BalkanCryptSec 2014 Oct. 16, 2014 to Oct. 17, 2014, istanbul,turkey

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Authentication in Constrained Settings Katerina Mitrokotsa N/A
Optimizing the placement of tap positions Enes Pasalic , Samir Hodzic , Samed Bajric , Yongzhuang Wei N/A
Families of Pseudorandom Binary Sequences with Low Cross-Correlation Measure Oğuz Yayla N/A
Algebraic Attacks Using Binary Decision Diagrams Håvard Raddum , Oleksandr Kazymyrov N/A
Meet-in-the-Middle Technique and Differential Relations for SPN Ciphers Marina Pudovkina , Boris Pogorelov N/A
Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Beyond Aggelos Kiayias N/A
Universally Composable Firewall Architectures using Trusted Hardware Jochen Rill , Dirk Achenbach , Joern Mueller-quade N/A
Higher-order Glitch Resistant Implementation of the PRESENT S-Box Svetla Nikova , Begül Bilgin , Thomas De Cnudde , Oscar Repáraz N/A
An Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Processor Using Edwards Curves and the Number Theoretic Transform Nele Mentens , Lejla Batina , Selcuk Baktir N/A
Preventing Scaling of Successful Attacks: A Cross-Layer Security Architecture for Resource-Constrained Platforms Christof Paar , Thomas Pöppelmann , Christian T. Zenger , Abhijit Ambekar , Fredrik Winzer , Hans D. Schotten N/A
Embedded Security Benedikt Gierlichs N/A
Crypto Module Standardization (ISO/IEC 1970 and 24759) and Common Criteria Mariye umay Akkaya N/A
Anonymous Data Collection System with Mediators Takahiro Matsuda , Keita Emura , Hiromi Arai N/A
A Multi-Party Protocol for Privacy-Preserving Cooperative Linear System of Equations Özgür Dagdelen , Daniele Venturi N/A
Key-policy Attribute-based Encryption for Boolean Circuits from Bilinear Maps Ferucio Laurenţiu Ţiplea , Constantin Catalin Dragan N/A
On the Anonymization of Cocks IBE Scheme Gheorghe A. Schipor N/A
Nearest Planes in Practice Özgür Dagdelen , Johannes Buchmann , Christian Bischof , Robert Fritzpatrick , Florian Mariano N/A
Timed-Release Secret Sharing Schemes with Information Theoretic Security Yohei Watanabe , Junji Shikata N/A
VSSDB: A Verifiable Secret-Sharing and Distance-Bounding Protocol Cristina Onete , Cedric Lauradoux , Sebastien Gambs , Marc-olivier Killijian , Matthieu Traoré N/A