SecureComm 2014 Sept. 24, 2014 to Sept. 26, 2014, bejing,china

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
EFS: Efficient and Fault-Scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerant Systems against Faulty Clients Jingqiang Lin , Quanwei Cai , Fengjun Li , Qiongxiao Wang , Daren Zha N/A
Improving the Security of the HMQV Protocol using Tamper-Proof Hardware Dengguo Feng , Qianying Zhang , Shijun Zhao N/A
Characterizing Google Hacking: A First Large-Scale Quantitative Study Guofei Gu , Jialong Zhang , Jayant Notani N/A
Abusing Browser Address Bar for Fun and Profit - An Empirical Investigation of Add-on Cross Site Scripting Attacks Guofei Gu , Yan Chen , Vaibhav Rastogi , Chao Yang , Yinzhi Cao N/A
SCADS: Separated Control- and Data-Stack Tilo Muller , Christopher Kugler N/A
A New Anomaly Detection Method Based on IGTE and IGFE Ziyu Wang , Jiahai Yang N/A
A Simple and Novel Technique for Counteracting Exploit Kits Vijay Varadharajan , Byungho Min N/A
Inferring the Stealthy Bridges between Enterprise Network Islands in Cloud Using Cross-Layer Bayesian Networks Peng Liu , Anoop Singhal , Jun Dai , Xiaoyan Sun N/A
Tree-based Multi-Dimensional Range Search on Encrypted Data with Enhanced Privacy Boyang Wang , Hui Li , Ming Li , Yantian Hou , Fenghua Li , Haitao Wang N/A
Defending Blind DDoS Attack on SDN Based on Moving Target Defense Duohe Ma N/A
TPM-based Authentication Mechanism for Apache Hadoop Issa Khalil , Zuochao Dou , Abdallah Khreishah N/A
Implementing an affordable and effective GSM IMSI catcher with 3G authentication Max Suraev N/A
A Secure Architecture for Inter-Cloud Virtual Machine Migration Awais Shibli , Tayyaba Zeb , Abdul Ghafoor , Muhammad Yousaf N/A
GridMap: Enhanced Security in Cued-Recall Graphical Passwords Haining Wang , Nicolas Van Balen N/A
An Information-Theoretic Approach for Secure Protocol Composition Justin Zhan , Chih-hao Shen , Yi-ting Chiang , Tsan-sheng Hsu , Churn-jung Liau , Yun-ching Liu , Da-wei Wang N/A
Control Flow Obfuscation using Neural Network to Fight Concolic Testing Debin Gao , Haoyu Ma , Xinjie Ma , Weijie Liu , Zhipeng Huang , Chunfu Jia N/A
An Authentication and Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks Sarmad Ullah Khan N/A
Detecting concurrent prefix hijack events online Beichuan Zhang , Shen Su N/A
Policy Driven Node Selection in MapReduce Anna Squicciarini , Dan Lin , Smitha Sundareswaran , Jingwei Li N/A
METIS: a Two-Tier Intrusion Detection System for Advanced Metering Infrastructures Vincenzo Gulisano , Magnus Almgren , Marina Papatriantafilou N/A
Function Escalation Attack Yuqing Zhang , Qixu Liu , Kai Wang , Chen Cao N/A
Wormhole Attack Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks based on Visual Analytics Eirini Karapistoli , Panagiotis Sarigiannidis , Anastasios Economides N/A
Anonymous Publish-Subscribe Systems Steven M. Bellovin , Binh Vo N/A
JumpBox -- A Seamless Browser Proxy for Tor Pluggable Transports Jeroen Massar , Vinod Yegneswaran , Ian Mason , Linda Briesemeister N/A
Securing Resource Discovery in Content Hosting Networks Anna Squicciarini , Jingwei Li , Sushama Karumanchi N/A
DroidKin: Lightweight Detection of Android Apps Similarity Hugo Gonzalez , Ali a. Ghorbani , Natalia Stakhanova N/A
UAuth: A Strong Authentication Method from Personal Devices to Multi-accounts Yazhe Wang , Mingming Hu , Chen Li N/A
Social Authentication Identity: An Alternate to Internet Real Name System Liang Chen , Chengcheng Shao , Shuo Fan , Xinwen Jiang N/A
Detecting Mobile Malware with TMSVM Xi Xiao , Xianni Xiao , Yong Jiang , Qing Li N/A
Policy Enforcement Point Model Gregory Blanc , Yosra Ben Mustapha , Hervé Debar N/A
An Effective Search Scheme based on Semantic Tree over Encrypted Cloud Data Supporting Verifiability Zhangjie Fu , Jiangang Shu , Xingming Sun , Naixue Xiong N/A
Detection of Botnet Command and Control Traffic by the Identification of Untrusted Destinations Pieter Burghouwt , Marcel Em Spruit , Henk J Sips N/A
STRE: Privacy-Preserving Storage and Retrieval over Multiple Clouds Anna Squicciarini , Chunfu Jia , Dan Lin , Jingwei Li N/A
RAMSES: Revealing Android Malware through String Extraction and Selection Radu State , Quentin Jerome , Jérôme François , Thomas Engel , Lautaro Dolberg N/A
Keep the Fakes Out: Defending against Sybil Attack in P2P systems Kan Chen , Peidong Zhu , Yueshan Xiong N/A
Detecting Malicious Behaviors in Repackaged Android Apps with Loosely-coupled Payloads Filtering Scheme Zhang Lulu , Yongzheng Zhang , Tianning Zang N/A
Hardware Implementation of Cryptographic Hash Function based on Spatiotemporal Chaos Yuling Luo , Junxiu Liu , Jinjie Bi , Senhui Qiu N/A
A Systematic Study of the Covert-Channel Attacks in Smartphones Latifur Khan , Zhiqiang Lin , Ashish Kundu , Swarup Chandra N/A
Detecting Malicious Sessions through Traffic Fingerprinting using Hidden Markov Models Sami Zhioua , Adnene Ben Jabeur , Mahjoub Langar , Wael Ilahi N/A
Countermeasures for Mitigating ICN Routing Related DDoS Attacks Mohammad Zulkernine , Eslam Abdallah , Hossam Hassanein N/A
On the Usability of Two-Factor Authentication Ding Wang , Ping Wang N/A
Friendly Jamming for Secure Localization in Vehicular Transportation Ryan Gerdes , Ming Li , Kevin Heaslip , Bhaswati Deka N/A