VirusBulletin 2014 Sept. 24, 2014 to Sept. 26, 2014, seattle,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote address: Choose your own keynote adventure - bounties and standards and vuln disclosure, oh my! Katie Moussouris N/A
We know it before you do: predicting malicious domains Wei Xu , Yanxin Zhang , Kyle Sanders N/A
Ebury and CDorked. Full disclosure Pierre-marc Bureau , Evgeny Sidorov , Konstantin Otrashkevich N/A
Protecting financial institutions from banking malware's man-in-the-browser attacks Xinran Wang , Yao Zhao N/A
Linux-based Apache malware infections: biting the hand that serves us all Cathal Mullaney , Sayali Kulkarni N/A
DNSSEC - how far have we come? Nick Sullivan N/A
Methods of malware persistence on Mac OS X Patrick Wardle N/A
Duping the machine - malware strategies, post sandbox detection James Wyke N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
The evolution of webinjects Jean-ian Boutin N/A
Hiding the network behind the network. Botnet proxy business model Alexandru Maximciuc , Cristina Vatamanu , Razvan Benchea N/A
Caphaw - the advanced persistent pluginer Micky Pun , Neo Tan N/A
Sweeping the IP space: the hunt for evil on the Internet Dhia Mahjoub N/A
Well, that escalated quickly. From penny-stealing malware to multi-million-dollar heists, a quick overview of the bitcoin bonanza in the digital era Santiago Pontiroli N/A
Quantifying maliciousness in Alexa top-ranked domains Paul Royal N/A
Swipe away, we're watching you Hong Kei Chan , Liang Huang N/A
Brazilian malware trends: CPL in the spotlight (sponsor presentation) Matias Porolli , Pablo Ramos N/A
How they're getting the data out of your network Eric Koeppen N/A
Malware Investigator Jonathan Burns , Daniel Raygoza N/A
Bootkits: past, present & future Aleksandr Matrosov , Eugene Rodionov , David Harley N/A
Notes on click fraud: American story Jaromir Horejsi , Peter Kalnai N/A
Optimized mal-ops. Hack the ad network like a boss Rahul Kashyap , Vadim Kotov N/A
P0wned by a barcode: stealing money from offline users Fabio Assolini N/A
Ubiquitous Flash, ubiquitous exploits and ubiquitous mitigation Chun Feng , Elia Florio N/A
Last-minute paper: How I hacked my own house! David Jacoby N/A
The three levels of exploit testing Richard Ford , Marco Carvalho N/A
Last-minute paper: Adventures in open directories Matt Bing N/A
An in-depth analysis of abuse on Twitter Yang Xiang , Chao Chen , Jonathan Oliver , Christopher Ke , Paul Pajares N/A
Last-minute paper: Back in BlackEnergy: 2014 targeted attacks in the Ukraine and Poland Robert Lipovsky , Anton Cherepanov N/A
Can we trust a trustee? An in-depth look into the digitally signed malware industry Adrian Stefan Popescu , Gheorghe Jescu N/A
Last-minute paper: .NET malware dynamic instrumentation for automated and manual analysis Hexiang Hu , Steven Zhou , Geoff Mcdonald N/A
Labelling spam through the analysis of protocol patterns Andrei Husanu , Alexandru Trifan N/A
Last-minute paper: Killing the rootkit - perfect physical memory process detection Shane "k2" Macaulay N/A
DMARC - how to use it to improve your email reputation Terry Zink N/A
Last-minute paper: Into the unknown: how to detect BIOS-level attackers Xeno Kovah , Corey Kallenberg , John Butterworth , Sam Cornwell N/A
Tech Support Scams 2.0: an inside look into the evolution of the classic Microsoft tech support scam Jerome Segura , Malwarebytes N/A
Last-minute paper: Attack points in health apps & wearable devices - how safe is your quantified self? Candid Wüest N/A
SafeMachine: malware needs love, too (sponsor presentation) Martin Hron , Jakub Jermář N/A
The world turned upside down: researcher ethics in the new surveillance climate (sponsor presentation) Oleg Petrovsky , Heather Goudey N/A
Evolution of Android exploits from a static analysis tools perspective Jagadeesh Chandraiah , Anna Szalay N/A
Using image similarity algorithms on application icons to discover new malware families on multiple platforms Martin Smarda , Pavel Sramek N/A
Android packer: facing the challenges, building solutions Rowland Yu N/A
It has a EULA, it must be legit Stefan Catalin Hanu , Stefan Mosoi , Marius Lucaci N/A
Attack surface analysis of Tizen devices Irfan Asrar N/A
Microsoft Anti-Virus - extortion, expedience, or the extinction of the AV industry: the jury has reached a verdict Randy Abrams N/A
Apple without a shell - iOS under targeted attack Dawn Song , Tao Wei , Min Zheng , Hui Xue N/A
OPSEC for security researchers Vicente Diaz , Dani Creus N/A
Leaving our ZIP undone: how to abuse ZIP to deliver malware apps Gregory Panakkal N/A
Design to discover: security analytics with 3D visualization engine Dhia Mahjoub , Thibault Reuille N/A
Smart home appliance security & malware Jeongwook Oh N/A
The battle against anonymous browsing: the security challenges presented by Tor David Vargas N/A
Exposing Android white collar criminals Luis Corrons N/A
Unveiling the kernel: rootkit discovery using selective automated kernel memory differencing Ahmed Zaki , Benjamin Humphrey N/A