CANS 2014 Oct. 22, 2014 to Oct. 24, 2014, crete,greece

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Bootstrappable Identity-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption Michael Clear , Ciarán Mcgoldrick N/A
Proxy Re-Encryption with Unforgeable Re-Encryption Keys Zhenfeng Zhang , Hui Guo , Jiang Zhang. N/A
On the Lossiness of $2^k$-th Power and the Instantiability of Rabin-OAEP Xue Haiyang , Li Bao , Lu Xianhui , Wang Kunpeng , Liu Yamin N/A
Breaking and Fixing Cryptophia's Short Combiner Bart Preneel , Bart Mennink N/A
INVITED TALK I Aggelos Kiayias N/A
Primary-Secondary-Resolvers Membership Proof Systems and their Application to DNSSEC Moni Naor N/A
FFT Key Recovery for Integral Attack Yosuke Todo , Kazumaro Aoki N/A
Message Extension Attack for Breaking Integrity of Authenticated Encryption Yu Sasaki , Lei Wang N/A
New Second Preimage Attack Variants Against the MD-Structure Tuomas Kortelainen , Juha Kortelainen N/A
"Negotiating DNSSEC Algorithms Over Legacy Proxies Haya Shulman , Amir Herzberg N/A
A Censorship-Resistant, Privacy-Enhancing and Fully Decentralized Name System Christian Grothoff , Matthias Wachs , Martin Schanzenbach N/A
Universally Composable Oblivious Transfer based on a variant of LPN Bernardo David , Anderson Nascimento , Rafael Dowsley N/A
Converting PKI-based Authenticated Key Exchange to Identity-based Koutarou Suzuki , Kazuki Yoneyama N/A
Proving Correctness and Security of Two-Party Computation Implemented in Java Florian Böhl , Simon Greiner , Patrik Scheidecker N/A
Mining API calls and Permissions for Android Malware Detection using Machine Learning Classifiers Akanksha Sharma , Subrat Dash N/A
INVITED TALK II Dimitris Gritzalis N/A
Ask us before you download: Lessons from Analyzing 3 Million Android Apps Dawn Song N/A
Direct Anonymous Attestations with Dependent Basename Opening Roch Lescuyer , Olivier Sanders , Nicolas Desmoulins , Jacques Traoré N/A
A Storage-efficient and Robust Private Information Retrieval Scheme allowing few servers Abdullatif Shikfa , Daniel Augot , Françoise Levy-dit-vehel N/A
Should Silence be Heard? Fair Rational Secret Sharing with Silent and Non-Silent Players Sushmita Ruj , Sourya Joyee De , Asim K. Pal N/A
"Attribute Based Signatures with User-Controlled Linkability Liqun Chen , Ali El Kaafarani , Essam Ghadafi. N/A
"Towards a Full-Featured Implementation of Attribute Based Credentials on Smart Cards Jaap-henk Hoepman , Antonio Piedra , Pim Vullers. N/A
"Security of a Privacy-Preserving Biometric Authentication Protocol Revisited Aikaterini Mitrokotsa , Aysajan Abidin , Kanta Matsuura. N/A
Private and Dynamic Time-Series Data Aggregation with Trust Relaxation Refik Molva , Iraklis Leontiadis , Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui N/A
Privacy-Enhanced Participatory Sensing with Collusion-Resistance and Data Aggregation Mark Manulis , Andreas Peter , Felix Günther N/A
Short Comparable Encryption Jun Furukawa N/A
Decentralized Distributed Data Usage Control Florian Kelbert , Alexander Pretschner N/A
INVITED TALK III Ioannis Askoxylakis N/A
Security applications of GPUs Sotiris Ioannidis N/A
Efficient Signatures with Tight Real World Security in the Random-Oracle Model Christoph Bader N/A