ShmooCon 2009 Feb. 6, 2009 to Feb. 8, 2009, Washington DC, USA

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Are Bad Times Good For Security Professionals? Mark Mcgovern , Peter Guerra , G. Mark Hardy , Bruce Potter Okay. The economy is in the toilet. Energy markets are volatile. Real estate is a ... Security Wireless Web Panel Community Risk Business
802.11 Obgyn Or Spread Your Spectrum Rick Farina Slides Tired of cracking your neighbour's wep key? Yearning for a new challenge? What if ... Security
All Your Packets Are Belong To Us - Attacking Backbone Technologies Enno Rey , Daniel Mende Slides Video The year 2008 has seen some severe attacks on infrastructure protocols (SNMP, DNS, ... Security Infrastructure
Automated Mapping Of Large Binary Objects Greg Conti , Benjamin Sangster , Roy Ragsdale Slides File sizes are increasing on a daily basis and today's best tools are ill ... Security
Blinded By Flash: Widespread Security Risks Flash Developers Dont See Prajakta Jagdale Slides In a rush to adopt the dazzling Flash technology, website developers tend to use ... Security Web Analysis Development
Building An All-Channel Bluetooth Monitor Michael Ossmann , Dominic Spill Slides Monitoring Bluetooth is hard. Hackers accustomed to 802.11 have been spoiled by ubiquitous, inexpensive ... Security Wireless Monitoring Community
Building The 2008 And 2009 Shmooball Launchers Larry Lauer Slides Video Its a series of tubes! Pneumatic tubes! This talk will describe the infamous ... Security Development
Building Wireless Sensor Hardware And Software Travis Gourneau Wireless sensors are constructed from little more than a microcontroller and a radio chip. This ... Security Wireless
The Day Spam Stopped (The Srizbi Botnet Takedown) Julia Wolf Slides The Srizbi botnet was responsible for about 75% of all of the spam on ... Security Routing
Decoding The Smartkey Shane Lawson Slides This is a brief introduction to the Kwikset SmartKey and how it has been ... Security Others
Enough With The Insanity: Dictionary Based Rainbow Tables Matt Weir Slides Here at Florida State University we modified a popular program, rcrack, so that it ... Security Wireless
Edl Cloning For $250 Chris Paget $250 on eBay buys the necessary kit to clone the Electronic Drivers License and US ... Security
Exploring Novel Ways In Building Botnets Enno Rey , Daniel Mende Slides Botnets are widely regarded as the most imminent threat to the internet's infrastructure security. ... Security Botnets
The Fast-Track Suite: Advanced Penetration Techniques Made Easy. David Kennedy Slides Fast-Track is a widely popular open source arsenal of custom coded tools that is ... Security Testing
Fail 2.0: Further Musings On Attacking Social Networks Nathan Moyer Slides Video We've spent a lot of time ranting about and / or embarrassing various ... Security
The Gentlemen'S Agreement - Pwning Friends Legally For Fun, ????, And Profit! Zachary Fasel , Matthew Jakubowski , Josh Krueger Video What's better than shaming and bragging to other hackers that you rooted their box ... Security Others Legal
Hack The Genome! The Age Of Bimolecular Cryptology R. Mark Adams Slides As we enter an age in which the genome for any organism or individual ... Security Community
Jsunpack: A Solution To Decode Javascript Exploits As They Rapidly Evolve Blake Hartstein Slides JavaScript is an advanced programming language that has many capabilities and libraries. Many attackers ... Security Community Exploitation Browser
Man In The Middling Everything With The Middler Jay Beale Middler is an open source, plugin-extensible attack tool for man in the middling (AKA middling) ... Security Web Browser
Next Generation Wireless Recon, Visualizing The Airwaves Joshua Smith Slides Harnessing the power of both current solutions and some fancy work in Perl VS. ... Security Wireless
Off The Shelf Security - Meeting Crime With An Open Source Mind Nick Waite , Burke Cates , Stephen Janansky Slides In the process of designing sensors to assist in the automated response to violent ... Security Community
Open Vulture - Scavenging The Friendly Skies Open Source Uav Platform Matt O'toole Video OpenVulture is a software application and library designed to to control numerous platforms (land, ... Security
Owasp Antisamy - Picking A Fight With Xss Arshan Li Slides Security
Pulling A John Connor: Defeating Android Charlie Miller Android is the open source operating system developed by Google currently in use by at ... Android Security
0Wn The Con Slides Video Once again The Shmoo Group offers up an inside look at the reality ... Security
Phishing Statistics And Intuitive Enumeration Of Hosts And Roles Sean Palka Slides Organizations often shy away from including phishing in their security testing, primarily because it's ... Security Statistics Phishing
Radio Reconnaissance In Penetration Testing - All Your Rf Are Belong To Us Matthew Neely Tired of boring old pentests where the only wireless traffic you see if 802.11 and ... Security Testing
Re-Playing With (Blind) Sql Injection Chema Palako Slides Video SQL Injections is getting old. The 25th of December 2008 it was ten ... Security SQL
Reinterpreting The Disclosure Debate For Web Infections Oliver Greenstadt Internet end-users increasingly face threats of compromise by visiting seemingly innocuous websites that are themselves ... Security Web
Rfid Unplugged 3ric Johanson Video RFID system usage is increasing in the transit, access control, and payment sectors, with ... Security Access Testing
Security Vs Usability - False Paradigms Of Lazyness Dead Addict "It's a trade-off between security and usability." Video Have you ever heard these words, or ... Security Development
Solve This Cipher And Win! Michael ( theprez98 ) Schearer Despite the application of high power computing, there remains a body of unsolved ciphers that ... Security Others
Storming The Ivy Tower - How To Hack Your Way Into Academia Sandy Clark Video Does a Hacker need a college degree? A Ph.D? What's the difference between hacking ... Security
Stranger In A Strange Land: Reflections On A Linux Guy'S First Year At Microsoft Crispin Cowan Slides Video Dr. Crispin Cowan, famous Linux security guy and vocal Microsoft critic, now works ... Security Community Business
Ten Cool Things You Didn'T Know About Your Hard Drive! Scott Moulton Slides This speech comprises at least 10 things that are 2+2=5 type situations people do ... Security Forensics
They Took My Laptop! - U.S. Search And Seizure Explained Tyler Pitchford Slides Video An overview of recent developments impacting the Fourth Amendment and privacy conscious computer ... Security Privacy
Watching The Watcher: The Prevalence Of Third-Party Web Tracking Brent Chapman , Tera Devers Slides Gone are the days when web surfers only left footprints behind on isolated single-server ... Security Web