ShmooCon 2006 Jan. 13, 2006 to Jan. 15, 2006, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Phone Phreaking Kugg Hossi Phrosit Security Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Hacking The Friendly Skies (Break It!) Simple Nomad None Security
Bitchslapping Wireless Ids/Ips Appliances (Break It!) Eldon Sprickerhoff Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to test several commercial wireless ... Security Wireless
Behavioral Malware Analysis Using Sandnets (Build It!) Joe Stewart The amount of malware being propagated in the wild is growing to staggering proportions. Many ... Security Analysis Malware
Concon: A History Of Hacker Conferences (Bof It!) Jason Scott "This con sucks. In fact, every con sucks. Every con was better last year, and ... Security
The Church Of Wi-Fi Presents: An Evil Bastard, A Rainbow And A Great Dane! (Break It!) Renderman , Thorn & H1kari , Dutch , Joshua Wright The Church of Wifi has been hard at work in the last 6 months. At ... Security Wireless Community Analysis Forensics
Advances In Single Packet Authorization (Build It!) Michael Rash This talk will demonstrate some recent advances in Single Packet Authorization (SPA) as implemented by ... Security Access Monitoring Exploitation
Countering Attacks At Layer 2 (Build It!) Eric Smith Network security at layer two is often overlooked because many administrators do not consider attacks ... Security Wireless
Outbound Content Compliance (Build It!) Jim Noble Outbound Content Compliance is a growing industry within Information Security. This area of control watches ... Security Compliance
Playing Server Hide And Seek (Break It!) Lasse Overlier , Paul Syverson Can you set up a server that anyone can access but no one can find? ... Security Anonymity Access Privacy Workshops
Friday Keynote Dan Geer The X Window System and Kerberos (1988), the first information security consulting firm on Wall ... Security Keynote
Saturday Keynote Jennifer Granick None Security Keynote
A Young Gentleman'S Primer On The Reading And Emulation Of Magnetic Cards (Break It!) Abend Magnetic cards have been in the wild for years. In that time, there has been ... Security
Covert Crawling: A Wolf Among Lambs (Break It!) Acidus Web application IDS evasion techniques and countermeasures is a mature area of study. LibWhisker-based apps ... Security Web
Reverse Engineering For Fun And Bof It! - 2006 (Bof It!) Pedram Amini , Chris Eagle Reverse engineering (RE) skills are handy in a number of situations. Determining the behavior of ... Security Development
0Wn The C0N 2006! (Bof It!) Beetle Whether you've noticed it or not, there's a trendy opinion emerging, amongst the folks around ... Security
Network Security Monitoring With Sguil (Build It!) Richard Bejtlich This talk will introduce the open source network security monitoring suite called Sguil ( Sguil ... Security Monitoring
Wi-Fi Trickery, Or How To Secure, Break And Have Fun With Wi-Fi (Bof It!) Laurent Butti , Franck Veysset Wireless intrusions like rogue access points, injection and mac spoofing attack are a common way ... Security Access
Responding To Responsible (Or Not) Disclosure (Bof It!) Jon Callas If you build it, someone's going to break it. That's life. If you break it, ... Security
Asterisk: Voip For The Masses (Build It!) Damin Asterisk is both an open source toolkit for telephony applications and a full-featured PBX. Asterisk ... Security Community
Lockpicking And Physical Security Fundamentals (Break It!) Deviant Ollam Physical security isn't just a concern of the IT world. Besides securing server rooms, locks ... Security
Kryptos And The Cyrillic Projector Ciphers (Bof It!) Elonka Dunin In a courtyard at CIA Headquarters stands an encrypted sculpture called Kryptos. Its thousands of ... Security
Web Application Vulnerabilities And Exploits (Break It!) Matthew Fisher None Security
Advanced Network Reconnaissance With Nmap (Build It!) Fyodor While many security practitioners use Nmap, few understand its full power. Nmap deserves part of ... Security
Cardbus Bus-Mastering: 0Wning The Laptop (Build It!) David Hulton This presentation will introduce an opensource verilog Cardbus controller as part of the OpenCiphers project ... Security
Freebsd Jail(8), A Secure Virtual Machine (Build It!) Ike Early unix mainframe computing brought elegant process and resource sharing systems which helped get more ... Security Unix
Trojans And Botnets And Malware, Oh My! (Bof It!) Lance James In 2003, the concept of the age-old megavirus changed. Agobot, Sasser, Berbew, Haxdoor, mitgleider, and ... Security Botnets
Black Ops Of Tcp/Ip 2005.5 (Build It!) Dan Kaminsky Our networks are growing. Is our understanding of them? This talk will focus on the ... Security Infrastructure Monitoring
Anonym.Os: Security And Privacy, Everywhere You Go (Build It!) Taylor Banks , Gavin Mead , Kevin Miller , Beth Milliken Privacy and anonymity are hard to come by these days. What's worse, many if not ... Security Anonymity Access Privacy Monitoring Risk Legal Development
J0Hnny'S Greatest Hits: The Best Of Johnny Long (Break It!) Johnny Long The Shmoo Group has decided to play a bit of a prank on Johnny. Come ... Security Others
Network Policy Enforcement / Network Quarantine - Latest Security Gimmick Or Good Idea? (Bof It!) Steve ( Hellnbak ) Manzuik Steve Manzuik has more than 13 thirteen years of experience in the information technology and ... Security
Windows Vista Heap (Build It!) Adrian Marinescu All applications and operating systems have coding errors and we have seen technical advances both ... Security Development
Voip Wifi Phone Security Analysis (Break It!) Shawn Merdinger This presentation will be a continuation of my presentation at 32nd CSI. My presentation for ... Security Analysis
Breaking Lanman Forever (Break It!) Dan Moniz , Patrick Stach In late 2004, a few Shmoo, at the suggestion of Beetle, started working in earnest ... Security
Do It Yourself: Building An Enterprise Class Surveillance System (Build It!) Joel Wilbanks None Security