N/A
GOLDENEYE: Efficiently and Effectively Unveiling Malware’s Targeted Environment Guofei Gu , Zhiqiang Lin , Zhaoyan Xu , Jialong Zhang N/A
PillarBox: Combating Next-Generation Malware with Fast Forward-Secure Logging Ari Juels , Kevin d. Bowers , Nikos Triandopoulos , Catherine Hart N/A
Eyes of a Human, Eyes of a Program: Leveraging different views of the web for analysis and detection Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Luca Invernizzi , Jacopo Corbetta N/A
You Can't Be Me: Enabling Trusted Paths & User Sub-Origins in Web Browsers Zhenkai Liang , Prateek Saxena , Yaoqi Jia , Xinshu Dong , Enrico Budianto N/A
Measuring Drive-by Download Defense in Depth Nathaniel Boggs , Salvatore J. Stolfo , Senyao Du N/A
Dynamic Reconstruction of Relocation Information for Stripped Binaries Angelos D. Keromytis , Michalis Polychronakis , Vasilis Pappas N/A
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Current Anti-ROP Defenses Thorsten Holz , Felix Schuster , Jannik Pewny , Thomas Tendyck , Andreas Maass , Martin Steegmanns , Moritz Contag N/A
Paint it Black: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Malware Blacklists Thorsten Holz , Christian Rossow , Marc Kührer N/A
A Lightweight Formal Approach for Analyzing Security of Web Protocols Apurva Kumar N/A
Why is CSP Failing? Trends and Challenges in CSP Adoption William Robertson , Michael Weissbacher , Tobias Lauinger N/A