ShmooCon 2007 March 23, 2007 to March 25, 2007, Washington DC, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Speaker Aviel D. Rubin None Security Keynote
Olpc Panel Jason Scott , Sean Coyne , Ivan Krstic , Scott Roberts A Plenary Session on the Security and Social Impact of the One Laptop Per Child ... Security Panel
Bypassing Nac Systems (Part Ii) Ofir Arkin The threat of viruses, worms, information theft and lack of control of the IT infrastructure ... Security Infrastructure Access
Auditing Cached Credentials With Cachedump Eoin Miller , Adair Collins Our presentation will be on auditing cached Windows credentials using a combination of the cachedump ... Security Auditing
Designing And Responding To Targeted Network Attacks Against The Enterprise Presmike , Cygnus Corporate networks are under attack by increasingly sophisticated attackers. Gone are the days of simple ... Security
My Company'S Trade Secrets Went To China And All I Got Was This Lousy Pink Slip - Defending Against Data-Exfiltrating Malware Joe Stewart For over three years, a concerted effort has existed to use malware to exfiltrate data ... Security Malware
Standard Bodies... What Are These Guys (Drinking)? Renderman , Al Potter , Russ Housley This panel discussion is intended to recreate and expand on a conversation originally between RenderMan ... Security Panel Development
Web Application Incident Preparation Matthew Fisher , Cygnus and Presmike As a result of mandates, e-gov and e-com initiatives, web applications are being rolled out ... Security Web
The Pain Of Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention Richard Bejtlich Four years ago Gartner declared intrusion detection systems a "market failure," saying they would be ... Security Firewall Forensics
Home-Grown Crypto (Aka Taking A Shiv To A Gun Fight) Hank Leininger , Klayton Monroe From the perspective of application and infrastructure security assurance testing, this technical presentation takes attendees ... Security Infrastructure Analysis
Simple Entropy-Based Heuristics For Log And Traffic Analysis Sergey Bratus I argue that introducing entropy-based features to log and traffic analysis tools allows the admins ... Security Analysis
Hacker Potpouri Simple Nomad This is a talk about numerous little projects that have been worked on that are ... Security Firewall
Abusing Windows Mobile Software Or Windows Mobile Software: Raw And Exposed Seth Fogie For years, PC software has been poked, prodded, and scrutinized for security bugs. As a ... Security
Vulnerability Disclosure Panel Palaver (Or 0-Day: Ok, No Way, Or For Pay!) Katie Moussouris There have been many panels and discussions on Vulnerability Disclosure at the major security conferences ... Security Panel
Hacking The Airwaves With Fpgas David Hulton This talk will cover some of the new advancements for OpenCiphers with newly added support ... Security
Wpad: Attacking The Proxy Chris Paget WPAD, the Web Proxy Automatic Discovery protocol, does exactly what the name says - finds ... Security Web
Reanimating Hard Drives For Data Recovery Scott Moulton Every hard drive will die a quick and sudden death sooner rather than later. What ... Security
Rfidiots Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie RFID is being embedded in everything... From Passports to Pants. Door Keys to Credit Cards. ... Security
Javascript Malware For A Grey Goo Tomorrow Billy Hoffman Aren't Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities lame? All they can do is display annoying popups that ... Security Malware
Voip, Vonage, And Why I Hate Asterisk Joel Bruno , Eric Smith Asterisk, the Open Source PBX, is highly regarded and heralded by masses of eggheads as ... Security Mail Business
Extend Your Code Into The Real World Ryan Clarke We are taught as children to 'fear' electronics- that is if it is electronic it ... Security
Extensible 802.11 Packet Flinging Mike Kershaw , Joshua Wright LORCON (Loss Of Radio CONnectivity) has been described as a pseudo underground toolkit for generating ... Security Wireless Analysis Testing
The Church Of Wifi Presents: A Hacker In Iraq Michael ( theprez98 ) Schearer What in the world is a U.S. Navy officer (a Naval Flight Officer, no less) ... Security
Hacking Disposable Digital Cameras John Maushammer I'll describe the reverse-engineering process of an embedded system in detail, using the Pure Digital ... Security
Backbone Protocol Fuzzing Raven Alder While bugs continue to be found in backbone gear on a fairly regular basis, there ... Security Fuzzing
Attack Detection And Response With Linux Firewalls Michael Rash Most people think of iptables as a packet filtering and mangling firewall within the Linux ... Security Firewall
A Hacker Looks At 50 G. Mark Hardy Take a trip back in time and discover what hacking was like in the pioneer ... Security
Encrypted Protocol Identification Via Statistical Analysis Rob King , Rohit Dhamankar End-to-end encryption is often used to circumvent network policy controls and evade intrusion prevention and ... Security Analysis
Weaponizing Noam Chomsky, Or Hacking With Pattern Languages Dan Kaminsky There is no man page for the English language, but kids pick it up anyway ... Security
Wireless (And Wired) Networks @ Security Cons Luiz "effffn" Eduardo It's not as hard as it sounds, sometimes it ain't that easy either. The idea ... Security Wireless
The Hacker Foundation: The Ethic In Action Nick Farr , Jesse Fiedler Krembs This is an "update" to talks THF has given at Defcon, Notacon, etc. ~ The ... Security
Boomstick Fu: The Fundamentals Of Physical Security At Its Most Basic Level Deviant Ollam , Noid , Thorn It seems that at every con nowadays there is at least one talk dedicated to ... Security Panel Community
Assess The Security Of Your Online Bank (Without Going To Jail) Chuck Willis As security professionals and hobbyists, we like to test and break software. For most software, ... Security
Three Crypto Geeks On The Current State Of Cryptography And The Internet Jon Laurie , Rodney Thayer Three grumpy old Shmoo Crypto gurus discuss the state of cryptography on the Internet today. ... Security Cryptography
Security Breaches Are Good For You Adam Shostack Since California's SB 1386 came into effect, we have recorded public notice of over 500 ... Security Legal
No-Tech Hacking Johnny Long Hackers know all about torquing technology to incredible ends. This talk focuses on non-technical attacks ... Security
Dissecting Shmoocon Labs ShmooCon Labs was a ShmooCon first and as far as we know a security conference ... Security Wireless Access