SinCOn 2014 Sept. 9, 2014 to Sept. 11, 2014, glasgow,uk

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Identification and Detection of Phishing Emails Using Natural Language Processing Techniques Shivam Aggarwal , Vishal Kumar , S D Sudarsan N/A
On the Possibility of Insider Threat Detection Using Physiological Signal Monitoring Abdulaziz Almehmadi , Khalil El-khatib N/A
Continuous Authentication using Fuzzy Logic Soumik Mondal , Patrick Bours N/A
Assurance and Trust : 1 Smita Naval N/A
Trustworthiness of Identity Attributes K. Suzanne Barber , Brian Soeder N/A
Mathematical Modelling of Identity, Identity Management and Other Related Topics Ron Poet , Sadek Ferdous , Gethin Norman N/A
Towards Practical Methods to Protect the Privacy of Location Information with Mobile Devices Edgar Weippl , Markus Huber , Christoph Hochreiner , Georg Merzdovnik N/A
Networks and Defence : 1 Emmanouil Vasilomanolakis N/A
An ID and Address Protection Unit for NoC based Communication Architectures Mike Just , Ahmed Saeed , Ali Ahmadinia , Christophe Bobda N/A
GLoP: Enabling Massively Parallel Incident Response Through GPU Log Processing Xavier Bellekens , Christos Tachtatzis , Robert C. Atkinson , Craig Renfrew , Tony Kirkham N/A
A Highly-Efficient Memory-Compression Scheme for GPU-Accelerated Intrusion Detection Systems Xavier Bellekens , Christos Tachtatzis , Robert C. Atkinson , Craig Renfrew , Tony Kirkham N/A
Cryptographic Techniques : 1 Erkay Savas N/A
Design and Analysis of a New Hash Function Gear Mohammad A. Alahmad , Imad Fakhri Alshaikhli N/A
Differential Fault Analysis for Block Cipher an Automated Conservative Analysis Alessandro Barenghi , Michele Scandale , Giovanni Agosta , Gerardo Pelosi N/A
Improbable Differential Attacks on Serpent using Undisturbed Bits Cihangir Tezcan , Halil Kemal Taskın , Murat Demircioglu N/A
HISEC: A New Lightweight Block Cipher Algorithm Sufyan Aldabbagh , Imad Shaikhli , Mohammad A. Ahmad N/A
Assurance and Trust : 2 Markus Huber N/A
A Small Data Approach to Identification of Individuals on the Transport Layer using Statistical Behaviour Templates Harald Baier , Sebastian Abt , Sebastian Gärtner N/A
Deploying Suitable Countermeasures to Solve the Security Problems within an E-learning Environment Rjaibi Neila , Latifa Rabai N/A
An Approach of Privacy Preserving based Publishing in Twitter Amardeep Singh , Divya Bansal , Sanjeev Sofat N/A
An effectiveness of application of «Capture The Flag» competitions concept within higher education Artem Garkusha , Evgeny Abramov , Oleg Makarevich N/A
Autonomic management for convergent networks to support robustness of appliance technologies Ahmad Kamal Ramli , Karim Djemame N/A
Networks and Defence : 2 Indraveni K N/A
Physical Dangers in the Cyber Security and Precautions to be Taken Ecir Uğur Küçüksille , Mehmet Ali Yalçınkaya , Ozan Uçar N/A
Employing Neural Networks for the Detection of SQL Injection Attack Naghmeh Moradpoor Sheykhkanloo N/A
Framework for distributed virtual honeynets Peter Pisarcík , Pavol Sokol N/A
HosTaGe: a Mobile Honeypot for Collaborative Defense Max Mühlhäuser , Emmanouil Vasilomanolakis , Shankar Karuppayah , Mathias Fischer N/A
Human Factor and Biometric : 2 S D Sudarsan N/A
An Empirical Study of Smartphone Based Iris Recognition in Visible Spectrum Christoph Busch , R. Raghavendra , Soumik Mondal , Kiran B. Raja N/A
Detecting Malicious Users in Twitter using Classifiers Divya Bansal , Sanjeev Sofat , Monika Singh N/A
The Uncertainty of Identity Toolse Analysing Digital Traces for User Profiling Muttukrishnan Rajarajan , Muhammad Adnan , Antonio Lima , Luca Rossi , Suresh Veluru , Paul Longley , Mirco Musolesi N/A
Implementation of Safety Techniques in a Cyber Domain Maria Evangelopoulou , Christopher W. Johnson N/A
Networks and Defence : 3 Naghmeh Moradpoor Sheykhkanloo N/A
Challenges in developing Capture-HPC exclusion lists Peter Komisarczuk , Mohammad Puttaroo , Renato Amorim N/A
Instrumental System for Analysis of Information Systems Using Smart Cards Protection Oleg Makarevich , Ludmila Babenko , Dmitry Bespalov , Roman Chesnokov , Yaroslav Trubnikov N/A
Reverse Engineering of ARM Binaries Using Formal Transformations Tobias F. Pfeffer , Paula Herber , Jörg Schneider N/A
Automated Session Fixation Vulnerability Detection in Web Applications using the Set-Cookie HTTP response header in cookies Rahul Kumar , Indraveni K , Aakash Kumar Goel N/A
Analyzing the Effectiveness of DoS Attacks on Tor Bernd Conrad , Fatemeh Shiraz N/A
Networks and Defence : 4 Ecir Uğur Küçüksille N/A
Content Provider Leakage Vulnerability Detection in Android Applications Hossain Shahriar , Hisham M. Haddad N/A
Non-cryptographic Detection Approach and Countermeasure for JFDV Attack Avani Sharma , Rajbir Kaur N/A
Towards the Detection of Undetectable Metamorphic Malware Jikku Kuriakose , Vinod P N/A
Exploring Worm Behaviors using DTW Vijay Laxmi , Muttukrishnan Rajarajan , Neha Gupta , Smita Naval , Manoj Singh Gaur N/A
Cryptographic Techniques : 2 Alessandro Barenghi N/A
Known Plaintexts Attack on Polynomial based Homomorphic Encryption Alina Trepacheva , Liudmila Babenko N/A
Group Key Exchange Protocol Based on Diffie-Hellman Technique in Ad-Hoc Network Maryam Farajzadeh Zanjani , Seyed Abhari , Alexander G. Chefranov N/A
Human Visualisation of Cryptographic Code Using Progressive Multi-Scale Resolution Alwyn Goh , Geong Sen Poh , Voon-yee Vee , Kok Boon Chong , Xin Zhe Khooi , Chanan Loh , Zhi Yuan Eng N/A
Memory access time as entropy source for RNG Sergey Agafin , Anton Krasnopevtsev N/A
Mathematical model of the polyalphabetic information security system based on the normal generalized knapsack Valeriy Osipyan N/A
Assurance and Trust : 3 Bob Duncan N/A
Information Security Theory Development Natalia Miloslavskaya , Anatoly Malyuk N/A
A New Perspective to Information Security: Total Quality Information Security Management Mehrdad Sepehri Sharbaf N/A
Towards an Innovative Systemic Approach of Risk Management Hervé Cholez , Christophe Feltus N/A
Managing Mobile Device Security in Critical Infrastructure Sectors Chalee Vorakulpipat , Chantri Polprasert , Siwaruk Siwamogsatham N/A
A Protocol For Storage Limitations and Upgrades in Decentralised Networks Greig Paul , James Irvine N/A
Analysing Security requirements in Cloud-based Service Level Agreements Y Rahulamathavan , P S Pawar , Pete Burnap , M Rajarajan , Omer F. Rana , G Spanoudakis N/A
Networks and Defence : 5 Marco Tiloca N/A
The Botnet Revenue Model Giovanni Bottazzi , Gianluigi Me N/A
MapReduce: MR Model Abstraction for Future Security Ning Zhang , Ibrahim Lahmer N/A
Intrusion Detection System for Cloud Environment Hifaa Bait Baraka , Huaglory Tianfield N/A
Virtual Machine Introspection Omer F. Rana , Huaglory Tianfield , Thu Yein Win , Quentin Mair , Taimur Al Said N/A
Networks and Defence : 6 Vinod P N/A
Current Trends and the Future of Metamorphic Malware Detection Issa Traore , Shahid Alam , Ibrahim Sogukpinar N/A
Integrated Framework for Classification of Malwares Divya Bansal , Sanjeev Sofat , Ekta Gandotra N/A
Dynamic Analysis of Web Objects Komminist Weldemariam , Hossain Shahriar N/A
Classification of PE Files using Static Analysis Divya Bansal , Sanjeev Sofat , Ekta Gandotra , Ashish Saini N/A
Cryptographic Techniques : 3 Cihangir Tezcan N/A
Symmetric Fully Homomorphic Encryption Using Decidable Matrix Equations Oleg Makarevich , Philipp Burtyka N/A
Bandwidth-Optimized Parallel Private Information Retrieval Erkay Savas , Ecem Unal N/A
Cryptanalysis of Polynomial based Homomorphic Encryption Alina Trepacheva N/A
An Order Preserving Encryption Scheme for Cloud Computing Vikas Jaiman , Gaurav Somani N/A
Assurance and Trust : 4 Mehrdad Sepehri Sharbaf N/A
Compliance with standards, assurance and audi does this equal security? Bob Duncan , Mark Whittington N/A
Sector-Specific Tool for Information Security Risk Management in the Context of Telecommunications Regulation Nicolas Mayer , Jocelyn Aubert N/A
Big Data Information Security Maintenance Natalia Miloslavskaya , Mikhail Senatorov , Alexander Tolstoy , Sergey Zapechnikov N/A
Location Identity Based Content Security Scheme for Content Centric Networking Sarmad Ullah Khan , Fawad Khan , Muhammad Roman , Usman Abbasi N/A
Networks and Defence : 7 Ashok Singh Sairam N/A
Plugin in the Middle - Minimising Security Risks in Mobile Middleware Implementations Edgar Weippl , Markus Huber , Georg Merzdovnik , Peter Aufner N/A
Analysis of Identity Forging Attack in MANETs Vijay Laxmi , Manoj Singh Gaur , Nishant Garg , Kuldeep Pareek , Chhagan Lal N/A
Development of a Threat Model for Vehicular Ad-hoc Network based Accident Warning Systems Lewis Mackenzie , Niaz Morshed Chowdhury N/A
Traversing symmetric NAT with predictable port allocation Vashek Matyas , Dušan Klinec N/A
Human Factor and Biometric : 3 Y Rahulamathavan N/A
Exploring the Guessability of Image Passwords Soumyadeb Chowdhury , Ron Poet , Lewis Mackenzie N/A
Educated Guessing Attacks on Culturally Familiar Graphical Passwords Using Personal Information on Social Networks Ron Poet , Hani Moaiteq Aljahdali N/A
Users' Perceptions of Recognition-Based Graphical Password A Qualitative Study on Culturally Familiar Graphical Passwords Ron Poet , Hani Moaiteq Aljahdali N/A
Implementation Aspects of MeterGoat, a Smart Meter Security Training Platform Nelson Uto , Parth Bhatt , Johny De Souza , Jefferson Capovilla , Jose Resende , Danilo Suiama N/A
Assurance and Trust : 5 Nicolas Mayer N/A
A Privacy-Preserving E-Ticketing System for Public Transportation Supporting Fine-Granular Billing and Local Validation Ivan Gudymenko N/A
Towards a HL7 based Metamodeling Integration Approach for Embracing the Privacy of Healthcare Patient Records Administration Christophe Feltus , Damien Nicolas , Claude Poupart N/A
Privacy Implications of Wearable Health Devices Greig Paul , James Irvine N/A
Negotiation Based Framework for Attribute-Based Access Control Policy Evaluation Edward Caprin , Yan Zhang N/A
Networks and Defence : 8 Hossain Shahriar N/A
Implementation of an Adaptive Traffic-aware Firewall Rahul Kumar , Ashok Singh Sairam , Pratima Biswas N/A
Efficient Protection of Response Messages in DTLS-Based Secure Multicast Communication Marco Tiloca N/A
In-Cloud Malware Analysis and Detection: State of the Art Issa Traore , Shahid Alam , Ibrahim Sogukpinar , Yvonne Coady N/A